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The Basic Driven Factors Of Consumers Behaviour Marketing Essay

The basic driven factors of consumers' behaviour across a broad variety of categories in both goods and services markets is quality (De Maeyar and Estelami, 2011). Managers' plays an important role to convincingly signal product quality when consumers are uncertain about product quality (Before quality can be measured, it must be defined and this is complicated by the fact that no global definition of quality exists. Rather, there are alternative definitions resulting from five major approaches to defining quality: transcendent, product-based, user-based, manufacturing-based and value-based (Sebastianelli and Tamini, 2002). The definition of quality may contrast from each another and from situation to situation (Etgar and Fuchs, 2009).

Quality is an important antecedent of consumer assessments of value that this value assessment sin turn have been found to influence consumer satisfaction (Imrie, Cadogan and McNaughton, 2002). Notable examples of behaviours motivated by a favourable service quality assessment are repurchasing intentions, loyalty and word of mouth. An important feature of the theory of attractive quality is that quality attributes can be classified as "attractive quality", "one-dimensional quality", "must-be quality", "indifferent quality", or "reverse quality" (Witell and Lofgren, 2007).

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Perceived quality is one dimension of the brand equity, defined by the Marketing Science Institute (Leuthesser, 1988). Many authors wonder whether the perception of the quality is related to the product itself or to the brand (Fornerino and Hauteville, 2010). The evaluation of the quality is a global process, rather an analytical one (Zeithaml, 1988), and therefore is not easy to separate the two. Product quality is based on eight dimensions: aesthetics, conformance, durability, features, performance, perceived quality, reliability and serviceability (Garvin, 1984) shown in Table 2.1. Why do manufacturer produce high quality products? According to Thomas et al. (1998) stated companies produce higher quality products because these higher quality products have the competencies to generate higher repeat sales and thus profits.


Table 2.1 Garvin's eight product quality dimensions

Without any surprise, Service-quality measurement has become the main focus of several empirical and conceptual studies in service marketing, various scales and indexes which includes SERQUAL, SERVPERF, service quality index (SQI), and service performance index (SPI), have been developed and extensively used by academics and practitioners Atilgan, Akinci and Aksoy, 2003).

The implementation of ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and QS 9000 norms and programs such as Six Sigma and Total Quality Management (TQM) are alternatives for companies to be able to run for these awards according to the rules of the international market (Shankar, 2003). According to Hendricks and Singhall (1997), a positive impact can be seen on sales and cost reduction if the quality programs are implemented effectively. In other words, when a product or service is having a good quality it will be somehow persuasive towards consumers which leads them to make their purchasing decisions which as an end result, it increases the sales of an organization.

For those companies that wish to differentiate their services in a highly competitive and often aggressive environment should notice that service quality can be an increasingly important priority for them. (Nakhai and Neves, 2009). During the past few decades service quality has drawn a lot of attention from researchers and practitioners due to its strong impact on business performance, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and profitability (Santouridis and Trivellas, 2010). Service quality is usually understood as a measure of how well the level of the delivered services matches customer's expectations (Santos, 2003). No doubt, there is practical impact of service quality and its effect on consumer behaviour according to studies than been carried out by many marketing researcher (Etgar and Fuchs, 2009). The definitions of service quality differ only in wording but characteristically involve determining whether perceived service delivery meets, exceeds or fails to meet customer expectations (Cronin and Taylor, 1992).

Furthermore, Parasuraman, Berry and Zeithmal (1988) defined service quality as "the overall evaluation of a specific service firm that results from comparing that firm's performance with the customers' general expectations of how firms in that industry should perform". Moreover Parasuraman et al. (1988) furthermore identify that service quality is the degree and direction of inconsistency between the consumer's perceptions and expectations, or the extent to which a service meets or exceeds customer expectations. The qualities of a service will much more depends on that service time after time in compliance to customers' expectations (Witt and Steward, 1996).

The perceptions of service quality held and developed by service recipients were found to have substantial impacts on their cognitions, affects and intensions to act in a variety of service consumption situations such as insurance (Tsoukatos and Rand, 2007). Mandel, Love,, Sohal and Bhadury (2000) noted the significance of quality as a factor of international competitiveness. In attempt to establish a competitive advantage marketing practitioners often seek to differentiate their service offering upon service quality (Imrie et al. 20020). Leveraging service quality has been shown to assist both the retention and expansion if the existing customer base, however service quality is an extraordinary difficult to functionalize (Zeithaml, 2000).

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