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Marketing Activities for branding

An important factor to take into account in any marketing activity is the creating and maintenance of the brands because a brand name is the image or status of the company or business. Branded products can advertise or promote to the public easily. Some customers are so loyal and brand names that they use are so important for them. If the brand name becomes popular in the market, the customers know the quality of the product as soon as they hear the brand name. So, brand name is an important factor in e-marketing activity. (Schneider, 2007)

Elements of branding

Differentiation-is the distinguishing of our product with the competitors in the market. It makes branding difficult to the agricultural products like salt and nails. (Schneider, 2007)

Relevance- think about our product is useful for the customers and whether our differentiation is relevance for the potential customers. (Schneider, 2007)

Perceive value-is the most important factor in creating brands. Even if your product is different from the others in the market, the customers won't buy your product even if your product is convenience for them and they will think about whether they can get the expected value from the products. (Schneider, 2007)

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So, these are the elements that a brand name should have.

Now, our product is bicycle and we got a brand name in the offline and now trying to get the brand name on the online. First, we need to know the competitors for 'bicycles for you' so that we differentiate our product and we need to think about the target customers of our product and how much relevance to our targeted customers.

Effective Branding Strategies for 'Bicycles for You'

E-commerce makes product announcements easier and faster to deliver the information of the new brand names. But nowadays, to be the loyal of the new product is so difficult. Therefore, we should use brand leveraging strategies that means we can use the .popular products or sites and leverage our product. For instance, we can link with Nike Sports T-shirts Company on the web and we can advertise our product on the site of Nike. Although Nike is the popular product on the web so that we can sell our product on the web with the products of Nike. But we need to think about the costs of the brand leveraging strategies and we need to think about whether it's to help our demand of our products. Therefore, we can get more customer awareness and the customers can know our product more easily. (Schneider, 2007)

And then, we can use the brand consolidation strategies for 'bicycles for you'. This means that on the website of 'bicycle for you', other products that are related with bicycles and other accessories. This will help to get more customers rather than we sell only bicycles. For instance, we can sell the other products like T-shirts, sports shoes, water bottles in the bicycles and so on. (Schneider, 2007)

So, these are the effective branding strategies for 'Bicycles for you'.

What is E-mail Marketing?

A company that sends messages to its potential customers or real customers with e-mail to announce new products, new product features, or sales on existing products. This is known as e-mail marketing. It is more popular in 20th century as one of the greatest tools for human communication. Because advertising is a process of communication. Therefore, it is easy to see that e-mail marketing can be a very powerful element in any company's advertising strategy. A key element in any e-mail marketing strategy is to obtain customer's approvals before sending them any e-mail that includes a message for the customers. (Schneider, 2007)

The companies must aware of the contents and attachments because some of the customers aren't interested in the advertising and some of the softwares can get the advertising messages to the spam mail even the customers didn't know about the advertising of the product. So, the preparations of the contents of the e-mail are so important and the choices of the e-mail lists are also important.

Effectiveness of E-mail Marketing

First of all, e-mail marketing can get customer's awareness if they don't refuse to read a company's advertising mails. And then, this will increase the customer relation intensity. One of the marketing goals is to create strong relationship between company and the customers. By doing e-mail marketing, we can reduce the costs of acquisition costs. Acquisition cost is to acquire or retain the customers. It is more difficult to get the new customers rather than to keep the old customers. By developing the e-mail marketing, we can have more chances to get the jobs.

In our case, we can also send emails to the targeted customers. The target customers of 'bicycles for you' can be those people who are so interested in the maintenance of environment and who are indulge in the health. The uses of bicycles are again popular in Europe countries because the world's climate is changing because of carbon monoxide gas from the cars and roads are so congested with the vehicles so that many people from the large cities choose the bicycles to commute to and from their offices. And then, this is the only way to save our world to prevent climate changes. So, the environmentalists can be the main target customers for 'bicycles for you'. Nevertheless, the accessories from the shop shouldn't be products those are restricted with the environment. Thus, the products from 'bicycles for you' will relevance with the environmentalists and indulgers of health. And then, they will think about the value of buying bicycles.

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Thus, we should choose the customers correctly so that we can get loyal customers.

Banner Advertisements

Banner advertisement is a small rectangular box on the web page that displays a stationary or moving graphic and includes a hyperlink to the advertisers' web page. It can click on the moving picture or words on the web page and can know more information about the product. The banner advertisements can get customer awareness but the customers can be annoyed because of the moving objects. There are also a number of advertisements like banner advertisements. They are pop-up-advertisements, pop-behind advertisements, interstitial advertisements and rich media advertisements. (Schneider, 2007)

In advertising with the banner advertisements, the companies arrange with three different ways to display our banner advertisements. First of all, we can use a banner exchange network for 'bicycles for you'. That means the other companies can advertise their products on our web sites while we can advertise our products on those companies' web sites. But these two companies shouldn't be the competitors. But this is so convenience for the beginners of the e-commerce sites because this is the free cost. And second, businesses advertise the products on the website that is highly standard rated


Customer relationship management (CRM) also called technology enabled customer relationship management and it becomes possible when people are more using the internet and promoting and selling on the web. Because we can know more about the behavior of the customers, preferences, needs .

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