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Internet Technologies Used For Competitive Advantages Information Technology Essay

The Web store are creation of eXtropia after get used to online shopping applications. It help to combined both the Electronic Outlet HTML and Database versions and provide a brand new routines for error handling, order processing, encrypted mailing, frames, Javascript and VBscript and other goods.. The resource of the applications and documentation are clearly state in the website in order to gain trust of the consumers. Moreover, eXtropia enable all users to view other webstie that had successful implement the Webstore concept in their own webstie.

Even though the products of eXtropia are free to access ,use and download , but reading the licensing agreement are very important and should not be forget or skip. Before downloading any applications , there are documentations for installation to guide and help the users when getting started. Users should be aware of downloading, installation and customization might take a long time because it is a user friendly program. Therefore, there might have lots of people access in the same time which cause the internet to jam and time consuming. eXtropia also provide a good opportunity to all users to learn some new technical stuff by going through installation and customization on their own. This experience will be useful for the users in the future. In addition, the contribution of eXtropia by providing the free application in package is appreciated by the users .For example, "Conan Doyle" Troubleshooting Tutorial had received many positive feedbacks from the users.

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Computer virus which is a program that can copy itself and infect the processing of whole computer . It is a program that all users want to avoid and prevent it to occur. Thus, the security of technology of eXtropia is very important because it will help and guarantee the users through the open source development principles. These principles will help to make sure the code or documentation provided are viewed by qualified and experience developer. It also help to ensure the ability of product are recognized and well examined. If the user’s computer accidentally infect by virus, there are a security hole which help the user to fixed or solve it immediately because there are thousands of user will cooperate to fix the bug together based on their same common goal. For example, it might take products like Windows a month to recover or fix the bug .Meanwhile ,eXtropia can fixed it within 24 hours because the function of security hole. Moreover, the security in eXtropia products have many built in features. These features include integration with LDAP, SMB, Digital Certificates and a feature-rich authentication and authorization toolkit.

The security of eXtropia’s products are recognized by Banking (Barclays Capital, Bumiputra Commerce Bank, and Charles Schwab), Government (NASA, The Human Genome Project, and the US Military), and in large businesses (General Motors, Northwest Airlines, and Bell Atlantic, M1).As we can seen it was validated even in most demanding environments.

On the other hand, the free support provided by eXtropia had attracted many users to use it. It is very convenient to used eXtropia because users can join the support forum and ask help from experts and other developers when facing problems and inquiry.Free supports that consist in eXtropia are Support Forums, Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs), Online Publications Books and Other Resources are really useful to the users.

Additionally, The eXtropia Application Development Toolkit (ADT) provided driver which act as a tool that help web developer in building web applications. This driver are based on the eXtropia Open Interface Architecture which are pluggable and it function similarly as a Legos.

For instance, the users can simply plug in any eXtropia driver if they think it is a necessity to change it or upgrade it such as change from MySQL to Oracle. Likewise, the driver is simple to use because the ADT drivers hide the complexities always .This driver are popular among those developer that business minded. For instance, the ADT includes tools for database access, authentication, authorization, user profiling, encryption, session management, mailing, log and error reporting, and more. There are three advantages of ADT such as build application with less effort and time consuming, change application more easily and Applications that use the ADT all work together by default.

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