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Produce Primary And Secondary Scenarios Information Technology Essay

AgeCare Centre is a charity for elderly people. It ran as a small group of volunteers for transporting of elderly people. Due to the funding from local government, local business groups and individual, it is becomes well known AgeCare. There are fifteen branch centers across the South of England. In AgeCare, there are such as Keith Brooks (Chief Executive Officer), Jose Rodrigues (Centre Manager), Assistant Manager, Administrative Support staff, Lead Worker, Doris Smith (Project Manager), Claire Graham (Project Leader), Syed Faisal (Director of Administrative support), Jayne Harrison (Finance Director), Patience Mbewe (Education Coordinator), Christos Papadimitriou (Information Quality Officer). All projects are funded by Local government, local business groups, individual and people, as trustees. Each project has a contract.

A2.2 Identify the key issues and area of conflicts

Syed Faisal (Director of Administrative Support) feels uncomfortable managing the information for building the database. He/she want to manage the information centrally. Therefore, he/she hopes to keep the staff on board and give them the right support when needed. Jayne Harrison (Finance Director) wants to purchase new finance system to solve their finance system first. He suggested that it should be them in the finance team concern with all kind of finance. Jose Rodriguez (Center Manager) still want to use MS Excel and he think that it's also essential for other centers.

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Christos Papadimitriou (Information Quality Officer) gets that information come from different format but these are inconsistent at all. The supermarket feels that Green Drive could not take enough customers to them. Chaire Graham (Project Leader) well known that the elderly people could not buy pretty price because of high prices. Moreover, the project leader wants to run this transportation service to fit by taking the most efficient route to the supermarket. Patience Mbewe (Education Coordinator) admitted that education projects are managed by the elderly people themselves and there is no enough money to support them effectively. Besides, he could not give data to Information Quality Officer. He said that their education project could not be ran without budget. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) wants to totally change the culture of AgeCare which Project Manager introduces to it.

A2.3 Discuss main focus of the system and requirements

ACC needs some requirements. If I were in CEO's shoes, I will allow to be share information about the clients between projects There is needed to be a consistent way of running project in ACC because there are different requirements in different projects. Some projects in ACC record their data using a paper based system. So, I think, a standard way of recording information about users of their service is needed. To help manage ACC, it is needed to support better management tools and to build Information System to help the head office to monitor projects. Then, I guess, there should be provided more effective tools to help Administrative Director and Information Quality Officer to manage their work. In the head office, each department should be able to see information as it relates to their departments. Moreover, The ACC needs the system that records all contracts and to help the contract team manage existing contracts and build up the future contracts for new projects. When I view Administrative Director, needs to train the staffs who are supported properly in the new system. So, they require proper training, making sure that there is a secure system as much of the data held is personal data and confidential, making sure that it is easy to use because a lot of staffs seem terrified of using IT. The Project Manager and Project Leader should provide accurate financial data to the Finance Department because the Finance Director need to know the information about managing the finances of local projects. I think the next point is Finance Office that the data that used is full of errors. So, it is need to be changed for getting up-to-date information. The AC need to the system that will allow projects to enter the main data into the system which can use to measure recording and monitoring. And there is need to be a system that holds basic data about each elderly people that the agency works with as they are central to measuring performance in each project. Hence, the system that recording when elderly people person joins the AgeCare Charity, and the same basic information about who they are, etc. is needed.

And then, the different projects have different requirements for reporting and deliverables. So, we need to change to the consistence way of the running projects procedures. Next, I presented that about the contract system of the AgeCare. The projects are concerned with contracts. All projects are funded by local government, individual as trustees and have contracts. I think the contract system has a bit problem such as need to manage existing contracts and plan for future. Next task is changed the out of date software to up to date because there have out of date software in some department in the system. After that, the AgeCare Centre is very based on people centered. Many of them not have any real attention for information technology and an important number of staff sees using any form of technology as an unnecessary load on their work. But I think this problem is disappeared when the system is developed and used the database. I mention that in the development system of the agency, there is use the UML tools and MySQL database. Using these tools and database, there is no fault of recording users and their services' information. Not only large projects but also small projects can use this database. As far as I know, these facts are the requirements of the AgeCare charity.

