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Development Of Internet And Digital Technology Information Technology Essay

The rapid development of Internet and digital technology overall development has increased the availability of digital content. Readily shared, free access, and great facilities in copying a digital content causes a serious problems such as unauthorized use and manipulation of digital content. This will allow hackers to manipulate, duplicate or access information illegally without the owner's knowledge. Moreover, this trend also gives impact in the Electronic commerce (e-commerce) field like internet marketing, online banking and online transactions for the transfer of funds. Security issues have become major concerns for businesses and consumers. Strong encryption, authentication and copyright protection are needed to secure digital media via the Internet. Under this fact, integrity verification and authenticity has become an important problem in the digital world.

For that reason, digital content security is being studied seriously and widely by several researchers and academicians. Cryptography techniques are mostly used in secret communications. Cryptography is the practice of scrambling a message to an obscured form to prevent others from understanding it [9]. Cryptography helps provide accuracy, and confidentiality. It can avoid fraud in E- Commerce (Electronic Commerce) and guarantee the authority of banking transactions. It can protect your property or prove your identity. It can keep hackers from altering website page and prevent industrial competitors from reading confidential documents. However, the cryptography does not provide the level of security for the media after decrypting process. This is because, the media content only protected during transmission from sender to receiver.

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Contrary, watermark can protect media content even after they are decoded because watermarks are inseparable from the host media in which they are embedded. Therefore, digital watermarking has been proposed, where it is techniques that allow secret communication by embedding a secret message is into the digital content by using a secret key at the coder, which then can be extracted at a decoder stage for copyright protection, authentication, content integrity, etc.

Digital watermarking techniques formerly focused on copyright protection, but now have been exploited in wide range of applications [3]. Robust watermarks are generally used for copyright protection and ownership identification because they are designed to withstand attacks such as common image processing operations. In contrast, fragile or semi-fragile watermarks are mainly applied to content authentication and integrity attestation because they are fragile to attacks. The presence of a fragile watermark in the original media allows the authorized parties to verify the authenticity and integrity of the content [5] and [9].

This project presents research works in the field of image watermark authentication.


The age of digital multimedia has brought advantages in the creation and distribution of information, and the powerful multimedia manipulation software has made it possible to edit and alter the media's content seamlessly. Since the ease of copying and editing decreases the credibility of multimedia, a secure authentication system is needed to verify data integrity and trustworthiness. For that reason, watermarking security in authentication field is being studied seriously and widely by several researchers and academicians.

Lately, many authenticating watermarking systems embed the watermark in DWT. The main advantages of the DWT is to describe more accurately aspects of human vision system (HVS) and allows good localization both in time and spatial frequency domain as compared to DFT and DCT [15],[18], [19] and [24]. However, the problem of the DWT for some applications is the coefficients in the decomposed subbands are real values; some modifications may result in loss of information. Consequently, the original image cannot be reconstructed from the watermarked image and perfect reconstruction cannot be achieved [21], [22] and [28].

Besides, the types of watermarking according to human perception also concerned. The visible watermarking is typically able to sustain all possible alterations and intentional disturbances, but the image quality is significantly reduced. The existence of software to remove the visible watermark also contributes to the risk of piracy. Thus, the invisible watermarking is useful to make it more secure and reliable because cannot be identified clearly with human eyes.

In this project, Integer Wavelet Transform (IWT) and bit plane allocation is proposed to overcome DWT problem that allows a perfect reconstruction obtained. Invisible watermark also presented to enhance the imperceptibility requirement. Among the issues that arise relating to image authentication is the imperceptibility, reversibility and fragility. This challenge is very important to verify the trustworthiness of data.


The objectives of this research can be outlined as follows:

To analyze and evaluate the performance of the proposed image authentication watermarking.

To compare the performance of the proposed technique with conventional method in terms of imperceptibility and perfect reconstruction of the result.


This project was conducted based on the scope outline below:

The proposed method was evaluated in ten grayscale images: "Boat", "Butterfly", "Camel", "Duck", "Home", "Mosque", "Flower", "Palace", "Pyramid" and "Toon". The size of all images is 512Ã-512 pixels.

The watermark image is a grayscale image with size of 64 Ã- 64 pixels.

The programming software used in this research is Matlab GUI R2010a.

The proposed method should at least respects the requirements of authenticating watermarking technique such as imperceptibility, reversibility, security and fragility.


The advancement of networked multimedia systems has lead to the protection of intellectual property rights. This is mainly true for image and video data. Digital Watermarking technique is a very important for protection and authenticity of various electronic documents and media.

The significant issues of this research are outlined below:

The protection of the intellectual property right to proof the ownership and authorization of digital multimedia especially in image and video.

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The verification of integrity of the media content from fraud detection, self-correcting images and traitor-tracing

Traceability of the authorized person detects the distribution and manipulation of the digital media from unauthorized parties.


This thesis is organized as follows:

Chapter 2 describes an overview of the basic principle of digital watermarking system and the existing of watermarking technique.

Chapter 3 describes details on research methodology that contains procedures and explanations of watermarking techniques used to analyze and present information as part of a research process.

Chapter 4 describes the test results of the image authenticating watermarking technique. This chapter also analyzes the experimental results.

Chapter 5 describes the conclusion of the project and recommendations for future works.

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