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Coca Cola Competitive Advantages

The globalization of markets refers toward the merging in the olden time’s fixed in addition to specific national markets into one giant global market place. Falling barriers toward cross-border trade show made it easier to implement nationally. It has been argued from some time that the tastes as well as preferences of consumers in different nations are beginning to show some international models, through this means helping to create a global market. Typical examples of this trend are the Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo, who are among the world’s top leaders in convenient foods as well as beverages business. They are not only just the benefactors of this trend, but also considered as the facilitators of it. Through offering standardized products worldwide, it helps to create a global market.

As we can say with the purpose, it is said that such business today is in a global environment. Therefore, this situation forces companies, such like Coca Cola Company as well as PepsiCo regardless of location or central market foundation, to see the rest of the people in their competitive strategy analysis. Therefore, Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo cannot distinguish themselves from or independent external factors such as economic trends, competitive situations or even technology innovation in other countries, whenever Coca Cola Company as well as PepsiCo are competing or are located in those countries. On the other hand, globalization of production refers toward firms such like Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo, which sourcing of such things from places in the region of the world to acquire advantage of nationwide divergences in the asking price in addition to quality of factors of production like land, labor, as well as resources. ( [1] )

At the same time as we can say that, the world economy, which is becoming with no borders as well as integrated, had driven through global market forces, global technological forces, and overall value forces along with public in addition to macro-economic forces. The integrated world economy as well as international competitive arena, for such multinational companies want is changing the way in which Coca Cola Company along with PepsiCo by tradition operated. There is also geographical, functioning in addition to sectorial integration, which gives a truthfully global playing field toward companies’ such like Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo results in global supply chains.

C:\Documents and Settings\ahmed\My Documents\projects\Khaled_HCT\Coke_vs_Pepsi_by_Mooallie.jpg

It is appropriate to the earliest faith with the aim, which global producing of a product of the Coca Cola Company as well as PepsiCo, which has the same way for every market that it is sold within it. There are not any modifications made toward the product produced through Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo, the exact product sold in UAE would not change if sold in USA. Also large companies, such like Coca Cola Company as well as PepsiCo, have the same standardized approach worldwide, it means that wherever in the world, the product of Coca Cola Company in addition to PepsiCo will have the same packaging, taste, color etc. Although Coca Cola is from a multi-domestic for example as we can say that in Mexico the coca cola is made much sweeter than in Europe, this is the result of field studies which meet earlier, that said that Mexican citizens were kind of sweet meals as well as beverages.

Another point of view, we can prove that Multi-domestic sees customers as being unique. Multi-domestic companies such like Coca Cola Company modify a product to satisfy the wants or even needs of the market. For example as we can arrange, that a Coke Cola Sold China has a different taste from those sold in the United States also A multi-internal preserve modification is available worldwide toward every individual want it is targeted.

On the other hand, although PepsiCo is long-term, strategy of innovation designed to stimulate heaviness doubts surrounding its provisions as well as beverage products while remaining the client's brand of choice. Both companies, Coca- Cola along with PepsiCo, are coming across at the varying customer landscape about the globe, moreover, such consumers for both companies Coca Cola Company in addition to PepsiCo may interact with these brands of beverages. However, the challenge for brands is to become more flexible in addition to personalized for customers as the world becomes more globalized along with the Internet offers people the ability to talk back toward businesses. Moreover, feedback toward the brand can be more of a dialogue. This is besides a much more direct approach to understand. Furthermore, such companies like Coca Cola Company as well as PepsiCo; take on life variable includes changes toward the brand's look, television, radio besides print advertisements along with a lot of different, interactive online content.

Coca Cola Company:

As it is known widely that Coca Cola came into light in May 1886 when an Atlanta pharmacist, John Pemberton, developed, patented, used the name Coca Cola, and coined the drink's first slogan "delicious and refreshing". Sometime in 1891, after Pemberton died, As a Candler, an Atlanta wholesale druggist, purchased total investment in Coca Cola for $2300. The next year Candler along with his brother John, Frank Robinson in addition to two associates formed the Coca Cola Company. The name Coca Cola was registered as a trademark on January 31 1893. The beverage soon became a national phenomenon.

