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Evaluate the contribution of human resources management practice on the success of Morrison's potential change management process.

Evaluate the contribution of human resources management practice on the success of Morrison's potential change management process.

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British supermarket chain Morrison’s is no stranger to change. So far this year, the company appointed its first ever female regional director, and further restructured the company by making 15 new appointments to the management teams, restructuring managers, and breaking the proverbial ‘glass ceilings’ through the appointment of more women (Tugby, 2016). In making these changes, and in future change management processes at the company, it can be argued that a large contribution is played by the Human Resource Management (HRM) practices of the company.

Research shows that HRM practices are considerably effective in improving feelings of vitality, and proactivity amongst employees, which are key behaviours when implementing proposed organisational changes. This is because HRM practices often involve team-work, cooperative decision making and autonomy, the ample three practices for improving proactivity and feelings of vitality within an organisation (Tummers et al., 2013). Nevertheless, some may argue that to this date it is the managers and leaders of Morrison’s who have planned and managed the change within the organisation, and that the HRM practices are only supplementary to change management (Anderson and Anderson, 2010).

However, change management often goes hand-in-hand with leadership development, which is greatly aided by HRM practices (Quinn and Quinn, 2016). The HRM department of Morrison’s is likely to work as a ‘back-stage’ support for the CEO who foots the ‘front-stage’ activity of change (CIPD, 2016). HRM also is generally in charge of creating change advocates and ensuring the visibility of leaders, which is likely the reason that Morrison’s were recently able to implement an equalisation of gender within its management teams (CIPD, 2016).

Overall, Human Resource Management practice can be seen as the ‘hidden hand’ of change, by which it works within the background, yet is a highly important factor of success in the implementation of change.


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