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The Information Management System In Olympics 2012 Information Technology Essay

In this era of the computer environment large numbers of people are allowed to access the information all around the world. With ease the use of Information systems make possible to connect the people for sharing of useful information. Information system must clearly define the standards, frame work of guidelines, policies and practices of its development. Information system is used at different levels of management as supportive to achieve the set goals. To other extremes these are the systems which ensure the security of people and help to keep eye on their activities. Management Information Systems and subsystems are just one type of systems. In these systems it is highly focused to maintain the information sharing in full access to authorized persons. Information systems are the key role player to keep the data of employees of such organization for which it is developed.

In this paper our concern is to build an information management system for Olympic 2010 which are being held in United Kingdom.

Purpose of the Information Management System

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The purposes of the information management system show the boundaries and limits of the system. We discuss the purpose of the system in following lines.

All back or internal offices information systems are integrated to step the games for revenue and cost. This integrated system will provide the base for the Olympics games 2012 in London planning for the all key functional operations directly from the workforce, venues to sport, spectator services, press operations transport and security to all officials and non officials.

This system is shaped to give the route of Olympics and Paralympics. It provides the plan of tickets availability, reservation of seats and costs.

Data storage from multiple sources with ease will make system more feasible and technology platform.

Resource requirements, volunteers and workforce are scheduled voluntarily to make the system fully in any environment.

This approach will keep the single repository of information recorded in these events of the Olympics 2012.

Information and data management will be in fast and reliable way that keeps hardware and software integrated thereby it enables to make decision effectively and avoids the duplication of the data.

Stakeholders will be informed about the current planning status of the important areas. This can be achieved if single source of information is used to share the information among many parties involved in Olympics games 2012.

This newly developed system has capability to support the security agencies to ensure the security of all participants including the players, referees, VIPs, judges and visitors.

We have detailed the purposes of the Information Management System Olympics 2012 with respect to various aspects of its feasibility and support.

Types of Management information and their design

Because this system is developed for many reasons especially for business processes, having different levels of management the organizing committee of Olympics 2012 has to interact with many systems which are integrated. Not a single information system provides full information to the management that needs it.

Each business process needs a separate information system for each business function. Information system for tickets sale, Information system for routes GIS, Security information management system and humane resource management system etc are the main subsystems for which organizing committee is much interested to develop an integrated system. Independently functioning information system are the things of past because these can not share the information to support the cross-functional business processes. The new system replaces the old traditional systems to integrate the related business process and large units of the Organizing committee.

Tickets Processing Systems

Operational managers need a system which keeps the track record of available tickets, soled tickets, transaction process and tickets cancelled orders to raise the revenue of the Olympics 2012. Transaction processes are controlled by the computerized information system to conduct the business of sale tickets before the start of the Olympics 2012. This TPS will keep the record of the hotel reservation, airline, arrival and departure time of the visitor or any other person whom the ticket is reserved. Typical purpose of this TPS is to keep the flow of transactions and give the answers of the queries of the system using at the distant places. This system will also provide the location of the hotels reserved to particular person.

Security information System

To ensure the security of all officials and non officials this system will be connected to installed security cameras to assist the security persons to detect the exact place of the incidents. Security persons will be provided the remote systems which will be connected this Information management system.

Human Resource Management System

HRMS is a key role player in conduct of Olympic 2012. It enables the management to keep the record and duty places of the persons appointed at different places. We can say that persons are hired for the Olympic 2012 events and can interact the information management system to ask any query about their position during the Olympic 2012 events.

Visitor data Ticket generation with hotel and other information


Visitor database Management report

Visitor #



Ticket #


Date & Time

To management

Online queries to security agencies

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Fig 1: Ticket Processing System

A TPS for all visitors captures the record of the users and saves the data entered by the user. System out put includes the ticket #, airline# and hotel location. This system generates a copy of report for the concerning manager. This TPS is mostly central to the management; its failure for a few hours makes a big loss.

Like TPS other subsystems are also designed in same manners, after that all the subsystems are integrated to form a big Information management system.