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A3. Rich picture make to understanding of a complex environment

Rich picture is included soft system method. I had understood rich pictures are a symbolic representation of a problem area and they contain elements such as people's view, concerns, conflicts, constrains and preconception in addition to business processes and structures. I think drawing pictures helps me to understand, communicate and provide evidence issues, problems and ideas more effectively than words.

By drawing rich picture for my coursework, I can understand the problem area of my case study easily; know about system requirements without difficulty and to comprehend the conflicts between system transactions. So, rich picture helps me many point of views. I believe that rich picture is flexible and general communication tool presented. Different from other graphical tools, such as Data Flow Diagram, Entity Relation Diagram, rich picture has no rules and constrains. So, it makes me very easy to draw and to understand process with no trouble.

And then, rich picture can be as complete as essential, representing a small function up to the whole system. I identify with the rich picture can also be regarded as a kind of symbols. The rich picture has been disputed that symbolic language is more to accurate language because it describes experience and feelings improved and for the reason that it can share meaning in complex, indefinite situations where word by word language is insufficient view rich pictures as symbols and both effectively are a way of understanding and experiencing one type of thing in terms of another.

Furthermore, the rich picture shows me how to make out the issues and makes possible numerous views to be easily compared and it can make known lack of understanding or misconceptions. Using rich picture, I have a preference pictures to text, can take up more from a picture of complex subject than from a text description. And then, by drawing rich picture, I can know that it point to places where different stakeholders view the system I need to learn more or to obvious conflicts they are designing. In addition, by drawing rich picture, I know how to classify all the stakeholders and that is an iterative development of understanding concerns, and some of the structure bringing about and improving understanding.

After that, rich picture is also used to show complex situations. It is a try to summarize the real situation through a without restraint, picture representation of all the ideas covered already layout, connections, relationships, influences, cause-and-effect, and so on. With these objective ideas, rich picture should show individual elements such as character and characteristics, points of view and injustice, determination and human nature. If I am working with a customer I should try to draw these from the actors themselves, at least firstly, rather than concentrating on my own understanding of the situation.

I think rich picture is normally built by interviewing people. The ideal interview should have effect at the place of work because the people use to do their work will be nearby. Drawing the rich picture will point to places where I need to catch more or to obvious disagreements in the ending I have drawn. I assume that drawing rich picture requires that the analyst work directly with the stakeholders' point of view. Stakeholders involve in the process by working with the analyst to recognize to identify structures, processes, and concerns significant to them.

I also suppose that rich picture can be used to record, reason about, communicate, and discuss important matters as it happens for the duration of or after participatory design. Basically the role of the rich picture is to make specific the stakeholders, their relationships and their concerns. A rich picture of the work context can be drawn that makes out the stakeholders and the work setting. As well, I learn that a rich picture of the participatory design team itself can be used to make out the necessary managers, practical users, positive users, analysts, designers, and other members. This type of rich picture can be useful in designing design, in making the stakeholder meetings, and in reasoning about design processes.

Moreover, I had learned a rich picture is an attempt to pull together everything that might be related to a complex situation. I had corresponded to every observation that happens to me or that I collected from my initial analysis someway. Then, I avoided thinking of system terms because I think the word 'system' means organized interconnections and it may be correctly the absence of such organized interconnectedness that remains at the middle of the matter. By the use of the word system, I may be missing the point. As a result, I don't think about that. On the other hand, I didn't mean that there won't be some kind of association or connection between my graphics, as declared on top of. Finally, I confirm that my rich picture includes both the factual data about the situation and the subjective information or not.

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In sum up, drawing my rich picture, I had learned many facts and got many benefits. The rich picture shows me that the theme is placed in the centre of the page and link words are positioned around it. And then, these link words should be related to the centre theme and they will help me think of points that I must consider when trying to solve the design problem. So, I learned about the rich pictures and got many benefits from these. Drawing rich picture in my coursework is very useful for me and effective for me.

