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Source of all things

Essay of Definition

The Way of the Way

Tao is the source of all things in the universe but yet is ineffable, where words only express the way Tao can be used. The essence of Tao is of nothingness that can spontaneously gather its power and ability to create all things into "somethingness" with its natural course. Its indispensable properties identify Tao as a mystery that can be recognized when one's heart and soul does not stray from Taoist principles. The way of Tao follows a course nature guides for it. Tao and its instinctive force are useful and limitless beyond human logic. The way of Tao comes from its essence of non-being and its productive aspect of being. When one understands the way of Tao through intuition, that it is non-being, Tao emerges itself to the world as being when both opposites are combined for things to occur. Based on Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism and his teachings, the workings of Tao is non-intentional, yet simplistic when there is no effort or attachments put onto an individual's decision. Through this, actions flow naturally when one accepts reality and their existence as basic fundamentals to their life. Acknowledging the way of Tao allows alternatives to a better way to live and conduct situations that preside in the harmonious function within nature.

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Following the way of nature allows the essence of Tao to be consistent throughout the universe which existed before life. It also is important because Tao helps understand the way of life. What one can see is just as important as something that is not there: Tao. By understanding Tao is an interdependent and a transcendent force in reality as it was in the beginning and will ever be; this allows an individual to follow the way of Tao personally. Without feeling this in the heart and soul, there is no wisdom which opposes the limit to what one can understand of Taoism. In Taoism, this philosophy is based upon the removal of consciousness by advocating a life of complete simplicity and naturalness and of noninterference with the course of natural events. To recognize Tao as the law of nature and the way of life, Taoism can be noticed as the natural order in nature and the universe in which everything takes part of. As individuals, Taoist achieve Tao in their mind and become Tzu-Jan and Wu Wei with their actions and lifestyle.

In life, the two tenets of Taoism are laws, principles, and the basis to the philosophy of Taoism. Once one comprehends with the heart and soul, one understands Tao and they are Tzu-Jan, being itself so and automatic with the inexpressible energy of Tao that can be worked with but yet can operate by itself. Tao defines its own basis also through Wu-Wei of "not forcing or doing" by working in unity with nature rather than interfering in ones way. This can allow humans to achieve and do everything simply if they focus on what matters. On the contrary, one must not do anything against nature, the central foundation of Taoist ideas. Wu Wei can not be controlled because if we do not follow the natural course, it does not move in accord with the way things are.

Although humans manipulated their environment for their own benefit by bending the laws of nature, nature thrived by itself effortlessly without their help. Nature still had its harmonious function without having to determine its job because it happens automatically. Within my daily routine, eating is part of Tzu-Jan. Realizing that I am hungry, I eat resources that will restore my energy and give me the necessary vitamins I need. Not eating too much is tzu-jan because my body and mind, by itself, determine when I am full. Establishing when I am full is tzu-jan because it happens without effort and occurs as a natural process within my body. Walking is also tzu-jan because I don't have to constantly think which foot needs to be in front of the other or if I need to walk according to a certain pattern. Without being controlled, I become part of the universe instead of separating from it. In this case, Tzu-Jan helps me become valiant by going along with the order of the universe and not straying from Tao, preventing chaos and mishaps. With wu wei, I try to work without force and go along with the opportunities that open by taking chances that can simplify life. Living in harmony and achieving the practical principle of life by not interfering with self or obstruct life may result in having wu wei. With my attitude of having everything concise and thorough, I tend to take control of things and manipulate them into what I believe they must be, rather than to identify them the way they are. Such an illusion I create for myself is problematic because I do not follow the natural force and process of wu wei. Though at times I try really hard to do my best by forcing myself, I lose my way and the sight of what matters. As a result, I don't do as well as I intended myself to. I understand that by overworking myself with more than I can handle I interfere with my own ability to be successful and make work simple for myself. I fail to take in wu wei as "easy be it" because of my stubborn, unchangeable habits, but I intend to be open minded and look at the diverse way of things and to move according to its cycle with nature. Rather than impeded with it, I need to become aware of what is beneficial to myself. Becoming aware that I am part of the universe, something more immense than I am, I begin to see the correlation nature has with everything and yet nothing -Tao.

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