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Creativity and Advertising

How can I review the creative aspects of advertising?

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Answer Internal Staff

An article published by Knowledge@Wharton (2014) has identified three key aspects that can be assessed and analysed in order to determine if an advert can be considered as creative. The three aspects identified are: 1. Newness, 2. Usefulness, and 3. Originality. By focusing on these three aspects you can identify if an advert can be deemed as creative or not.

With respect to ‘newness’ you should look to review if an advert contains new ideas or adopts a new approach to an advert. It is important to note that ‘newness’ does not have to be a completely new idea; it could be an old idea that has been presented in a new way. For example, think about retro marketing.

In order to review ‘usefulness’ you need to see if the advert is providing value to the stakeholders of the company for which the advert is for. An advert can only be considered to be truly creative if it provides valuable information to stakeholders.

Finally, with respect to ‘originality’ you need to review if an advert is independently original and is specific to the advertising company’s brandings strategy. For an advert to be considered original it needs to be a new idea (link back to ‘newness’) and cannot be copied from another company.

When reviewing an advert if your answer is ‘yes’ to the three questions of ‘newness’, ‘usefulness’ and ‘originality’, you can be confident that the advert can be considered as creative.


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