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Technological Element Of Apple Marketing Essay

One of the Mega environmental factors have on the success of Apple Inc is technological element. Two key founders of the corporation, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs twisted the little company into a technological giant. (Amber.D.Walker, 1999) Apple is famous for using all of the newest technology in their computers. Apple has admission to new component technology months or years earlier than its rivals. These allow it to release innovative products that are actually not possible to duplicate or reproduction.

Apple using advanced technology in their computers includes their Mac book Pro featuring an LED monitor and multi-touch mouse track pad and their Desktop Mac Pro featuring a whopping 4 terabytes of storage space. Intel processors are now available for Apple computers. One extraordinary example of this is the aluminium machining technology use to create Apple's laptops. This remains a deal top secret that Apple continues to have limited access to and allow them to create laptops with unmatched strength and lightness. (Mortiz, 2010)

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The iPhone and iPod syncs the data automatically via the iCloud making it easy on the user. Nike +Sensor data is displayed real-time on iPhone or iPod for instant information; distance, speed, calories, etc. Apple's iPhone continues to be one of the hottest Smartphone's on the market. Apple Inc provides chain of advanced technology exactly years in advance of anybody else on the globe. (Anonymous, 2012) If it feels like new Apple products come out advanced, because it's really sending back technology from the future. (Gobry, 2011)

Plus, Apple computers are not as popular as Windows computers, which make people who produce viruses and other malicious software, want to target Windows computers instead of Apple computers.

Technological advantages and benchmarking analysis is essential for companies in the IT industry, staying ahead of the markets and creating priceless partnerships proves successful for companies such as Apple.

The Competitors of Apple

One of the task environmental factors that affect success of apple is competitors. One of the main competitors is Amazon. Amazon's cloud-based move towards has made it simple for customers to access and even control some of that digital content such as TV shows, movies, digital music, and books to end users but Apple's ability to simply control a person's digital assets and Apple's direct role in giving content for the user such as movies, music, and applications for committed mobile devices such as the iPod touch and iPhone makes Apple a king.

Another competitor of Apple is Microsoft. Microsoft makes operating systems called Windows for phones and computers. Microsoft also creates Office and some other software comparable to Apple's but they do not make computers or tablets or phones such as Apple. Another competitor of Apple is Hewlett-Packard .HP has provided Web-based OS an optional operating system for their tablets and computers, with Windows. Although HP produces computers and tablets, they are not in the same league as Apple who are creating more apps and products. (Bajarin, 2010)

Another main competitor of Apple is Google. Google has a browser called Chrome is a Web-based OS through a UI that lets it control a user's cloud-based resources in a single-user environment. Google has Google's OS, Android and apps for smart phones and it is rapidly developing into a product that could challenge the Apple. Apple has an edge over Android because Android isn't a single operating system and has multitude of operating system versions on many devices. Android apps are not yet guaranteed to run on top of the version of Android in the Android's devices. Google is not responsible for ensure that the device is running on the current version. (pd7g10, 2011)

The most interesting competitors of Apple are Sony. Sony has music, movies, console, e-books and mobile games. If Sony was able to generate a Sony-driven user environment that might manage its own satisfied across an ecosystem of Sony products, Sony could surface as a serious competitor to Apple.

Customers & Clients of Apple

Customers and clients play an important role in an organisation. They are the key to success for the respected company as customers are the ones that buy or consume the products created by a company.

For Apple, once again, it's the customers that they have to think about mainly. Customer's satisfaction is the priority for any business organisations. Apple comes up with new and unique ways every day to attract customers to their brand and also at the same time hoping that they stay loyal.

Customers and clients both, nowadays demand highly for what they use or buy. That is why, new apps and designs are created to push away competitors and to attract their customers even more.

Therefore, Apple has to keep up with their buyer's expectations and demand. For example, having apps that can be used on the phone as well other than their computers or laptops. Not doing so, will lead to customer dissatisfaction and thus, the business's loss.

Satisfying a customer or a client give benefits in many ways. For example, when a customer is happy with the service that they are getting, it is very likely that the certain customer recommends the services or product to others, such as friends and family or in a client's point of view; they will recommend Apple to other potential clients or organisation. In Apple's case, this is happening and therefore the brand is getting bigger every day and they are now hard to be pushed away from the business world.

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In other words, customers and clients are the key for a business. It is because of them mainly, an organisation or in this case, Apple, has to keep coming up with new ideas for their products, services and also marketing strategies in order for their success. Customers and clients are the one basically that encourages Apple to be ahead in their field and mainly contribute to their success.

Conclusion of Apple

In contrast to popular review, Apple's success is determined less by the company's products and further by the company's business strategies and marketing. Generally other main reasons for Apple's success are a by-product of one or a combination of the above internal and external elements which is Technology, Economic, Competitors and Customer and Suppliers.

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