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Monroes Doctrine On Isolationist Strategy Politics Essay

A state's foreign policy is comprised of strategies chosen by the government to protect its national interests as well as to achieve its objectives in international relations. According to George Washington and James Monroe, isolationism was a policy in which economic progress and peace could be best achieved that is by isolating America from commitments and alliances with other countries. George Washington initially started this strategy, which became a tendency when he strictly stated that there will be no permanent alliances during his tenure as president. During 1823, President James Monroe formed the Monroe Doctrine, which basically cautioned European nations not to interfere in political matters within Central and South America. The Monroe Doctrine was proposed to prove that the America was the only state that could control such political matters. Afterwards many South American countries went through revolutions against European colonial owners then they as a result got a republican government.

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United States detached from the Eastern Hemisphere totally, so as to keep the peace. Consequently, the Monroe Doctrine was definitely an isolationist article. Monroe's main reason for doing this was to save America from warfarse, for that reason, for the excellent of peace. Generally Monroe agreed to stay out of Europe's affairs if they did the same. America was trying to do away with all European authority within the Western Hemisphere additionally agree to stay out of their businesses. Monroe had compassion for the South American states that were being capture mostly by the Spanish, although his concern was mostly for America. President Monroe desired to destroy all the European power in the Western Hemisphere; he additionally protected the areas from colonization.

Monroe's doctrine was enthusiastically an isolationist strategy. Monroe advised the European countries against the damages of intervention and colonization that they would bring damage to foreign affairs. In the Monroe Doctrine Foreign intervention affirmed that Europe should keep their imperial and monarchical type governments outside the Western Hemisphere. Monroe was clearly separating the United States from the rest of the world with the chief motivation being keeping peace. The United States was forbidden from getting caught up in Europe's affairs, unless it was directly connected. This meant definitely meant that United States did not have any alliances.

The three main concepts of in the Monroe Doctrine were: non-intervention, they were fighting for separate spheres of power for Europe and the Americas as well as non-colonization of the Americans by Europeans. President Monroe's government warned the imperial European authorities against interfering within the affairs of the lately independent Latin American states or prospective United States territories. Americans normally objected to European colonies within the Americans, the European colonies as well wanted to amplify United States influence and trading connections throughout the area. In response for non-intervention of the Americans, United States pledged that it would not participate in European affairs (Monroe Doctrine, 1823).

Washington did not want America to get involved in any foreign warfare, because America was not ready for battle taking into consideration that it was so newly founded, moreover they supposed that America would get demolished if a conflicts happened to start. Due to these reasons, Washington and Monroe chose not engage in any war.

United States cannot remain isolated from world affairs because when we take a look on the economy today, the United States greatly depends on other nations for trade. In the world today, United States needs allies so that just incase any calamity or disaster hits the country, it can easily receive help. For instance, the earthquake that stroke Haiti recently, a lot of people as well as countries fled to Haiti to help with the crisis that is including America. Consequently America would as well expect help if it was hit by a disaster, if America would have isolated itself, the country should as well not expect to be assisted. Additionally, America is so much in arrears with other countries that it cannot afford to make any achievable movements that could cost the country any more money.

Another reason why America cannot isolate itself is because of globalization of the world. The world economy circles around the top gross domestic product countries, and United States is one of the top gross domestic product grosser of any other state. If United States retained its isolationism, world economy as a result will definitely go down completely. A country like China and other 90% of the other states will go bankrupt because they greatly depend on America.

Another aspect where America is greatly influential is politically, if America had not supported West Berlin and South Korea in addition to all the other communistic states, the countries would not be enjoying freedom today since Communism would have multiplied across the western world.

It is impossible for the United States pursue isolation policy today. This is because isolationism symbolizes America's longstanding unwillingness to participate in European wars and coalitions. Very many countries depend on America for support generally and America as well needs other countries as allies so that incase there is a calamity it can get support. The United States also needs other countries for trade so it is impossible for it to isolate itself.

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