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The different types of families in the UK

The term ‘family’ is increasingly difficult to define in the modern world and statistics evidence an increasing number of family types. Figures collated in 2015 indicated that there were 18.7 million families in the UK (Office...


What is the Legal Basis of, and Defences Against, Constructive Dismissal?

Constructive dismissal is provided both at common law (Western Excavating (ECC) Ltd v Sharp [1978] ICR 221) and under statute through section 95(1)(c) of the Employment Rights Act 1996. This sets out that an employee is classed a ...


How is Unfair and Wrongful Dismissal Compensated?

**Unfair Dismissal** Section 118 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 sets out that compensation for unfair dismissal is calculated on two levels: - a basic award; and - a compensatory award. On a simplistic basis, this is...


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Health and Safety Within The UK Construction Industry

The construction sector employs over 2 million workers in the UK. Reports from 2014/15 indicate that 3% of these workers suffered ...

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