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The Opposition To Human Cloning Philosophy Essay

The United States should prohibit human cloning. However, many people believe that human cloning can cure infertility, baldness, and medical tragedies. It may also provide more breakthroughs in science and could lead to a step further towards immortality. Although some of these reasons may possibly benefit the population, the controversy becomes overruled by the reasons for illegalization in the United States. Cost, legal issues, religion, and ethics exist along with many other reasons why cloning the United States should taboo human cloning. We gain a little and lose a lot by allowing human cloning.

The curing of infertility remains inadequate, due to the percentage of actual success in the human cloning process. Human cloning does not actually cure infertility; it just gives the option of taking your deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to make a replica of yourself into another human. Technically, human cloning may rarely result in an achievement. People believe that this will give homosexuals a way to bear a child together. But, they fail to realize that most of the United States disagree with gay marriages in the first place. If they disapprove gay marriages, why should they raise a child? It would be no use for them to try to legalize human cloning when gay marriages currently stay forbidden. Infertility is looked down upon, yes, but human cloning is not the way to go. It could easily cause more pain and hardship for a couple trying to have a child. If the human cloning still remains successful, that does not mean that the child will not have medical tragedies. Ninety percent of cloning attempts have failed. It is not very reliable or effective. This argument abolishes this reason for justifying human cloning in the United States.

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The United States sees curing baldness as an inconsequential concern, even though it may affect individuals who wish to have hair again. To copy the hair they use stem cells so they will multiply. This really becomes an insignificant argument, due to its lack of support from the American people. It does not concern many people because other alternatives exist for the purpose of hair renewal and growth when lost other than using stem cells used for recreating hair, such as taking Rogaine, eating correctly, wearing hair a certain way, etc.

Medical tragedies are quite common these days. We may not realize that not many ways exist for us to assist lowering the numbers of people dying from these medical problems. People who support human cloning say that cloning human body parts and DNA can help give many people the chance to live a longer life. What they do not want others to know is that most attempts of cloning do not work properly or are unsuccessful. If they had placed a cloned organ inside of a human the chance of the organ actually working without any problems is slim to none. This could end up killing people faster than they would with their own damaged organs. Concluding that Medical tragedies have a slim chance of actually helping people, we eliminate this reason for the opposing side of this argument.

Breakthroughs in science are constantly being created through other ways than stem cell research and cloning. By using things in everyday life scientists have achieved more than they thought humanly possible. One thing is very miraculous to scientists and that is our genetic material. The reason they are interested is human cloning and the possibility of becoming immortal, like fantasies say vampires and demons do. They believe that stem cell research and human cloning can be the answer they are looking for. But this can lead to many deaths, sickness, and discoveries that may harm people. Scientist can find some other way to discover what they want because they are scientists, that is what they do, find ways to make life better and not by hurting people in the process.

At what cost should achievements be obtained? At the stake of thousands of embryos and innocent people just for the sake of science experiments that do not work? People pay thousands of dollars to just have a 1 out of ten chance of having a cloned baby. Human cloning does just this including millions of dollars in research equipment and research that could help our country to get out of debt instead of wasting money on research for something that is rarely effective. We should be helping our country not degrading it with a sight population increase. We can barely take care of everyone in our country as it is. A slight population increase will not benefit our country as much as the millions of dollars in research would. It is a shame that we care more about the few lives creates than the millions of lives we could touch if we took that money and gave it to charities or to china we would be better off than keeping it with scientist experimenting with stem cells and human cloning.

Two main reasons why human cloning is not currently illegal are that the equipment used is easy to find is any science lab and it would be very complicated to enforce. The government has decided to presently place this matter aside due to the equal controversy between the American people. Although most politicians in the House of Representative and Congress believe human cloning should be outlawed, almost half of the American population believes the opposite opinion of them. This controversy has been occurring since the first successful cloning of Dolly, a sheep, on July 5, 1996. It is now the state's decision to outlaw human cloning or not. So far in our history, fifteen of our fifty states have some type of law pertaining to human cloning.

"12.1-39-01. Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Fetus" means a living organism of the species homo sapiens from eight weeks'development until complete expulsion or extraction from a woman's body, or until removal from an artificial womb or other similar environment designed to nurture the development of such organism.

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2. "Human cloning" means human asexual reproduction, accomplished by introducing the genetic material of a human somatic cell into a fertilized or unfertilized oocyte, the nucleus of which has been or will be removed or inactivated, to produce a living organism with a human or predominantly human genetic constitution.

3. "Human embryo" means a living organism of the species homo sapiens from the single-celled state to eight weeks' development.

4. "Human somatic cell" means a cell having a complete set of chromosomes obtained

from a living or deceased human organism of the species homo sapiens at any stage

of development.

5. "Oocyte" means a human female germ cell, also known as an egg.

12.1-39-02. Human cloning - Prohibition - Penalty.

1. A person may not intentionally or knowingly:

a. Perform or attempt to perform human cloning;

b. Participate in performing or attempting to perform human cloning;

c. Transfer or receive the product of a human cloning for any purpose; or

d. Transfer or receive, in whole or in part, any oocyte, human embryo, human fetus, or human somatic cell, for the purpose of human cloning.

2. Nothing in subsection 1 restricts areas of scientific research not specifically prohibited, including in vitro fertilization, the administration of fertility-enhancing drugs, or research in the use of nuclear transfer or other cloning techniques to produce molecules, deoxyribonucleic acid, tissues, organs, plants, animals other than humans, or cellsother than human embryos.

3. A person who violates subdivision a or b of subsection 1 is guilty of a class C felony. A person who violates subdivision c or d of subsection 1 is guilty of a class A misdemeanor."

Religion has many viewpoints of human cloning. Many of which are against it, and very few support it. Christianity does not support human cloning or the cloning of human embryos because they believe that people would be playing God by creating humans not naturally but artificially made. If God does not want a couple to have children, then they should accept it, move on, and try to figure out another way to raise a child other than their own, which cannot be created. Islam is not against creating organs and body parts by cloning, but when it comes to actual human cloning they are completely opposed to the idea because they believe it is against Allah's will. They believe that if it is for the purpose of human healing it is all right, but if not then they do away with the idea of it. Judaism cannot find any reason within their religion that it completely opposes human cloning. They do, however, caution themselves about it because they are no sure of themselves, but do support the medical help it provides the less fortunate. People who practice Buddhism believe that events should occur in the natural order of nature. Human cloning violates this belief by not following the order of life. These are just a few of the many opinions that religions have on human cloning.

Ethics is something that is not usually a easy argument because everyone has their own ideas of what is right or wrong, some are to extreme and others are too lenient. The greatest objection to human cloning is the question "Should humans and animals be needlessly harmed for the creation of a small percentage of the human population to increase?".

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