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Business School Manager

Reflect on the role of the school business manager in managing resources to enable the effective teaching and learning of pupils at the school

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Answer Internal Staff

There are a number of important resources that a business school manager needs to manage to ensure that pupils can be taught to an effective level at a school. The resources that need to be managed are both physical and human.

Reflecting on physical resources first, the business school manager will need to ensure that each classroom has the necessary resources to allow for effective teaching of pupils. The physical resources needed in this regard are two-fold. First, the teacher will need to be provided with the right types of resources that they need to teach the pupils. This could be any number of things depending on the subject taught. For example, a computer/laptop to present lecture slides on, and of course the right software on the computer to allow for presenting the lecture slides. Pupils also need to have the right resources to enable them to learn. For example, sufficient classroom space (tables and chairs) to allow for a comfortable environment as this will create an environment in which it is easier for the student to learn.

Turning to human resources, it is important for the business school manager to manage the teachers at the school. The business school manager needs to manage the rota of the teachers to ensure that there are always teachers available to teach. Further to this, the manager needs to manage the teachers’ workload to ensure that they are not becoming overburdened, which could lead to stress and would subsequently negatively affect the teachers’ ability to teach their class. The manager will also need to manage the wellbeing of students as well. To manage this an effective student support system needs to be in place. This is because if a student is stressed they are less likely to be able to learn effectively.