C:\Documents and Settings\ahmed\My Documents\projects\Khaled_HCT\090518115241_cstory6_graph1.gif

In addition to that, and from the widespread, since Coca- Cola Company is considered as the world's largest drinks company along with one of the biggest Multi-National Corporations (MNCs). In view of the fact that it dominates more than half of the global market through offering its products that are characterized through vigorous quality, also without forgetting its brand name, "Coca – Cola” which is the most valuable brand around the world.

In the same way, from the commencement of the company’s business 121 years ago, the company has been doing business in the more than 200 countries. The company continues to decide whether they are meeting the needs of their various stakeholders along with their services toward their loyal customers.

The Pepsico:

As we can say with the goal of it clearly shows that PepsiCo was founded in 1965 throughout the merger of Pepsi-Cola as well as Frito-Lay. Tropicana was acquired in 1998 along with PepsiCo amalgamated through The Quaker Oats Company, together with Gatorade, in 2001. ( [2] )

On the contrary, we can achieve with the intention, in many areas while PepsiCo includes of Frito-Lay North America, besides PepsiCo Beverages North America, as well PepsiCo International along with Quaker Foods North America. ( [3] ) PepsiCo brands are available in just about 200 countries in addition to territories also generate sales at the retail level of about $92 billion.

C:\Documents and Settings\ahmed\My Documents\projects\Khaled_HCT\a03f1.jpg

Furthermore, we can continue with the purpose of Some of PepsiCo's brand names are more than one hundred years old, but the issue is comparatively inexperienced. PepsiCo offers product choices to meet a wide range of needs in addition to liking from fun items toward product choices that contribute in the direction of healthier lifestyles.

Competition through the Marketing Mix:

At the same time, also we note with the principle of the competitive strategy of any firms may wish to pursue, for any of Coca Cola Company or even PepsiCo, might affect the manner with which management intends to engage fruitfully in its product markets besides offer excellent value toward customers. On the other hand, the firm's competitive environment influences its ability to carry out profitably a chosen strategy.

C:\Documents and Settings\ahmed\My Documents\projects\Khaled_HCT\pepsi-coke-comparison2010253434.jpg

In all the rage practice, "marketing" is the promotion of products, more than ever advertising as well as branding. On the other hand, in specialized convention the expression has a wider implication, which recognizes that marketing is client centered. Moreover, we have to recognize that products are frequently developed to congregate the requirements of groups of consumers or even, in various cases, for precise consumers. ( [4] )

For that reason, we can easily get for many practices it for either the general giants in beverages business are The Coca Cola Company as well as PepsiCo. They are doing everything possible to take over each other in every aspect of the business. Anywhere there is Coca cola as Beverage, there will at all time is Pepsi as beverage. So powerful is the competition of these two global giants that they spend billions of dollars just for advertising or even promotions.


In view of the fact whereas, such that the product aspects of marketing deal with the specifications of the existing source or facility. Here they decide what products to provide, manage to survive products over time, also recommend failed products. For Coca –Cola Company besides producing the Coca –Cola drink with all its types such like; Light, Classic, Original, Zero, it produces other soft drinks as well as beverages such in the vein of Fanta, Sprite, Juice drinks, Iced tea in addition to coffee, as well as bottled water. With different packaging for products like glass bottles, plastic bottles, as well as aluminum cans, also with different shapes along with designs, in addition to volumes.

C:\Documents and Settings\ahmed\My Documents\projects\Khaled_HCT\Coke vs Pepsi USB results.jpg

As a result, and as we mentioned earlier at above, the leading soft drink brands competing the global market as shown above are Coke, Sprite, Fanta for Coca Cola Company; Pepsi, 7-Up, Mountain Dew for PepsiCo. As mentioned before, PepsiCo products have more customers’ base than Coca Cola products, perceptibly through the gross income figures.

However, as the times went on, several serious attempts have been conducted on the function of the Coca Cola Company continues to expand their beverage portfolio, as well as packaging options along with sizes, to meet consumers' evolving needs in addition to preferences. They at this time add more than 2,600 beverage products around the world. Moreover, the Coca Cola Company is built around two core assets, its brand as well as its people.

