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What Makes And Effective Leader Nursing Essay

According to an effective manager need to be good at task execution, managing people and making a profit. Their primary role is to get work done efficiently. Management is an efficient task execution. Managers need to get things done efficiently. This means making the best use of all resources at their disposal in relation to a specific set of goals.To be an effective manager, it is essential to have skills in three different areas: task execution, commercial insight and people skills. Some managers can get by with strengths in only one or two of these areas, but the best managers will have some competence in all three.

Outcome 1

Task 1.a

1. A.1. Introduction to leader/ manager

According to, three vital determinants of team work are the leader" subordinates and the environment. These factors are interdependent. It is the leader's responsibility to make the environment conducive to work. He studies the employees individually and insists interest in them. By encouraging the inquisitive employees and by prohibiting insidious elements, he creates hygienic environment.. According to a manager is a person tasked with overseeing one or more employees or departments to ensure these employees or departments carry out assigned duties as required. Depending on the size of the company there might be a single, dual or triple management layer involved.

1. a.2. Time Management

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In this highly competitive and busy world everyone is saying time is not sufficient. So time management is an essential skill for all people especially for an effective manager. Everybody has 24 hours in a day and the difference is how each one utilizes it. People who can develop and apply time management skill can ensure the greatest benefits possible with the limited amount of time available to them. Without time management Presentations and Meetings will not be effective. In organization point of view work training, time management training, application of technologies and alteration of work environment are useful for utilizing the time effectively for increasing the productivity. Proper time management reduces stress and complexities of work and helpful in utilizing maximum recourses.

In time management 80:20 rule is very significant. This says that typically 80% of unfocussed effort generates only 20% of results. This means that 80% of results are achieved with only 20% of the effort. So key point is that focus on results not on being busy. By developing time management skills a manager can optimize his efforts to ensure that he concentrates as much of his time on the high pay off tasks.

There are a lot of time management tools. Activity logs where one log all the activities, which helps to identify and eliminate common time wasters. Action plan, Prioritized to do list and time bound goals helps to focus on the most important activities. So time management is an essential skill to live a balanced personal and professional life.

1.a.3. Conducting Meetings

Meeting management is a set of skills very important of managers. Meetings are very expensive activities and valuable time is spending for that, so meetings should be productive. So meeting management should be taken seriously. The process used in a meeting depends on the kind of meeting planned. Meeting are used in organizations to generate ideas, evaluating and appreciating performance of employees and organizations, explain changes, solve problems etc. However there are certain basics that are common to various types of meetings. If these basic important points are taken care of the meeting will be more effective. 

Developing Agenda:-  Prepare specific and proper agenda. Based on the result expected from the meeting develop agenda. Allocate specific time for each point in the agenda. Distribute agenda among the participants. 

Opening of meeting:- Start meeting on time. Review the agenda at the beginning of meeting for clear understanding of participants. Make arrangements to take minutes and provide them back to each participant after the meeting. 

Time Management:- Proper scheduling of each item in agenda. Strictly follow the time allocated.  

Evaluation of the meeting and closing:- Evaluate the meeting before closing. A brief evaluation helps to check whether objectives are achieved or not and it keeps the momentum too. Always end the meetings on time. At the end  review actions and assignments and set time for next meeting.  

1. a.4. Making Presentations

Presentations play a vital role in all managerial activities. Only an effective presentation can make the ideas clear to others. Many factors define a good presentation. A presentation should be aimed at the receivers, and it should be reaching out to them. It should not be a place to display one's knowledge and skills. The language used should be in accordance with the wave length of the audience. Audio- visual systems can make the presentation much more effective and simpler.This will enhance the effect of the presentation as well as the interest of the audience. Presenter's competency in the subject and the highlighting of the key points will bring the real purpose of the presentation.

Rehearsal is very important. Unless an expert, however well knowledgeable one is, preparation is very important. Making and identifying key points, what is to be given preference, mock presentations, creating a minimum awareness about the audience and situation etc makes the presentation attractive and effective. It will help in developing self confidence too. A well prepared presentation will help in achieving the real purpose it is meant for. Presentation is as important as the process itself.

1.a.5. Stress Management

Stress can be avoid in many ways such as by changing the working conditions, sharing work with others, proper relaxation between works, make a clear picture about the situation and technologies implemented, appointing skilled and experienced persons for special kinds of jobs, practice meditation and refreshments amongst others.

