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At Gore-Tex, what is the IT function and its role to the overall business to achieve and sustain its competitive advantage in the marketplace?

GORE TEXTILE- What are the IT functions and its role to the overall business to achieve and sustain its competitive advantage in the marketplace?

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Information Technology (IT) plays an imperative role within many organisations, and can offer a number of powerful capabilities that aids in sustaining a competitive advantage. This is exemplified for technology-based organisations, such as Gore-Tex, as IT functions will be embedded within many aspects of their operations (Porter, 2011). With Gore-Tex’s flagship product being windproof and waterproof outdoor clothing, the IT function will play a significant role during product development and creation. Powerful software tools can be used to mimic the real life applicability of newly designed products, and will allow Gore-Tex to enhance their product quality and ensure specifications are meeting the market demands (Jinsong, et al., 2005). In addition to this, the IT function also plays a vital role in the formulation and implementation of marketing and promotional activities. Gore-Tex run their own blogs and produce a number of press releases which helps to improve the reach and recognition of their brands. Furthermore, it highlights that the company are industry experts within outdoor clothing, as they discuss latest technological developments (Gore-Tex, 2016). This is also effectively integrated into IT-based marketing strategies, such as through social media and related media, which allows Gore-Tex to connect with their customers and manage an effective campaign which greatly sustains their competitive advantage within the marketplace (Hollensen, 2015).


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