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Golf Men Women

Golf is golf, no matter whether it's women's golf or men's golf right? The answer in my opinion is no. When a person compares golf between the sexes each has it's own unique aspects. A few examples are the deep history on both the men's and women's sides and the outlook each sex takes on the game.

Men's golf has a deep history rooted in the heart of Scotland. In 1394 golf is believed to have been adapted from a game called chole which was similar to the hockey played in Flanders (Timeline of Golf History 2007). Three players recognized for introducing the game were Robert Stewert, Hughe Kennedy, and John Smale. Later on in 1457 the game came to be recognized as gowf. The sport was banned by the British Parliament of James II because it interfered with war training against the English. Gowf was later reinstated by Parliament in 1502 as a result of high demand by the people of Scotland. Before 1502 golf was considered a peasant's game.That all changed when the first official set of equipment was purchased by James IV from a bow maker in Perth. Afterward it became a game of prestige. The game of golf became something that the rich and poor both enjoyed and acted as an equalizer among men (Timeline of Golf History 2007). Women did not enter the sport for another sixty-five years (Important Events in Women's Golf 2007).

Mary Queen of Scots was the first recorded woman golfer in 1567. The St. Andrews golf course was also built during Mary's reign. The St. Andrews ladies club was established in 1867. In 1891 public golf courses opened their doors to women at last

A Comparison of Men's and Women's Golf 3

(Important Events in Women's Golf 2007). 1894 the first women's golf tournament is held in the United States at the seven hole Morris Country Club in New Jersey. The

greatest landmark in women's golf occurred in 1934 when American Helen Hicks became the first professional woman golfer. Women's golf has had a long time coming in golf's history (Timeline of Golf History 2007).

Men have a very different outlook the game of golf then women. Men will focus all of their energy on the course and the hole that lies ahead of them. The rules are set in stone and nothing else matters accept putting the ball in the hole in par. When men play they cannot be distracted by friendly conversation or compliment. It is also very competitive for every child, boy, and man that becomes involved. Clubs and other equipment must be kept clean and up to date (Timeline of Golf History 2007). Equipment that is in poor shape is unacceptable and must be replaced as soon as possible. Men also look at the sport of golf as more then a game. Most of the male sex believes that golf is a way of life and become obsessed making it a part of their very being. It is the first thing they think of when they wake up in the morning and it is the last thing they think about before they go to sleep at night. Golf is a tradition that is passed on for generations from father to son. Usually if the father or grandfather did not play golf, generations after will not participate in the sport (A History of Golf in 1947 2007). Women on the other hand take a very different approach to the sport.

Golf, in general, does not mean the same thing it does to men. Women will use their time on the golf course to socialize. Talking to friends and having a good time is

A Comparison of Men's and Women's Golf 4

more important then focusing on the hole ahead of them. More often then not when a woman is on the course golf is the last thing on her mind. The rules are fluid and often

remain unobserved. Equipment is also not the highest priority. Many women do not play with the newest equipment available on the market. They often play with second hand clubs they got from their husbands or with an inexpensive preassembled set from a local store. Women also do not usually learn the sport from a father or mother. Rarely is the game a generational tradition as it is with men. Golf is something most females wake up in the morning and think, “today I will learn to play golf”. A woman does not make golf a priority in her life like a man does(Important Events In Women's Golf).

When a person compares men's and women's golf he or she will realize that the two are completely different games. Both men's and women's golf have deep histories and each sex has a different perspective on how the game is played. Men and women both have their own unique way of playing the game of golf.


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