B1. Use Case Diagram for Green Drive project

Management Information System of GreenDrive project





Draw rota for driver

Arrange Timetable

Record amount of fuel purchased

Security & health check


Allocate driver



Project manager

Return bus

Received daily Route

Register as volunteer driver

Provide funds for general costs

Project Leader

Record Time

Send data

Send appropriate data to management


B2.1. The two keys areas of the project are:

Arrange Timetable

Record Time

B2.2 Primary Scenario and Secondary Scenario

The Green Drive project is managed by Claire Graham. Doris Smith, who works part time for AgeCare, arrange timetable for the trips to supermarkets, look after the upkeep of the vehicles and arranges the rote of drivers. Each month Doris work out a rota of times and the routes for the buses to take for the month ahead. She then allocates drivers to each of the trips. The driver will come in the office in the morning, pick up the keys, sign for the vehicle and go out on the route designed by Doris. He or she will take with them a list of passengers and times when they are expecting to be picked up. The driver will then take the bus on its route, ticking off people and making a note if the person decides not to come on the bus. At the end of each day the driver will return the bus back to the centre and return the keys to the office. If Doris is in office, she will record the time the bus has been return to the center.

Each Friday afternoon, whoever is driving the bus, fills it up with fuel. A careful record is kept of the amount of fuel purchase and the number of miles driven. This information is then passed to Doris who enters it into her spreadsheet. The driver will pay for the fuel from money given in advanced by Doris and Driver returns a receipt to her records. Each month Doris sends her spreadsheet to Claire who forwards the appropriate information to the Finance Office and AgeCare central administration as necessary

B3 Understanding requirement for developing Use Case

Use Case: Provide funds for general cost

Actor: Supermarket

Main flow of events: The use case starts when supermarkets provide funds for general costs such as the fuel, the upkeep and administration costs of the GreenDrive project that provide a service to the elderly using green technology which provide shopping trips to one or other of the supermarkets arranged twice a day from Monday to Friday. This end the use case.

Use Case: Arrange Timetable

Actor: project manager

Main flow of events: The use case starts when Doris Smith(project manager) draw timetable of trips to the supermarkets. After she draws the timetable, she also draws the daily route for drivers. This end of the use case.

Use Case: Register as volunteer driver

Actor: Driver

Main flow of events: The use case starts when register as a volunteer driver at GreenDrive project. Before they can start as a volunteer, they need to take security and health check test to confirm that they are ready to drive or not. This end of the use case.

Use Case: Allocate driver

Actor: project manager

Main flow of events: The use case starts when Doris Smith(project manager) allocates Drivers for daily trips to pick up/off customers to supermarket. This end of the use case.

Use Case: Received Daily Route

Actor: Driver

Main flow of events: The use case starts when the drivers received daily route that was drawn by Doris Smith(Project manager). If the fuel was purchased for their bus, they need to record the information such as the amount of fuel purchased and the number of miles driven, then passed to Doris Smith(Project manager). This end of the use case.

Use Case: Return bus

Actor: Driver

Main flow of events: The use case starts when the driver returns the bus to the center at the end of each day and need to return the key to office. This end of the use case.

Use Case: Record of fuel purchased

Actor: Project manager

Main flow of events: The use case starts when Doris Smith(Project manager) received the information about the amount of fuel purchased and the number of miles driven from each of drivers. Then she will record these information at her spreadsheet. This end of the use case.

Use Case: Record Time

Actor: project manager

Main flow of events: The use case starts when each of drivers returns their bus to the center at the end of each day. Then she record the time the bus has been returned. This end of use case.

Use Case: Send Data

Actor: Project manager and Project leader

Main flow of events: The use case starts when for each month Doris sends her spreadsheet to Claire. This is the end of use case.

Use Case: Send appropriate data to management

Actor: Project leader

Main flow of events: The use case starts when after sending the data from Doris, Claire forwards the appropriate information to the Finance Office and AgeCare central administration.

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