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What is a non- financial institution?

A non-financial corporation is one that engages in the production of market goods and (non-financial) services. Examples include: Apple, Toyota, Nestle and so on. Financial institutions, on the other hand, include banks such as H...


Sociology as a discipline assigns too much importance to the measurement of human behaviour and/or interaction.

This statement concerns the epistemology of sociology – that is, the ways in which sociological knowledge is conceptually understood and produced. The 19th-century philosophers Marx and Weber, whose sociological epistemologies ...


The male gaze in The Duchess of Malfi

John Webster’s seminal play The Duchess of Malfi was controversial on its debut (circa 1612-1613). The ‘male gaze’ is a concept which refers to the depiction of women in popular culture, art and fiction through the eyes of m...


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Non-state actors in International Relations

As Willetts notes ‘there are now five main categories of political actors in the global system’ (2008:332) including state gov...

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