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Different type of database system

Q. Differentiate between "Centralized Database Approach" and "Distributed Database Approach".


Database Management System supports different type of database system for data organization. Distributed and Centralized database approaches are the systems which are use for data organization. Decentralization and Parallel are other approach for data organization.



A single logical database that is spread physically across computers in multiple locations that are connected by a data communications link.


A distributed database system is a collection of logically related database that co-operate in a transparent manner.

In a distributed database scheme, smaller pieces of the overall database are stored at various physical locations. Each piece is controlled by a local database server that satisfies requests for data valid over its local domain only. All local data servers are connected by a common network so that any application connected to this network has access to every server and its local data.

Typical Examples:

Functions of Distributed Database:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distributed Database Approach:



Factors for adoption Distributed Database Approach:



A centralized database consists of a single data server into which all data are stored and from which all data are retrieved. All the data reside at a single location and all applications must retrieve all data from that location.

The centralized approach consists of a central server into which all forecast data are stored. At some predefined time, software on this central server requests data from each of the local data servers scattered throughout the country. These data are received, processed and stored, possibly at lower spatial and temporal resolution than the data from which it was derived.

Typical Examples:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Centralized Approach:



Factors for Adoption of Centralized Approach:


In my point of view we must insure that the system we design is flexible enough to take advantage of the latest available technology not only to solve today's problems but to have ability to offer new products and services we can't even imagine. In both of the systems Centralized approach is more reliable as compare to distributed database system.






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