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The Information Technology Era And Computer Assistance Information Technology Essay

Today is of information technology era. Everything depends on the accessibility of information and innovation of new technology. People have been making assistance for their decision from centuries. But today we have replaced a most educated advisor from priests. But other hand the computer most important assistance for last 50 years.

Before the start of technology age, it was very hard to access any information on the absence of computer methods and all business decisions were primarily based on intuition. In 1950 the computers started very important role for decision making. Since early 1970, the several categories have been made in information system and produce to classification of IS. The first one was made by [Gorry and Scott Morton]. They used the two type of framework to classify IS. a) Managerial level of support of IS. According to Antony s framework for managerial activities . b) Type of problem addresses/ decision made whether structure semi structure or non structure. In 1980 the system started the static report. In stead, focus was shifted to monitoring the organization' progress and performance toward critical goals.[Burkan,1991]. Organizations did not only need information system to support their ongoing operations, they need system that could assist managers with their value added information in their decision making processes (Fernandez, Labib, Walmsley & Petty, 2003). McNurlin and Sprague (2004) describe decision support systems (DSS) as a management information system (MIS) in conjunction with analytics. If we look the history of BI then we can find out that modern idea developed to help for business decision making. In 1989 the Howard Dresner, a research scholar at Garter Group generalized the word of BI with a rest of methods and thought to develop business decision making by using data resources.

Definition of BI

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Stackowiak et al (2007) define business intelligence is a procedure to taking huge amounts of data, evaluate that data and providing a high level set of report that condense the essence of that data into the basis of business action enabling management to make fundamental daily business decisions.

Zeng et al.(2006) define BI as "The process of collection treatment and diffusion of information that has an objective the reduction of uncertainty in the making of all strategic decisions". Loshin (2003,p 6) "The processes technologies and tools needed to turn data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into plans that drive profitable business action buiness intelligence encompasses data warehousing business analytic tools, and content/ knowledge management".

Today the advancement of technology and increasing of standard automation make it is easy to access the large amount of data in a very short period of time. Data warehousing have used storage area and well developed enterprise application tools for storing this data and increasing the speedy of collecting of data.

Online Analytical processing (OLAP) tools are use to analyzing the large amount of data and faster generate new reports which analyze the data.

Keyword: In this article I will describe how business intelligence can use in companies. I will also show at the latest development today and BI application tools and Future of Business intelligence.

2 Business intelligence tools

Business intelligence tools are type of a application software. The application software tools such as query, analysis the data, reporting and analytics tools (e.g SQL,MS Excel ,dashboards ,SAS)and CRM(e.g customer, services, sale, marketing) and advance analytics tools(Data mining, statistics) and data warehousing and Online analytics processing tools. These BI tools are used a company to improve their business and these tools help to collection, analyzing and presenting for their business data.

3 usage of BI

The business intelligence is the business capability to support better decision making of market data and organization performance. Today the three type of decisions are used most business organization. Strategic, tactical, and operational decision.

In its report, Gartner said that BI "can have a direct positive impact on a company's business performance, dramatically improving its ability to accomplish its mission by making smarter decisions at every level of the business from corporate strategy to operational processes."

How business intelligence can use in companies? I discuses different methods of Business intelligence analytics that can used in companies by the help of David loshin book "Business Intelligence" the savvy manager guide.

Customer analytics

The customer analytics is processes that help the companies to identification and conveys their customers need and market trends and customer's sales and customer's satisfaction measurement by the help of business decision.

CRM (Customer Relationship management) is managing all programming that analyzes data about the enterprise customer and improve the customer insight to support better customer interaction and present it so that better and quicker business decision can be made. The following are different parts of customer's analytics that help the sales, and marketing and services of organization as they interact with customers.

Customer profile:

By Customer profile a company/organization is identifying and knowing their customers that likely to purchase their products. Customer profile may change from one product to another. . Customer profile contains the customer's demographic, geographic, behavior and buying and purchase history

Target market

Target market is also known as a target audience. A target market is a group of customers that a business needs to purchase and sell its product and services. The target market is very important for long term operational business and also for product campaign. A target market may be defined in term of demographic, economic class and religion or location.