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Another type of stress is stress created by superiors' activities. For the part of stress management, a manager never override his subordinates' tasks, allow proper time to complete the work, assign special kinds of work to them that also helps for motivation and create self confidence about their abilities also, implement proper rewards and working shifts to encourage the employees. Assigning the wrong job to wrong persons and right job to wrong persons also create stress. Stress management is an essential skill for all-round development of a manager.

An effective manager can acquire the 4 managerial skills in many ways especially by practicing. For development of these managerial skills, a manager should identify his strength and weaknesses. SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. By SWOT analysis, we can easily understand this. To improve the time management skill, he should understand how he can use his time effectively and productively. Dividing work among the crew members, application of technologies, appointing experienced and skilled people in relevant jobs, making deadlines for tasks, setting goals and works to attain them are some steps for acquiring time management. For a better presentation skill, time management is also necessary. Before the presentation, make a clear picture about the factors included and about audience. Application of audio-video effects also improves the quality of presentation. Mock presentation and analysis of records of past presentation also helps a lot.


For conducting an effective meeting, time management skill and presentation skill should be necessary. Making of agendas, awareness of participants, physical set up of the place etc should get more importance. A manager who is in the chair must have a full control over meeting.

To develop this, attend the meetings regularly, identify the steps followed and making records of meetings then analyse it. Stress management is strictly a psychological approach of management. To elaborate this skill, a manger has to find out facts causing for stress in business environment. Personality studies, analysis of working environment, making a personal relationship with employees and clients etc helps to improve the stress management skill. Mainly impatience and over tension of manager leads to stress, to avoid this meditation is an effective tool. 

Learning style questionnaire analysis has brought me to a conclusion that , I am a person who has both strength and weaknesses. It is essential for me, as person, to develop the following skills to become an effective manager. They are, time management, making presentations, effective running of meetings and stress management. In the making of a manager, the strengths identified here can act as a catalyst in the way to perfection. The reduction of weaknesses can further contribute to the managerial ability and the endeavours the manager will take up. A manager is not merely an employee or an executive of the organization, but he can be a pioneer in many by bringing forth innovations which will have a long lasting effect in the company. So, the development of managerial skills will have a ripple effect in both the function and future of the company. Not to mention the personal skills development.

As a human being, I too have a few weaknesses such as lack of patience, non effective utilisation of the team members and overriding the tasks which are assigned to the groups. At times, these lead to wastage of time, resources and straining of relationships. I find these realities to be quite common, but should find myself insulated from these to be an effective manager. The application of theories and techniques in an effective manner can help in becoming a good manager. The closer to the effective implementation of theories and techniques, lesser the errors. Setting up of goals, timely follow up and evaluation can help in becoming a good manager.

Presentation skills of a manager play an important role in the business process. It is important to get across to people the way it should be. Evaluating various options and treating every opportunity as an experiment are the strengths found in me. Presentation skills can be enhanced by the modern technological gadgets such as audio visual effects. This helps in arranging things systematically and reaching out to people in a more effective way. The weaknesses are, reaching out to every one in an equal manner and the failure, at times, to read other's needs. Acting without caution and the lack of practice can lead to failure of a presentation.

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It's the manager who can act as problem solver and trouble shooter. It can be done by conducting effective meetings. It is often hindered by the ineffective utilisation of skills and the ineptness to perform tasks independently. Undervaluing personal feelings and impatience make troubles in conducting meetings as I understand they are my weaknesses. I want to improve my analytical skills and detecting ability to find factors that affect the meeting. It will help me prepare for the meeting well in advance.

My weaknesses may lead me to stress, unless managed properly. Impatience, neglecting other's participation and contribution and unnecessary interpretation in their jobs might lead to stress.. A manager should be empathetic towards the feelings of others- while being a taskmaster without hurting anyone. Lack of empathy makes more personal and organisational stress. I need to overcome these weaknesses by giving opportunity to others. There should be various options considered before performing an activity. This will help avoid the stress due to work. Using the analytical skills to identify the facts causes for stress and make an effective stress management.

The strengths considered here will improve managerial skills. And the drawbacks are strait away related to this. Every weakness is a barrier for the development of skills, but it can be managed if I know that they are manageable. So, to be an effective manager, I need to work on both my strength and weeknesses.

In order to develop a perfect manager, we always need an effective development plan satisfying the criteria of SMART .Being a pragmatist, I developed this on the basis of the strength and weaknesses recognized by analyzing the learning style and study skills audits.