Problems of gathering data and managing knowledge

Knowledge management is an important requirement for the development of the Information management system Olympics 2012. Knowledge management KM has brought many new standpoints to the context. We can draw the strategy driven knowledge management. Knowledge can occur in the Olympics organizing 2012 committee at four levels. Information can be gathered at all four levels by applying the organization knowledge base. Hence organizational data is collected at all levels is explicit in the form of the notes and reports. Global information data can be managed by using a tool called Collective mind as it is developed through data interactions in enterprises. The use of the high powered computers and networks can help to an organization in data mining. Problem of interpretation is still present there in very narrow organizations. It has been estimated that due to lack of knowledge management about 500 organizations will lose over 31 billion dollars. Keeping in mind this fact our system will resolve the problem by utilizing the new tools that actively collect, capture, manage and connect organizational expertise. A framework defines the strategic goals of organizing committee of Olympics 2010 to set the position of the targeted customers. This knowledge management helps to resolve the four common issues of enhancement, expansion, extension and exit. Enhancement means to add a new functionality in an existing system. Extension ensures the new areas of the business process based on new business models. Expansion is an addition of the new products and services to our visitors in our system. Finally is an exit point that means dropping or leaving our business. In our Information management system a visitor reserves the ticket to watch events of the Olympics 2012, but he can not come to see the matches and wants to cancel his ticket. In this way he leaves the business and gets back his payment. Knowledge management addresses all these issue and ensures the successfulness of information management system.

Customer Services

Knowledge Strategy





Fig 2: Strategy Drive Knowledge Management

Methods of controlling the security of information and managing ethical and social issues

Today‘s computer age also has many issues related to information systems. Repetition of the username and passwords create concerns for the development team. Every visitor of the Information management system Olympics 2012 wants to keep his information very secure. Participants must strive to adopt the best practices to promote the system and legitimate the security needs for the interests of others. Information management system must legitimate to protect the liberties of the visitors. Social issues are concerned with the users of the system. The personal information gathered must not be used with out consent of that person. Third issue relating to information system is that which manager is liable to harm the system? Managers may derive the data from the information system to assist some opponents or terrorists to harm the Olympics 2012. Managers must ensure that the system is established for handling the data errors. Database managers are responsible to handle the database of the system, managers may take necessary steps to track the errors and remove the bugs.

Impact of technology on business

In this paper so for we have discussed many aspects of the IMS Olympics 2012 and now we will present the impacts of information technology on the business. A relationship between the factors of network and factors that facilitate the international business is established to raise the revenue of the United Kingdom and organizing committee of Olympics 2012. All the countries included in World Economic Forum database are the participants of this trade. This system is not limited to race, community or subcontinents. The targets of revenue generation are set to make networks and international business more non-vulnerable for the country benefits. The facilitation of trade will create awareness in nationals to avail the opportunities of this business as investing in transportation and airline, creating job opportunities and boosting up the economy of the country. In this way cost estimation and revenue collection can be calculated. Barriers in the business are removed to get maximum benefits of this business. What are barriers which can reduce the revenue collection and create other problems for the organizers of the Olympics 2012? It is clear that very comprehensive system can achieve the different objectives of the organizers. As the number of visitors will come all around the world to watch the events, officials and players accommodation, transportation and rush hours at venue place, all of these factors are very crucial for the management. A large IT project like IMS needs the following elements.

Investment process

Fig 3: Investment Process

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Investment process in IT is a proposed by the team of IT and Finance managers. A budget for the development of the IMS is allocated and passed through the fiscal year. An additional cost may also be calculated for its maintenance.

IT architecture: It is a logical and technical component of the proposed system to guide the developments and evaluation of the other related systems. It provides the information about the functions of the system and flow of the information among the various functions.

A paperless Environment: Electronic medium is source of this business and involves the considerations of the public sector, security agencies and commercial sectors. It must be focused that large IMS must be developed in such environment where electronic signature, adequate electronic audit trails and authenticity is ensured for the conduct of business.

A system development environment: It is very important stage of large IT projects, because software cannot meet the expectations and organizing committee hires its own staff for software development and continues to develop software in the limits of the budget and time.

Problems involved in private and public information technology projects

There exist many problems in private and public sector projects as large size of expenditure requirement and inefficiency of many processes in public or private sector projects. Decentralization is not given importance to make decisions at lower level. Centralized decision making costs much as compared to that decentralization. Resource management in public or private projects is less concentrated and it affects the proper use of human, financial and other resources. Market relations are also necessary that can lead to delivery of new reforms in private and public sector projects. Less investment in public or private sector keeps IT professionals low employed, it affects on the projects efficiency and functionality. In other case the highly officials must be involved in projects completion and technical staff is not responsible for arranging the whole process of projects (requirements gathering to final release). Reforms in private or public sector projects needs the awareness of the government, heads of the public and private sectors running IT companies and IT professionals to keep themselves updated about demands and new trends in IT market.


In this paper we have discussed many aspects of the Information Management System Olympics 2012. Purpose of the IMS is narrated to highlight the requirements of the Olympics 2012 organizing committee. In IMS various information systems are integrated to make a comprehensive information management system. Social, ethical and managerial issues are described to make the system free of risks from the unauthorized persons. What impacts the information system has on growing business and our information system is working to meet the requirements of the committee during the events. Finally the issues related to public or private sector technology projects are presented.

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