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Scope statement, Project charter, Work breakdown structures theory


This assignment is about Software Project Management most important part such as scope statement, Project charter, Work breakdown structures theory and practices .and how to make this report to make a project perfect.


Before we go on scope management we need to know few things about project and project management:-

Project is an effort by one group of people in order to create unique product .where a team work for develop one product or invent new technology for business or company. Every project should have a well defined objective .project has definite beginning and definite end. Project needs recourses from various Ares. Project management have some advantages such as better control of physical and human resources, improved customer relations, shorter development times, lower cost, high quality product, higher profit etc

To make one project perfect we have to understand about its constraint such as

1. Scope.

2. Time

3. Cost.

All 3 related with each other if u changes one of then the other 2 must be change such as if we need to increase the budget for a project in order to meet with the scope, time or we need to decrease the scope in order to meet with time and cost of that project. If any project management team build a project without customer opinion or survey just stay with the scope time and cost then their project must be failed in order to create a unique product we need to take customer opinions and need to understand what they really need.

Scope Management-

Scope refers to all the work involved in creating the products on the project and the processes used to create them.(Kathy Schwalbe 2002).The scope management plan is a document that includes descriptions of how to prepare the project scope statement. Its includes the process involved in defining and controlling what is or is not included in a project.Preliminary Project Scope Statement specifies that what short of accomplishment or goals we need in our project. It is an agreement among the project team, sponsor and key stakeholders. It specifies a common understanding of the project .The purpose of communications among the stakeholders and to set authorities and limits for the project manager and team. The scope statement includes business objectives, and defining the boundaries of the project in many ways, including approach, deliverables, milestones, and budget. Mainly scope help us to understand about the unique product that we will develope by a good project management. If we do not understand scope about the product or its stakeholders or sponsor that what they really want ,then it will be a great waste of time and money and it will bring more risk for project.

A project scope statement includes the following:

1. Project and Product Objectives.

2. Product Acceptance Criteria.

3. Project Boundaries.

4. Assumptions and Constraints

5. Project Requirements and Deliverables

6. Initial Defined Risk

7. Schedule

8. Work breakdown structure

9. Summary of Budget

10. Configuration Management

The Project Charter:-

“The project charter is a document that formally recognizes the existence of a project and provides direction on the projects objectives and management.”( Kathy Schwalbe 2002).A project charter is a key output of the initiation process. Deliverable It is a tool to obtain commitment from all affected groups and individuals. The scope statement should include a project justification. Project scope planning involves to developing documents that will be the basis for future project plan. key people who relate with project:-

1.Partners and external stakeholders.

2.The project management framework to be used on the project.

3.Roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, and activities of the team members.

4.Management commitments.

5.The empowerment framework

The first step of the project charter is project planning. Project charter make its easier for us to keep track about scope project milestone, project association dependencies, risk terms and who is who in the project have better understanding about project goal. With this chart its become easier for the team member to understand about project quickly with vast information. Project charter is the first step of the six sigma methodology .with a well defined project charter a project managers can find a clear project map for success.

The key part of the project charter is:-

1. The projects title and the date of authorization.

2. The project managers name and contact information.

3. Brief description about the project objectives.

4. Planned approach for the project managing.

5. A roles and responsibilities matrix.

6. Stakeholders can provide important comment related to the project .

Sample of a project charter:-


Project Name:- Project Number:-

Date:- Revision Number :-


We need to describe the company/business opportunity or problems also company needs. - i.e., the project justification.


It's all about project goals like what we need to be done within the time limit. All plans must be describe briefly that all team member can understand easily that what we need to be accomplished.


We need to plan the scope of that project like its responsibilities activities .by that the project will meet the requirements of project goals. We need to define the scope and set and limit the scoop.


a milestone is used like a project checkpoint to keep track ,how a project is progressing and revalidate the task.


We need to identify the main projects constraint like scope, time and cost and need to identify how to set the boundaries higher than the current one. List any risk fact that can impact on our project and try to protect as much as we can. And project risk cannot be eliminated but can be prevented. Also find the dependencies on resource for the project.


Such as previous report or sales check, other things.


Need to know who is who in team and need to have good idea about stakeholders.




Project Authorization:-

Approved By :-

Business Manager


Aproved by :-

Project Manager :-

Date :-

Figure 1

Sample Project Charter

The work breakdown structure:-

When a project begins and a group of qualified people from various sector joins to accomplish the project the project manager create one structure for everyone and help them to define their work step by step with a dead line or mile stone that's structure call WBS means work breakdown structure .its really easy to understand for every member of the team and a powerful tool to express project scope in a designing way.

“A deliverable-oriented grouping of the work involved in a project that defines the total scope of the project” (Kathy Schwalbe 2002, p180).

It's a task oriented family tree of full activities. Same like organizational chart.

There is several ways to develop work breakdown structures Such as:-

1. Useing guidelines.

2. The analogy approach.

3. The top-down approach.

4. The bottom-up approach.

5. The mind-mapping approach.

Creating a good WBS is not easy task and requires several iterations. Best way is to use the combination of approaches. Some basic principles for creating a good WBS need to follow to overcome the risk factor. Such as:-

In WBS unit work must be appear in one place. Sum of the WBS item is the same in the work content. It's must be consistent. Every team members should be involved in WBS developing to ensure the consistency. Every item needs to be documented to ensure the scope of work include in the item WBS must be flexible to adopt the changes easily.

WBS of Invitation system of the Olympic countries in Tabluar Form:-

1.1 Collect countries Dtata

1.2 Collecet Game plan

1.2.1 Game Catagory

1.2.2 Game schedule

1.2.3 Game Place

2.0 Define requirments

3.0Greeting card Structure

3.0.1 Greeting card printing location and cost

4.0 Develop a project plan

5.0 Define risk and risk management approach

6.0Team briefing

With out WBS its not possible to track work progress and also know about the team member that how is he doing his work.



Information Technology Project Management - Kathy Schwalbe(2002) Third Edition.

Web Address:-

MD Bappy Shahariar Student ID: - 0654MSOT0409 Page 2 of 10