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Management And Organizational Behavior Information Technology Essay

The aims of this unit of study are to provide students with an understanding of organizational behavior and management theory; to assess critically the underlying values of these theories; to assess critically the utility and application of the management practices informed by these theories in the Australian context; and to analysis critically the values of Australian managers concerning behavior in organizations and to evaluate the effectiveness of these assumptions. This unit of study includes the following topics: overview of the development of organization/management theory; analysis of scientific management, human relations theory; individual behavior/perception, personality, learning, motivation; group behavior: group dynamics, conflict resolution, leadership, concentrating on Australian case studies and incorporating a consideration of issues of gender, ethnicity and age; applications of management/organization theory in Australia; communication processes, and quality of working life.

Managing the Computing Environment

This unit of study aims to provide students with the skills necessary to plan the purchase of new/replacement equipment, cater for change in computer hardware and software, determine organizational standards, plan strategic changes, monitor system performance, prioritize system developments, and allocate resources effectively. Topics include: models of information systems maturity; roles in the computing environment; information technology department structures, stakeholders in information technology, role of an IS manager, ITIL service delivery and support; financial management for IT services: strategies for selection, recommendation and purchasing of hardware and software; paying for information technology, strategic planning and budgeting; introduction of new technology: user resistance, strategies for change management; planning installation of computing equipment; configuration management, availability management, capacity management; supporting users: types of support; managing and running a help desk, incident and problem management; peer support; information technology steering committees; training issues: types of training, planning training programs for users and support staff; selection of staff; security issues and threats to the computing environment; managing user's access and privileges; auditing the computing systems; managing use and abuse of corporate computing facilities, such as email and internet use.

Strategic Management

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The aims of this unit of study are to study normative theories and models of organization strategy, policy and decision making, to assess critically their value to an organization and its shareholders; and to develop knowledge, personal skills and competencies in the application of the above approaches. This unit of study includes the following topics: the nature of strategic management; analysis the environment; planning direction; planning strategy; implementing strategy; global strategic management and future directions.

Managing IT Service Support

The following topics will be covered: Help Desk Concepts: CCM models and theory; Help Desk Operations; Help Desk Roles and Responsibilities; Help Desk Processes and Procedures; Help Desk Tools and Technologies; Performance Measures; IT Client Support and Management as a Profession; ITIL Service Support processes: service desk, incident, problem, change, release and configuration management. BS 12000 IT Service Management standard and ITIL.

Managing the Service Organization

The service concept; customers and relationships; supply relationships; service processes; managing service people; service quality; information technology in services; performance measurement in services; service strategy and culture.

Managing Systems Development

The unit of study aims to provide students with an understanding of project management issues associated with the development of IT systems. This includes Project identification and selection, Project Planning, Project Monitoring and Control, and Project Termination. Topics include: Strategic IT systems and the alignment with business goals, the identification of project phases and task, estimation techniques, resource allocation, tendering processes, project quality, risk assessment, version control, project change management and communication. On completion of this unit of study students should be able to: Recognize the problems associated with the management of IT projects; Describe the measures that can be undertaken to reduce the risks of an IT project failing; Use a range of computer-based project management tools; Develop estimations of project costs and assess the risk involved.


In the management of risk a contingency plan is one answer to the question ‘What do we do if this risk occurs?’ Where a serious risk exists, the Steering Committee may require the Project Manager to create a contingency plan and add the necessary budget for it, only to be used if the risk actually occurs. Containment actions are normally preferable to contingency actions, but both can be used in the case of serious risks.

For example if these two categories are:


Employ people with better of different skills

Provide appropriate training

Reduce the product’s functionality

Test the product more thoroughly


Identify a second supplier

Identify other fall0back resources

Identify a fall-back plan

Establish a formal escalation process

Notice given 48 hours before the event that one of the expert speakers cannot participate

In our planning schedule, we plan to use 8 days to invite speakers. We will notice given 48 hours before the event that one of the expert speakers. Either one of expert speakers inform cannot participate. We will use two days to try to invite the third speaker. If really no speaker can be invited. The other speakers will take over all 6 sessions.

Notice given on the day that an expert speaker is ill and cannot participate

Just in case an expert speaker is ill and cannot participate. The other speakers will take over all 6 sessions. If both speakers ill and cannot participate. We will play the Power Point videos and the MC will be a commentary.

The failure of projection equipment during the morning session

When the projection machine failure during the morning session. The Training Centre will provide the spare machine. The Training Centre will help to reconnect it.


Explain why the feedback is important

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