Achieving the predetermined goals and objectives of the Organization within the prescribed time frame is one of the major duties vested in the manager. In order to do this task effectively, he should not only be able to develop and but also be able to utilize the skill of time management .Being a pragmatist, I have the ability of setting up of goals and prepare the time plan for each activity to be done. Group work is of the best method in order to save the time .Working together for the accomplishment of a common objective reduces the burden on each members but at the same time it is a good solution for the wastage of time .Delegation of responsibility between group members is a method to use other peoples' skills and experience for the successful completion of the work.Another way is a participatory approach while implementation of the task.By that way I can avoid the chance of neglecting the opinion of other group members.Allocation of proper time and setting up of deadlines for the tasks help to develop the skill of time management. Therefore timely intervention is possible for me in every problematic situations arises.

Presentation plays an important role in any of the managerial activity as it is one of the major ways for effective communication. Being pragmatist, I can develop a I have an ability in master plan development for presentation. For this improvement in communication is a  key factor. Achieving communication is possible only through effective participation in seminars, group discussions and reading and making notes from effective lectures. Applying the possibilities of modern technology in order to reduce the draw backs is also important. By summarising or briefing the ideas from readings and other resources will develop the subject competency. Consider the ability, knowledge and skill of others in every stage to avoid in each stage to avoid others contribution at the time of presentation. Accept others positive suggestions to improve the skill. Time management, good presentation style, uses simple language, avoid complex sentences, use relevant examples, effective body language are also useful to improve the skill of presentation. Arranging a trial presentation before the presentation will help to improve the quality of presentation.

Action plan for effective running of meetings

Number of factors should be considered when conducting a meeting. As I am a pragmatist, by using the strength knowledge and ability setting up of proper agenda and implementation asper the same is necessary. By applying the skill of evaluating options selection of right persons to be included, their duties in the meeting, subjects to be analysed, time to be allotted etc can decided. By Giving proper importance to others knowledge, skills and views, we can attain our the prescribed goal in the meeting and the effective utilization and consideration of others feeling will benefit us in the future as well.Monitoring and control of every member is needed  for the smooth running of meeting. Every unwanted communications oor actions can be controlled by an effective manager. Application of theories and techniques into practical will improve the skill

Action plan for stress management

Stress is an important factor in any manager's career. Stress can aggravate a situation and lead to unfortunate results. This makes stress management a vary important skill to be developed by a person in order to stay afloat in the present competitive business world. Applying logical reasoning in all activities helps to decrease the stress. Applying investigative skills, we can find out the factors causing stress. By effective utilisation of the people and calculated allotment of work, we can  reduce stress in a large way. By allocating relevant time and appreciation for each work I can offer my team the chance to apply their skills for executing the work. This motivation will do good as it helps in reducing the impatience. To avoid incoherence in independently assigned works, I would take an authoritarian stand on many issues, thus avoiding troubles that could have arised later. Meditation is an effective way of stress management.  Using theories and techniques properly can help in reducing the fatigue caused by overload of work. Organisational stress can be reduced by being clear about the idea, goal, plans and technologies implemented and change in working conditions. By allocating flexible working conditions and regular intervals I can improve the productivity and can give more respect to the personal feelings.

These development plans satisfy the criteria of SMART analysis which points the specific nature of a plan, its possibility for implementation in prescribed time, measurability and reliability of outcome.  The skill development plans are focussed on particular aspects and hence, have a clear objective. Since the activities are real and practicle, the progress in the process can be measured. The practical method of trying ideas to develop makes this analysis more reliable. 

 4.2 Task 3.b Monitoring and feedback

A systematic evaluation helps in identifying the progress of any plan implemented. I developed a plan to improve the four managerial skills. Almost all the efforts are successful. For improving my time management skill, I started dividing thw work among people.For stress management, meditation and counselling were the steps considered. My ability to concentrate and stay focussed is improving gradually and I am confident that,by the end of the course, I will improve my self control. Interaction with colleagues and other members helped a lot to improve the interaction skills and by that way the productivity also improved. I am still trying to improve the application of IT in presentation and group meetings. I hope to improve more in this field

4.3 Task 3.c Future activities

.I have to make improvements in the development plan by using the SMART analysis and SWOT analysis. I must improve on audio-visual presentation skills. My identification of the right person for the allocation of the task was not perfect. Tests to identify skills and aptitude and attitude can be applied. People in large numbers cannot be assessed easily, so questionnaire can be of helpful. I wish to be a part of all the management activities to be an effective manager.

5. Conclusion

Different learning styles and study skill audits helped me to become an effective manager. I must work out in eliminating my weaknesses in a systematic way. In the same way, I must construct a personal development plan for the improvement of the four managerial skills.


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