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Our essay and dissertation marking and proofreading service is designed to help students like you who want to ensure that they get the grade they need when submitting their essay or dissertation. We have specialist markers across a wide variety of subjects with knowledge of the majority of education systems including the UK, US and Australian grading systems. No matter what you're studying or where you are in the world, UK Essays are here to help.

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What your marking order contains

We don’t just mark the work – we provide detailed feedback

Getting help and advice from your university often proves more difficult that it needs to be. That’s why we’ve created a custom marking and proofreading service that’s designed to support you in the creation of your essay or dissertation. Each marking order comes delivered with:

Your proofread

Comprehensive feedback

Detailed plagiarism

Customer control panel

Service features

Consistent constructive feedback from a qualified professional

Your marker provides you with all the tools you need to secure the grade you want in your college or university studies, whilst providing you with the confidence and feedback you need to feel ready to submit your essay or dissertation. If you're looking to pull up your grade, or would like just a little bit of extra reassurance, place your order today to receive the expert feedback you need.

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Scanned and proofread work

We use the ‘track changes’ feature in Microsoft Word so you can see exactly where we've made changes to your work to help you learn from the improvements we've made. You can then examine each suggested change, and apply it within your own work ready for submission.

When checking your work, we also check for plagiarism; even an excellent essay can receive 0% if plagiarism is detected. Universities and colleges take plagiarism seriously, so we do too. We've developed our own plagiarism scanner that works in the same way as TurnItIn and WriteCheck to ensure your work is plagiarism-free upon submission.

Thumbs up and thumbs down
Marking and feedback form

Our service doesn’t just provide you with an estimated grade. One of the most valuable parts of the service we offer is the detailed feedback that your marker provides on the work you have produced.

This feedback is designed not just to justify the grade we provide but importantly it’s the essential guidance you require to improve the work to the next grade boundary.

It doesn’t matter whether your work is at a third class or first class grade, because we'll always find a way to help you improve it. This means that when you come to submitting your work, you’re never disappointed with the result.

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Microsoft word format

We deliver all marking orders in Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .rft or .docx) format. We are, however, capable of delivering in alternative formats – simply let us know what you require when placing your order. Some of the formats in which we have been asked to deliver work include:

  • Open Office Writer (.odt)
  • Apple Pages
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • PDF

No matter which format you require, we can normally accommodate it, as we have access to a wide variety of software used by students.

A podium in front of a crowd of people
Qualified lecturers and professionals

We’ll only ever let a marker take on your order if they are qualified to do so. This means that, when you receive your order from UK Essays, you can expect all of the technical details to be correct. Not only will your marker be qualified in your subject of study, they will also have received that qualification in the same country in which you’re studying.

University education standards vary globally, so we know it’s vital that our UK customers only have markers who are qualified in the UK. The same applies to our US and Australian customers, who only have their work marked by American and Australian academics and professionals.

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Additional service features

Helping you to get more from your marking order

We offer these features as standard with all orders:

Changes to your work within 7 days of delivery.

Further feedback and guidance from your marker if you have any follow-up questions.

Complete confidentiality, because we don’t share your personal details with any other company.

We don’t resell or publish the work you paid for; it’s unique and just for you.

All our markers are tried and tested before they work on your order.

We can also offer the following at an additional cost:

Upgrade to our Elite Service: one of our top 3 markers in your subject will mark the work; changes to your work are allowed for up to 3 months; and you will be allocated your own personal account manager in our Customer Experience team.

Why choose UK Essays?

The comprehensive marking service


We believe that using a marking service should be a positive and stress-free experience. Whilst your work is being marked, you can relax, thanks to the knowledge that your order is being handled by professionals who stick to their promises.

Every single order comes with a range of guarantees. Over the last decade, we’ve created a reliable marking service you can trust, which is why we back every single one of our guarantees with a money-back promise.

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Delivered on time

We know how important it is to have your marking order back in time for you to make any required changes. Not only do you need time to check the accuracy of the work that we have provided, but also time to take on the feedback the marker has provided and prepare your work for submission to your university.

