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Advantages and Disadvantages of the ISRO

success and failures of ISRO

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The Acronym ‘ISRO’ refers to the Indian Space Research Organisation.

Below is an advantage and disadvantage related the existence of the ISRO.


• Potentially Inappropriate Spending.

This is considered the largest issue when discussing the ISRO. At a cost of around $1 billion dollars a year, the ISRO is a very costly organisation. Although it is understood that Indian GDP stands at around $2 trillion a year, $1 billion is nevertheless a substantial sum of money.

This spending seems as though it may be justified given the advantage presented in the next section, however, as India still has an incredibly high number of its population who do not have access to either healthcare or food. Could it be argued that space exploration is a fruitless endeavour when contrasted with the current needs of the population? Would the money be better spent by directly aiding the disadvantaged masses?


• Research and Development.

The ISRO recently sent the last satellite that formed the completed IRNSS, into orbit.

India before the introduction of the IRNSS created by the ISRO, relied on the American GPS system for pinpoint navigation. Unfortunately, the American GPS system did not provide adequate coverage for India, as the satellites that provide said coverage are not present in the correct positions, in relation to India’s landmass. With the introduction of the IRNSS all methods of navigation will be improved, both those related to private citizens and those related to defence.

Without the introduction of the IRNSS by the ISRO, India would continue to be difficult to navigate, the repercussions of which can be speculated to include a number of various things. Such as, the late arrival of emergency vehicles and a restricted degree of air travel.