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Review of literature regarding depression and anxiety

Blatt, S. J. (2004). Experiences of depression: Theoretical, clinical, and research perspectives. Washington, D.C.: United Book Press.


This book is mainly about the theoretical formulations, clinical examples and assessment of depression. Looking for information for nearly 30 years, Blatt started the research with case studies that led him to understand the nature of depressions in view of its psychological aspects better. He did not define what depression means but rather trace the analysis and exploration about the two types of depression that he found out through his case studies. He discusses that understanding the life experiences and other factors that lead to depression will guide its development. Blatt argues that the two types of depressions, anaclitic and introjective depressions, have basically different depressive experiences despite the fact that they have a common set of symptoms.


I need this for our research because it clearly defined the two types of depression, which is anaclitic and introjective, and specifically cited examples of it, like the experiences of a certain person having depression. Also, this book also has some research about the theories of depression and how it can be applied nowadays. It talks about what expressions does a person with the two types of depression have, and thus formulating a theory that can be used for further research.

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Dozois, D., & Dobson, K. (Ed.). (2004). The prevention of anxiety and depression: Theory, research, and practice. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.


This book is mainly about the issues and the prevention strategies of both anxiety and depression: The role of cognition in depression and anxiety and the cognitive aspects of depression. It also is about the experts examining evidences on risk and vulnerability for anxiety and depression separately. Both editors Dozois and Dobson argue that prevention efforts are necessary in dealing with anxiety and depression which are the two most common mental health ailments.


I need this for our research because there is this certain chapter in the book that tells about the nature of anxiety and depression and its implication for prevention. So by learning the natures and the preventions of the two, I can open up more and new ideas related to it. Also, I might be able to find some interesting topics that I can make use for my research which is, anxiety and depression.

Fann, W. E., Karacan, I., Pokorny, A., & Williams, R. (Ed.). (1979). Phenomenology and treatment of anxiety. Jamaica, NY: Spectrum Publications.


This book is mainly about the treatment of anxiety and how to manage it by different strategies. It has a diagnosis where the patients who has anxiety is treated with also different practices or approaches. The editors, Fann, Karacan, Porkony and William says that there are two clinically types of forms on anxiety which have to be deal with because anxiety is an emotional state that needs to be treated accordingly. They argue that since there are different types of anxiety, it should be manage according to what it needs and it means that for a certain type of anxiety, there should also be a certain type of treatment.


I need this for our research because it discusses the different types of anxiety and how to manage it by also different approaches; it has a definition of anxiety and its types. Also, there are numerous number of examples for a certain type of anxiety which will be very useful for my research; it has a table that specifically states the most common type of anxiety and how many people has it in relation to the other types.

Gotlib, I. H., & Hammen, C. L. (1992). Psychological aspects of depression: Toward a cognitive-internal integration. Chichester, England: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


This book is mainly about the psychological problems of depression and how it can affect every type of person. The book states that over ten years, a billion of people worldwide will develop depression. It provides a review and evaluation of research and theory of depressed individuals, and literature about both children and adults into conceptualization of depression. Gotlib and Hammen argues that depression can affect family members and individuals and that the cycle will continue until the prevention of depression can be found.


I need this for our research because it talks about the theories of depression which I can put in the research as a sub-topic of depression. By reading this, I might be able to explain both etiology of this disorder and the various symptoms of depression. I will know more about the major theories of depression with respect to cognitive, behavioral or psychoanalytic in understanding this. Also, there are examples of it that we can use to prove the research I will be doing.

LaHaye, T. (1976). How to win over depression. USA: Bantam Books.


This book is mainly about how to manage depression in body, mind and spirit; it is more of an inspirational book than a scientific book but it has the common subtopics of depression. LaHaye also cited instances where a person experience depression but did not treat it with different approaches but did visit a psychiatrist. LaHaye argues about depression that it cannot be treated with scientific methods and everything but with God; faith is the pre-description, God is the healer and that the Scriptures are the ones that provides approach to manage depression.


I need this for our research because it discusses clearly about the problem of depression which other books did not. Instead of using just another scientific approach, I can use this book as a religious approach. Also, it has the symptoms and the causes of depression which I can use as a subtopic of depression.