Here at UK Essays, we monitor the progress of our researchers and work hard to prevent problems that could delay the delivery of your work. We work with the majority of our researchers on a daily basis to ensure that, come delivery day, there are no nasty surprises.

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Plagiarism checked

When you bring your work to us, you expect it to be marked as if it had been submitted to your university. This is why we check all work for plagiarism whilst your marker grades and proofreads the work. Plagiarism results in even the best work receiving a zero mark and, in more serious cases, can result in students being removed from their course of study.

Not only do we scan your work against online sources (in the same way as TurnItIn or WriteCheck), we also check it against all of the other work we produce. This means that if you and a friend both send your work for marking and are worried they are too similar our plagiarism scanner will be able to check them against each other to ensure you haven’t accidentally plagiarised work you’ve seen from a friend. We suggest that all of our clients carefully read the plagiarism and academic integrity policies of their university for further guidance on plagiarism and collusion.

Customer Feedback

A small selection of the comments from our many happy customers

Thank you for markers feedback, it really helped.

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Beyond Guarantees

Our measure of excellence

Whilst most marking services provide guarantees that the work they deliver will be marked to the correct standard, it doesn't mean that they're all equal. Guarantees are provided by the vast majority of companies simply to make you aware of the compensation you can receive if anything goes wrong with your order. Here at UK Essays, we value your education and know that guarantees aren't enough; receiving a refund for your order is no compensation for failing your degree based upon bad marking advice. This is why we have a high focus on quality checks and actively seek to prevent mistakes.

Since 2003, we've been the UK's market leader and are renowned for honouring our guarantees and doing everything possible to ensure that every single customer leaves happy. We felt that there was more we could do, not just to honour the guarantees that our competitors have copied, but to take the next step and prevent mistakes. In December 2012, we doubled the size of our Aftercare team, to allow more time to ensure that all orders meet our guarantees and your exact specifications.

Since the implementation of these quality protocols, we have ensured that a refund truly is the last resort, and that's our promise. We appreciate that, although they're very rare, mistakes can happen. If, for any reason, we deliver work which is not to the standard you originally requested, is not plagiarism-free, or arrives late, we will provide a full refund.

  • To standard - Every single marking order does through extensive quality control to ensure that our internal quality team agrees with the grade that your marker has provided. We also ensure that their feedback is justified and follow the same checks your marker originally completed to ensure you only get the most accurate feedback.
  • On time - We've learnt that working closely with our markers is a vital part of ensuring they deliver on time. We now follow up with all markers after the assignment of an order to ensure that they are aware of the deadline. We've also reviewed previous late deliveries and removed any researchers from our books who were repeat offenders - a process that is now undertaken daily.
  • Plagiarism free - Our plagiarism scanner has been updated and is now in its third generation, which is both faster and more accurate. This has not only better allowed us to prevent plagiarism but also to scan the original work along with any amendments, so that you can feel secure in the knowledge that when we check your work it can be certified 100% original.

These changes are just the start – we're always working on improving the quality of our work to ensure that we consistently deliver to the same excellent standards. We're so serious about hitting the mark that, in 2013, we turned away over 500 orders in situations where we believed a customer would be at risk of our company not meeting our stringent quality control standards. Ultimately, we prefer to turn customers away rather than take a chance and end up letting a customer down upon delivery by having to provide a refund under our guarantees.

You can find out more about our quality standards and procedures by visiting our quality page below.

Quality standards & procedures

Our Order Process

Placing an order couldn't be simpler

When placing an order for our Marking and Proofreading Service, please make sure that you have your essay or dissertation available and ready to upload as you won't be able to place your order without it. When prompted, provide your essay/dissertation title and upload the file you wish to be marked and/or proofread. Complete the form, sit back, and relax.

We have a team of highly trained professionals who are ready to mark or proofread your work and, once we've received your order, we will find the most suitable match with the most relevant qualifications. After our team has marked/proofread your order you will be contacted and informed that your work is ready for download.

There are multiple ways to pay for your order, they are listed below.

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