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Custom writing services

What to expect from our marking and proofreading service

Looking for a little bit extra help? Worried that your essay doesn't quite meet the grade?

Our essay and dissertation marking and proofreading service is designed to help students like yourself who want to ensure that they get the grade they need when submitting their essay or dissertation. We have specialist markers across a wide variety of subjects with knowledge of the majority of education systems including the UK, US and Australian grading systems. No matter what you're studying or where you are in the world, UK Essays are here to help.

Why use our essay and dissertation marking and proofreading service?

Not only do we provide an affordable service starting from as little as £18 we also provide an extremely detailed and comprehensive marking and proofreading service. When you send us your work to be marked upon delivery we will send you three things:

  1. Your proofread work – we use the track changes feature in Microsoft Word so you can see exactly where we've made changes to your work to help you learn from the improvements we've made. If you're happy with the changes you can simply accept them all and your work is ready for submission.
  2. A marking and feedback sheet – we provide you with not only a grade but detailed feedback on the work you have produced and provide guidance to improve the work to the next grade boundary. No matter whether you're work is at third class or a first class grade, we'll always find a way to help you improve it.
  3. A detailed plagiarism report – when checking your work, we also check for plagiarism; even an excellent essay can receive 0 marks if plagiarism is detected. Universities and colleges take plagiarism seriously so we do too. We've developed our own plagiarism scanner that works in the same way as TurnItIn and WriteCheck to ensure your work is plagiarism free upon submission.

The service provides you all the tools you need to secure the grade you want in your college or university studies whilst providing you the confidence and feedback you need to feel ready to submit your essay or dissertation. So if you're looking to pull up your grade, or just for a little bit of extra reassurance, place your order today to receive the expert feedback you need.

Are you choosing the right service for you?

We are currently the only legitimate UK essay writing company that provides a comprehensive combined marking and proofreading service, and have many years providing this service. If you're looking for a marking service for a little extra reassurance, you're in the right place.

Many customers come to us with little or no work of their own to start with. If you're in this position too, then we recommend you take a look at our essay writing service or dissertation writing service.

If you're not sure whether to choose one of our writing services or the marking and proofreading service then we advise you give us a call and speak to one of our customer experience representatives who can help tailor the perfect service for you.

  • All of our work is delivered to a standard you expect

    To standard

    We guarantee the quality of all the work we deliver.

  • All of our work is on time

    On time

    Every order delivered on time or your work is free.

  • All of our work is plagiarism free

    Plagiarism free

    Every order is carefully checked for originality.

How does this service differ from your writing services?

The marking and proofreading service builds upon the work you have already completed to help you boost your grade, whereas our writing services provide you with a completed essay or dissertation tailored to your exact specification.

Both services are designed to help you improve your grade but the writing service takes this a step further by giving you a fully tailored piece of work from scratch to give you the guidance you need to prepare your college or university assignment.

Our marking service has a standard 2 day delivery time and our writing services have on average a standard 7 day delivery time for essays or 14 day delivery time for dissertations. If you're pushed for time we recommend our marking service if you already have work of your own, or take a look at our speedy delivery offer for discounted prices on fast delivery of our writing services if this is what you need.