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The role of registered nurses and their duties

Registered nurses (RNs0 regardless of their speciality of work setting,perform basic duties that include treating patients,educating patients about a variety of medical conditions,providing advice and emotional support to the patient and the patients family members.

Nurses need to make sure patients can

Feed themselves indepently

Dress themselves independently

Bathe and grrom themselves indepently

Perform routine tasks independently

Transfer from their bed to wheelchair indepently

Patients may not be able to do these tasks due to a number of different reasons such as illnesses i.e rheumatoid arthritis,energy deficit,pain,severe anxiety,decreased motivation,or impaired mobility.

The nurse needs to be assured that the patients can perform these tasks safely by themselves.

Nurses make sure resourses are identified which would be useful for the patient to regain their independence.

Nurses are responsible for administering medication to patients with a substance that has been prescribed and intended for the diagnosis,treatment or prevention of a medical illness or condition.

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Nurses are responsible for the accountability of any discarded substances,double locked storage, and counting of medication supplys and dosages.

Nurses need to keep a record of drugs which have been administered, how much, and observe the patient taking the medication.

Nurses need to show good listening skills.Active listening is a non intrusive way of sharing a patients thoughts and feelings.

You don’t just listen to the words but try to reflect the feeling or intent behind the words.It transforms relashionship between the patient and the nurse.

Patients feel isolated and invisible whilst in hospital,when patients are feeling stressed or vunerable they have a tendency to close off,keeping feelings and concerns to themselves.Active listening and not judging the patient can help rebuild the patients sense of self.

Nurses should make the care of the patient their first concern,treat them as individuals and respecting their dignity.Nurses must not discriminate in any way against a patient in their care,treat people kindly and with consideratly and how you would expect to be treated yourself. Nurses should respect patients confidentiality and speak to them about prive and confidential matters out of earshot of others.Anurseing care plan outlines the nursing care that is to be provided to the patient.A care plan focuses on actions which are designed to solve or minimise the existing problem.The care plan needs to be specific,noting how often procedures are to be performed so that any nurse can read and understand the care plan easily and follow the instructions exactly.It is important to reassure the patient to make them feel at ease about what is going top happen tpo them.Many patients feel scared and vunerable whilst in hospital because they don’t know what to expect.By reassuring the patient youy are building up the patient/nurse relashionship.A nurse is responsible for working with the healcare team to provide treatment,recovery of acutely or chronically individuals,health promotion within families in a wide range of healthcare settings.A patients advocate acts as a liaison betweehn patients and healthcare providers to help improve or maintain a high quality of healthcare for the patients.The nurse promotes,advocates for and strives to protect the health,safety and rights of the patient.

Emotional support may include maintaining eye contact,providing information,praise and encouragement,explaining the purpose of the procedures.Supportive care helps the patient and their families to cope with their condition and treatment of it,from pre diagnosis,diagnosis,treatment,cure,continuing illness or death and bereavement.A nurse makes an evaluation on the patients condition.It includes the patientys general appearance,emotional affect,nutitional status,habits and preferences as well as body temperature,skin condition and any abnormal processes including those of which the patient complains.The patients religious preference,eyhnic background and familial relashionships are also noted on the nurses observtions.A nurse makes sure the patient is comfortable,ensures the patient is getting enough food and drink and sufficient rest and sleep.A nurse washes and bathes the patient and takes care of the elimination of waste fluids from the patient when they are unable to use the toilet.Nurses offer emotional support to help the patients on their way to recovery.A nurse works alongside the doctors/surgeons and it is their responsibility to closely monitor the patients progress and to relat this information to the doctors/surgeons.A nurse works with various members of the medical team,co-ordinating all of the various follow up treatments ans sessions which the patient needs whilst they are recovering in hospital.A nurse will often be the person who reinforces the rehabilitation programto the patient and they will give them and their families as much advice as possible about tyhings such as exercise,nutrition and the importance of rest and sleep and not overdoing things once they return home.A nurse provides the patients with guidance and reassurance.Patients rely onnurses for their support,Nurses are teachers,cares,advisors,a trusted confidante and a friend.

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