In addition to carbonated drinks, the organization more and more offers juice along with juice drinks, waters, sports in addition to energy drinks, teas as well as coffees, soy-based drinks along with beverages with added nutritional benefits. Consequently, they promote four of the global upmost five nonalcoholic gleaming brands: Coca-Cola®, besides Diet Coke®, in addition Sprite® as well Fanta®. ( [5] )

The area of low- in addition to no-calorie alternatives continues to gain wider that helps people achieve their caloric intake. Increasing range of packaging sizes is being done to provide consumers to manage their waste. Beverages continue to grow with added health in addition to food benefits such as vitamins as well as nutrients. Additionally, PepsiCo has being enjoyed hundreds of brands concerning the world. ( [6] )

Another point of view, we can prove that Frito-Lay, Quaker, Pepsi-Cola, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Tropicana, Dole juices License. The PepsiCo has different products also for the purpose of analysis, no more than beverages event will be dealt with.

All the way through the years, the company has been recognized through a number of organizations for the ongoing efforts to improve lives, fuel economic growth also protect the environment in the 200 countries where the company does business.

In observation of the truth whereas, both companies Coca Cola Company as well as PepsiCo have manufactured capabilities, they established so many franchises in more than 200 countries worldwide. Added advantage toward this expansion along with exporting the output is the franchising of bottling business. Overall, both companies can meet the current demands of customers on a global scale.


Seeing that we can consider at the said subject whereas, it includes advertising, sales campaign into integrated communications strategy, publicity, as well as personal selling. In addition, it refers toward the various methods of promoting the development, label or even the company itself. Promotion is the situation where the product sets in the mind of the consumer. For Coca –Cola Company, it spends also invests to the highest level in advertisements on T.V, billboards, magazines, also on the Coca Cola's web site.

C:\Documents and Settings\ahmed\My Documents\projects\Khaled_HCT\AK-SB09-PepsiCoke3.gif

Every part of the same, it much recognizes on T.V advertisements where we see that the company uses famous stars, in addition to singers to succeed in their advertisements, so Intensive advertising campaigns are being launched through both companies. They spend also spend an enormous amount of dollars in advertising. This advertising technique helps a lot in attuning the mindset of the public.


In the addition of that and from the widespread of a mature market as well as a hesitation in consumption of beverages, Coca Cola Company is more often than not looking onto maintaining price stability. Nevertheless, Coca Cola Company was able to build up an obligation towards their brand. That gives them no more than a little more confidence.

It is also believed by many, for the most part, as the Coca Cola Company used price adjustments for response toward their competitors in addition to changing market conditions. Coca Cola Company is avoiding any form of “price wars” along with high price-cuttings. Furthermore, Coca Cola Company offers discounts to consumers during public events.

In the vision of the verity, whereas such like, it is the process of setting a price for the same product. It is advantageous to say that the prices of Coca cola's products are so cheap as well as in the hands of all grades levels even the little one. Again, both companies have the same price of their products globally.

On the other hand, with such strategy, where are competing on price. Yet, such diverse practical strategies all emphasize cost reduction. Still, this can be an effective strategy when the market is comprised, as an assortment of price perceptive buyers. Furthermore, as soon as there are only some ways to accomplish product differentiation for Coca Cola Company products, whilst buyers do not think about much concerning differences commencing brand to brand (Coke vise Pepsi), or even after there is a large number of buyers through considerable bargaining power. ( [7] )

Placement / Distribution:

We can easily occur with an effort for many practices since Coca Cola Company has an obligation-forwarding attempt to make their large customers like hotels, giant supermarket chains in addition to the national event outlets in the major cities. Moreover, retailers of Coca Cola Company have in fact sold Coca Cola products. According to the opportunity to sell Coca Cola, products throughout supermarket chains, Coca Cola Company clearly, have to concentrate on this increasing option also develop their in-store share.

It is expected to the earliest confidence that it refers to how the Coca Cola product is transferred from producer toward consumer; for example; point of sale placement or retailing. This form is also called Place referring toward the mechanism through which Coca Cola products are sold for which geographic area also toward which segment. Coca Cola sells its products through distributing toward the retailers additionally serves all geographic areas in addition to segments without any discrimination. Both companies sell their products distributing toward the retailers globally.

While we can say with the aim, which is clearly, shows that The Coca Cola business is in fact a local one. They also often than not afford the franchise toward different countries they do business with them. With their bottling partners, Coca Cola Company produces the products in more than 800 plants around the world. In those plants along with other facilities, Coca Cola Company employ local people, pay taxes toward governments, pay suppliers for goods, services in addition to capital equipment, besides foundation community investment programs.

