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Our press coverage shows that we’re a genuine UK company:

We’re proud to be part of All Answers Ltd, a company that has received an incredible amount of press coverage from the UK media since our launch in April 2003. This press coverage proves that we uphold our guarantees and keep our promises to you!

UK Essays respond to Ofqual report on their A level essay writing service - 30th September 2014

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) has commissioned a report produced by consultancy London Economics on online student support services in which the services of and All Answers Ltd have been tested and reviewed.

The report features two test purchases for A-level A grade example essays via, and goes on to include details of the assessment of the essays produced and the external examiners’ feedback on the essays. All Answers Ltd welcomes the input of Ofqual and external assessment of our products; unfortunately the report London Economics has produced can only be described as fundamentally flawed.

“We are extremely disheartened and disappointed by the wholly inaccurate and presumptuous report published by Ofqual, and have no option but to refute a number of their conclusions”, explains All Answers Ltd CEO Tony Eynon. “Of particular note is a heavily biased focus against the student support industry and a narrow look at this segment of the market. The methodology of the paper is deeply flawed and inconsistent, using a prejudiced approach in marking the essays. Papers were not marked anonymously, and examiners were informed about the source of the essays prior to marking. There were also a number of incorrect assumptions and misinterpretations of our sales procedure.”

All Answers Ltd have prepared an official response which examines the fundamental flaws in the methodology of the paper produced and highlights the biased nature and errors within the paper. We invite our readers to view our findings here.

Further to this, we have submitted a Freedom of Information (FoI) request to ascertain the exact amount London Economics have been paid to produce this report in what can only be described as a damning waste of taxpayer funds.

As evident by Ofqual’s own recent conclusions student support services and essay writing companies have no bearing on concerns from the general public or education sector relating to consumer confidence in the examination system. All Answers Ltd has been unable to reach a conclusion why this report has been produced, aside from being an attempt to distract the general public from the vast array of failures Ofqual are involved in.

All Answers Ltd would also like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our stance and willingness to have an open, clear and fruitful conversation about the student support service industry and its future.

UK Essays featured in Times Higher Education - 10th October 2013

The analysis is superb, the writing style good - but is it too good? It bears little resemblance to previous work by the same student: indeed, it is in a different league. But it has been through Turnitin, the academic plagiarism checker, and come back clean. Has the student miraculously improved, or are you looking at a particularly pernicious problem afflicting today’s higher education sector: the paid- for, custom-written essay?

You can read the full article on here >

UK Essays featured in The National Student - Wednesday 29th August 2012

UK Essays have been featured in an article on custom essay writing websites in The National Student, proving once again that we are a genuine UK company at the pinnacle of the essay writing industry:

In order to learn more about their services, I spoke to a member of support staff at UK Essays. In response to the question “If I used the same arguments but wrote them differently, would that count as plagiarism?” I was told “No, because you will still write your own work. The researcher's work will show you how to write the work and what sources you can use.”

Unlike the other essay companies featured in this article, UK Essays is happy to provide feedback to the press about how we help thousands of students every year to get the most from their studies!

You can read the full article on here >

UK Essays interviewed on BBC Radio Nottingham - Thursday 3rd May 2012

Listen to Jilly Walden (Quality Manager at UK Essays) being interviewed by Mark Dennison on BBC Radio Nottingham on Thursday 3rd May 2012. 23rd April 2012 For £260 students can buy a 2,000 word essay on any given topic, written to the standard of a 2:1 degree, from UK in Arnold


UK Essays were asked to comment on plagiarism in universities.

A spokesman for the company said: "UK provides a legitimate service, designed to help students that are struggling with any aspect of their university studies.

The rise in plagiarism in universities can't be attributed to students using our service, as all of our work is custom written and undetectable by any plagiarism checking tool.

    The surge in plagiarism may be attributed to students using poor quality or dishonest essay companies, or simply points to the fact that universities are not providing enough resources for their students."

proving once again that our essays are 100% custom written and plagiarism-free!

You can read the full article on here >

The Telegraph 7th December 2011 A first-class essay? Yours for just £660

Jilly Walden, the quality manager here at UK Essays, was interviewed for a piece in the Telegraph:

“We all get tarred with the same brush,” complains Jilly Walden, quality manager at, based at the same address (in Arnold, near Nottingham) as Degree Essays ( and Law Teacher (

“Yet, unlike other companies, we are happy to publish our address, and we are happy for students to visit us; we have got academics in-house. Nor do we condone plagiarism. It’s made very clear to clients that we don’t supply essays; we give model answers around which they frame their ideas. We see it as no different to a lecturer pointing students towards a document in a library. As far as we know, 99.9 per cent of customers use our products correctly.”

You can read the full article on The Telegraph's website here >

BBC World Service 21st June 2010 When does getting online help for an essay become cheating?

UK Essays were asked to appear on the BBC World Service to take part in a discussion on plagiarism and online essay help:

An increasing number of universities are using special software which can detect cases of plagiarism.

But there are companies which offer an essay-writing service and those cannot be picked up by such software.

Simon Rhodes is with a company called, which sells essays to students; Barry Calvert is with nLearning, which sells software that helps detect plagiarism.

Newshour's Robin Lustig asked Simon Rhodes: “If he was buying an essay from UKEssays, wouldn't he expect him to hand it in as his own work?”

You can listen to this discussion online at the BBC World Service here - When does getting online help for an essay become cheating?

The Sunday Times front page 4th April 2010 ‘Essay factory’ offers 2:1 degree or your cash back

On 4th April 2010, the Sunday Times printed a front-page article regarding our fantastic new degree guarantee, stating "Students are being sold foolproof dissertations written for them with a cashback guarantee if they fail to get at least a 2:1 degree." The story was also picked up online by the Daily Mail and the Telegraph. Read the stories below:

ITN News (undercover)

“A brilliant essay”

ITN News took a look around our old offices after purchasing an essay undercover.

They called the work they purchased “brilliant”– watch the video below:

The Sunday Times newspaper (undercover)

2:1 standard” confirmed!

In 2003 the Sunday Times purchased an essay (undercover!) and reported how the essay was confirmed to be of a 2:1 standard by a top lecturer they had selected to assess it!

Read the full story on the Sunday Times website, here >

We’d like to point out that the newspapers are in no way affiliated with our company; nor do they give any personal endorsement of our service. Having said that, we think you'll find that we don't need them to do so. The newspapers serve a purpose – they show that we are genuine UK-based company and that our essays and dissertations meet the quality standards that we publish.

About the press articles

You will appreciate that there are many organisations that disapprove of our service, since they are adamant that all students are dishonest and will use us to cheat. This is, unfortunately, reflected in the comprehensive collection of articles we have presented below.

We have reproduced them, regardless of the criticism they contain, as an aid for potential customers to appreciate the authenticity of our business; we believe this is extremely important as there are so many bogus essay and dissertation sites on the web. You can learn more about spotting the scam companies in the UK Essays scam warning guide >

However, please be aware that there is a proper use for our service – although written as custom research pieces for you, our essays should be used as a basis for producing your own work. Just as you would not reproduce a book or journal that happens to address your question exactly, you should not hand in our essays as your own. We stress this time and time again, but it is a point that the press fail to appreciate – we do not condone plagiarism. For further information about this, please read our fair use policy >

Other recent press coverage:

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