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Olaguer, E., & Romero, C. M. (2000). Experiences of depression among Filipino adolescents in the low socio-economic status. Thesis, De La Salle University.


This thesis is mainly about depression and its different experiences and effects with also different approaches. It tells us that over the two decades, social relationships have an important role in the cause of depression. It also tells us that being an adolescent has an effect to depression because it is the middle stage where we experience uncertainties that can lead to unpleasant life events. Olaguer and Romero argue that there is a relationship between a derpression and an adolescent because it is where our self-esteem is affected by our own successes and failures.


I need this for our research because it discusses the relationship between depression and teenagers and its different responses, manifestations and effects of depression. It says that there are several ways that depression is manifested in the person’s areas of functioning which is emotional, physiological, cognitive, social and behavioral. It also has this conceptual framework that leads to depression.

Oster, G., & Caro, J. (1990). Understanding and treating depressed adolescents and their families. Canada: John Wiley and Sons.


This book is mainly about how to treat depression when it is among adolescents. It has different treatment strategies that are explained clearly in the book. It also has the assessment of the depressed patient and within its family; perhaps, it is hereditary, or not. It discusses the different therapeutic strategies and how it can be prevented and managed. Also, not only for those who are depressed but also the ones who are suicidal. Oster and Caro argue that there are certain factors that contribute to adolescent depression and that more attention should be focused on this aspect.


I need this for our research because it tells us the general idea of a depressed adolescent. It explains that this person, Carol, went to a therapist, scared and tense; she explains herself clearly by answering the questions of the therapist which I can make use of in our research. It also has the nature of depression that is the causes of depression among adolescents, and the nature of disturbances that can affect the behavior and attitude of the person.

Rothbaum, B. O. (Ed.). (2006). Pathological anxiety: Emotional processing in etiology and treatment. New York: The Guilford Press.


This book is mainly about the understanding and treatment of individuals with pathological anxiety. Rothbaum discusses the definition of anxiety and its different types of disorders and their corresponding treatment. Also, it tells us the etiology of pathological anxiety or where it came from. Editor Rothbaum argues that for pathological anxiety, different treatments are necessary because of the different anxiety disorders.


I need this for our research because it tells us how to manage anxiety. Even though we do not need pathological anxiety for our research, we do need its causes that can be useful to us. It also has the different symptoms and experiments as to how it came up with that certain type of anxiety.

Vail, K. (2005). Depression: Ready or not, your schools must face children’s mental health problems. American School Board Journal, 192(3). 34-36.


This article is mainly about the depression in school where students most suffer from their studies; there is again an example for depression. It discusses what depression really looks like, and of course its prevention. Anne Erickson, a counselor, personally screened students for depression that is improved until now. Vail argues that although we picture a depressed person as the ones who are sad, or sluggish, they can also be the ones angry or restlessness.


I need this for our research because it tells us about depression in school which we have not found in some of the books we researched. There is also the screening of depression that will be useful for us because it measured the mental health of the students during their studies. Also, this article rather than to identify the students at risk, it tallies the information for research purposes.

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Wilde, J. (1996). Treating anger, anxiety and depression in children and adolescents: A cognitive behavioral perspective. USA: Taylor and Francis.


This book is mainly about depression, anxiety and anger that can be treated with different kinds of approach. It explains why patients with low self-esteem, depression and anxiety need to be treated with a certain technique, which is cognitive technique. It also discusses the etiology of depression that can be classified as three beliefs that can lead to depression. Wilde did not just explain the different beliefs of the depression, anxiety and etc, but rather cited real-life problems that can be use for formulating new things, and can have a generalization. He argues that there are these certain beliefs that may lead to depression, and these beliefs are what we call cognitive triads.


I need this book for our research because it discusses the symptoms of depression and the reasons why. It means that there a reasons for certain symptoms of depression. Also, there is the etiology of depression; there is a specific example for each negative view and clearly cited the definitions of each. Moreover, Wilde shared in the book the typical self-talk from depressed clients who shares the same philosophy, like “No matter what I do I will fail.”

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