In sight of the actuality, whereas such like, Coca Cola Company support socioeconomic development in developing along with emerging markets throughout economic opportunities in addition to wealth creation as well as technology over and above size transfer; local entrepreneurship; in addition to other international funding.

On the other hand, the PepsiCo has a program that deals with maximizing the dealer network as well as distribution process. It is called the Pepsi-Cola Minority Business Enterprise (M/WBE). This program helps to develop a winning collaboration between outstanding suppliers along with their client (Pepsi-Cola) in utilizing minority-owned businesses.

As a final point, we can join here that Coca Cola Company distribution channels since it is a multinational corporation, meaning that it exists worldwide furthermore it becomes so easy to distribute its products, plus then the products would not be missed from the market. In addition, the lower prices of Coca Cola drinks are value, where people from different classes are able to obtain Coke, without any hesitation, because of the economic depression. In addition, reliable suppliers are an opportunity for the company, where they should be treated as partners, along with trust between the companies in addition to the suppliers have to be built as well as maintained.


As we can gather now that Coca cola is a well-known product as it is nonalcoholic beverage soft drinks. In addition, it is an authentic product, since we are enjoying some benefits of it such like digesting, refreshment, etc. Moreover, it is kind of talent product because it is not taking much time to choose also make up the perception of it. This is besides; Coca cola has the three attributes many features, an elegant design additionally of course quality. Additionally, Coca cola has the most well known brand in the consumer market at the international level also even in the history of branding. Finally, Since Coca cola is packing in the most convenient packing cases as well as in different types such like cans, glass as well as plastic, although many sizes. As for a single service, in addition to, family size or type, in addition to family sizes.

Furthermore, we can make with the purpose of while, Coca Cola Company describes itself at the same time as a beverage, health, as well as wellness company. In recent times they created another feature image, a global business structure considered to reinforce the focal point on their interior beverage business. Coca Cola Company accepts, as true to spiraling their leadership in such market, which is the main constituent of the same corporate strategy. On the other words, such market is characterized seeing with the price of one in which the client’s most important motivation for an obtaining is the asserting completed through the product based on beverages content.

With the intent of strengthen their competitive advantage in this area, Coca Cola Company created its brand image at the same time as an independent international business unit within its enterprise, along with charged it through means of functioning in addition to benefit as well as field responsibility for the claim-based range of beverages. Coca Cola Company aims to deliver superior business performance through offering consumers trusted; science based beverages products as well as services.

Coca Cola Company is an international organization. It is not surprising toward general strategy is at the spirit of their competitive focal point. Coca Cola Company’s competitive strategies are associated for the most part in the midst of foreign direct investment in beverages in addition to other food businesses. Coca Cola Company aims to calculate sales between low risks although low growth countries of the developed area along with high risk in addition to potentially high growth markets of Africa in addition to Latin America. At the same time as Coca Cola Company distinguishes the profitability potential in these dangerous countries, other than pledges not to take unnecessary risks on behalf of the sake of growth. This form of hedging keeps growing established as well as shareholders happy.

Taken as a whole, in favor of Coca Cola Company to remain competitive it must remain in contact throughout what other brands are doing. Coca Cola Company must compete through means of re-introduced best selling blocks otherwise they are losing a large percentage of the market. It must also found its brand more prominent through Sponsoring sport clubs so public awareness grows.

In the outlook of the detail, whereas such like, Coca Cola Company should have introduced their product in a different way into the developing World countries. One main activity is they should have understood this new venue more through conducting research that is more prevalent.

Seeing that a second recommendation is with the intention of Coca Cola Company should not have just transplanted Coca Cola Company prior marketing strategy toward the developing World countries but rather adapted also localized their strategy to fit the situation better.

Further that, third, they should have foreseen how their marketing activities would include an impact on the behavior of many people. In view of the fact that Coca Cola Company was introducing a new product, Coca Cola Company could be considered a cultural change agent in countries where the operating or dysfunctional changes occurred at the same time because of the new product introduction. Consequently, it was their duty to do more ethical, thought-out decisions regarding the institution as well as promotion.

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