Collaboration filtering:

Collaboration filtering is process of filter large amount of information by spreading the process of filtering among the large group of customers. Collaboration filtering is common web technique for generating personalize recommendation. A website Amazon may statement "people who bought the product A and B and also bought product C". Amazon needs no understanding of people or product to generate their recommendation.

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Customer satisfaction:

The advantage of customer profile is that it is contain customer information which is representative customer satisfaction. The organization or business term use some tools and techniques for measurement how the product or services meet to customer expectations and needs.

Customer lifetime value:

The lifetime value of a customer is calculated of customer profitability and cash flows over lifetime relationship between customer and company. Customer analytics incorporates metrics for customer lifetime value.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty describes the trend of a customer choose one product over another for a particular need. In best packages of a company for those customers which are already buy or sell their products or services.

Human capital Productivity Analytics

Call center utilization and optimization.

Typical optimization is a discipline in a call center for business environment. Customers are not satisfied for waiting a telephone line busy when they call to call center. A company's management is provide customer satisfaction by use some methods to improve short time and reduce customer waiting time.

Production effectiveness

Production effectiveness is calculating as factors how staff members work. These factors are performance, time, labor cost, production yield etc.

Business productivity Analytics:

Business productivity analytics are another popular BI area. These analytics include capacity planning, financial report, risk management and resources planning.

Sales channels analytics

Sales channels analytics methods are subset of business productivity analytics. These area applications are.


Marketing analytics is ability to managing, analysis and determine marketing effectiveness can be obtain by the help of sales channel analytics.

In 2008, the Lenskold Group establish that "companies making improvements in their measurement and ROI capabilities were more likely to report outgrowing competitors and a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency in their marketing."

Sales performance and pipeline: pipeline metrics you can monitor and manage business development and product positively functional change where required. How you can improve sales performance is less a function of the size of sales team, more a function of the size of the customer base. These function employees members, area, business, contact group, contact time and contact frequency.

Supply chains analytics.

Supply chains analytics combines the technology with human effort to determine different characteristics of supply chains function. The technology is very important in sales chains area such as sourcing, quality and sales and logistics.

Supplier and vendor management

Supply chains analytics can help a company's management to determine performance and reliability by supplier, evaluation and rating the quality of product provider and optimize Provider relationships with value of spending, procurement and risk management.

Shipping, inventory control and distribution analysis are also parts of supply chain analytics.

Behavior Analysis:

Another part of analytics can be apply to calculated future trends or identified some types of behavior. The behavior analysis can be used to calculate historical data and their behavior patterns before and after the significant event completed.

Some types of behavior analytics is follow.

1) Purchasing trends 2) Web activity 3) Fraud and abuse detection 4) Consumer attrition 5) Social network analytics.

Business intelligence standardization and latest future development today

According to Forrester," most Global 2,000 companies have between five and 15 separate reporting and analysis solutions in use". The aim of BI standardization is simply to decrease the number of these tools. Your aim must be build to a group of products with as small overlap as possible. In this example we can see that five overlapping products have been consolidated into three distinct standards.

Today the real time business intelligence is used to data analytics that allow business user to get up to minute data by directly accessing operational system or business transaction into a real time data warehouse or Business intelligence system.

The technologies used in real time BI includes Virtualization, data federation, Enterprise application integration(EAI), enterprise information integration(EII), services orientation architectures (SOA).

The other factors are more real time performance monitoring and faster BI analyses to develop memory technology. (Doug Henschen, 2009).

Real time BI is very useful for decision making. The real time BI implementation can increase overall cost of BI system; the organization can use the real time BI Technology only when absolutely required

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Today the social software and social media is also play very important role in BI field.


BI is a new field and play very important role in business decision making. In this paper I can see that BI involved every section of business process. Business intelligence solution is used an organization for data integration, data analysis, storage to effective decision making.

There are many tools and application software help for Business intelligence decision. The business intelligence is very important for business analysis, business planning and management. In this I discus the future trends of BI. The new technologies such as real time BI and data visualization are creating new challenges for BI teams.

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