Question Sharon Jobson Health

Accountability In Nursing

what is your accountability as a newly qualified nurse regarding infection control?

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Answer Internal Staff

Accountability within the field of nursing is addressed by the UKCC code of conduct, and covers a range of laws, such as the laws governing professional negligence. All health service providers, including those new to the role, are accountable to the criminal and civil courts as well as their employer. Alongside this, all health care workers will be accountable to their professional regulatory body, such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in this case. With regards to infection control, as with all aspects of patient care, all health care workers have a duty of patient care imposed by the law, which requires that all practitioners; including students and newly qualified nurses, to perform competently and to not work beyond their own level of competence. A nurse can be held accountable if; they have the ability to perform an activity or intervention, accept responsibility for the activity and have the authority to perform the activity through delegation and the policies and protocols of the organisation.