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Iris Scanning In Maintaining Securities Information Technology Essay

Iris is a unique pattern remains stable. Iris makes it very attractive for use as a biometric for identifying individuals. John Daugman implemented a working automated iris recognition system. The System has been tested under various studies, all reporting zero failure rates; it's claimed to be able to perfectly identify an individual, given million of possibilities .Masek.L (2003) Compared with other biometrics , iris recognition systems has many advantages, the degree of freedom with iris texture is extremely high ,the probability of finding two identical iris would be zero, so its highly reliable and could be used for e-voting , however but on the other hand the initial set up of cost would be bit higher.

Braun and Brandli (2006).Totally five e-voting pilot trails were carried out in the cantons of Geneva, Zurich and Neuenburg on the occasion of national referendums. the Federal chancellery conducted a research on the potential effect of e-voting on voters across Switzerland. The survey revealed that 54 % of those asked could imagine using e-voting. The reason for readiness to use e-voting was because of the user-friendliness. However about 35% of the people who didn't want to use e-voting was majorly due fear about the data security, 11% didn't respond to survey.

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Flood (2005) .The two largest e-voting projects in the UK were conducted in Sheffield and Swindon. In Sheffield, around 174,000 citizens had the opportunity to vote using e-voting and also the traditional ballot paper voting. Technically the trial was success with the system performing perfect during the election said by head of e- government and ICT. Sheffield voters were also very enthusiastic on the new voting systems, with 40% of voters choosing e-voting channel to cast their vote. After the initial trial, among the people has tremendous welcome to the e-voting system. Public even started putting questions towards the election commission why they stopped e-voting even after its successful trial.

Kumar,D & Yeonseung Ryu (2008) found that About 66% of public worldwide supported for biometrics enabled payment. Pay by Touch Company has signed a contract with more than 2 million people to have their fingerprint used as surrogate for checks, credit cards at more than 2000 stores. Retail companies like Shell, Albertons, Cub Foods, and CVS have already implanted biometric enabled payments in USA.

It's very evident from the above response of the survey, there is big welcome among the public for biometric enabled technology and e- voting. So by combing these technologies as biometric enabled e-voting, there would be even more public supporting these methods.

2.a) E-Voting needs to support repudiation. Carefully distinguish between repudiation and non-repudiation. Briefly outline how repudiation can be actively supported technologically. You are advised to provide a critical overview of enabling technologies and techniques, to include any necessary underlying mathematical principles in support of your answer.

However the ownership of the vote can be traceable in the above method, which puts a big question on the privacy issue concerned with e-voting? Which will not be welcomed by the public and it might lead to various corruptions and the result might be biased favouring some party. The solution to overcome this would be supporting e-voting repudiation. Yan and French (2007) suggested system which supports repudiable authentication using non tractability of the Quadratic Residuosity problem (QRP),

It provides client server applications with connection oriented communication through secure mechanism. It uses PKI and digital certificates to create secure communications. SSL provides data integrity, confidentiality for communications through Internet. Many of the online e-commerce websites have implemented SSL protocol in their website using web protocols, But however, Huawei.z , Ruixia.L (2009) noted that SSL is not a secure protocol , because it doesn't obey strict trust model of PKI . To ensure a security PKI need strict trust model, however the cost to maintain them is too high. Also the length of SSL key is too short to resist from attacks.

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