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A Multinational Information Technology Company Information Technology Essay

Dell is a multinational information technology company that is known all over the world. It was started by Michael Dell in 1984; he was a student at the University of Texas at Austin and later he discovered the company as PCs Limited. He never finished his studies but rather he just focused full time on selling Dell Computer directly to customers. In 1985, the company produced his own design the "Turbo PC" containing an Intel 8088 compatible process. Later the company modified the name to "Dell Computer Corporations" in 1988. Furthermore, Dell opened eleven more international call centers followed within the next four years.

In 1996 Dell began to sell the computers through via website and in 2002 expanded into multimedia and home entertainment by introducing of televisions. Dell began to broaden the sales and advertised in newspaper, media, internet and catalogs. They applied marketing strategies by lowering the prices and offering free products and free shipping to encourage more customers to buy and stave off competitors.

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Dell began to sell computers with pre installed program Linux and the sale did not increase, as a substitute to Microsoft windows. Company began to focus on financial performance by eliminating 2006 bonuses for employees with some optional awards and decrease in the number of managers from 20 to 12. Dell announced to close down the biggest Canadian call centers in Kanata Ontario by terminating 1100 employees. They have closed the manufacturing plant in Limerick Ireland with loss of 1900 jobs and transferred production to Poland. The reason to shut down the call center is because of the poor customer service relationships and complaints about the product.

Dell major competitors include Apple, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Samsung, Sun Microsystems, Gateway Lenovo, Sony, Acer, Toshiba and Asus. In 2006 Dell lost is lead in PC business to Hewlett-Packard and there was a decline in the Dell overall. Dell has partnered with EMC and products for which Dell provided midrange storage systems such as fiber channel and iSCSI storage area networks. Dell and EMC have extended their strategic planning through 2013 and expand its product line by adding the EMC Celerra NX4 storage system to the portfolio of Dell/EMC family of networked storage systems.

The company mainly focused on Dell computers rather than producing any other products since they have lot of competitor out in the market they tried to improve the growth and sale by focusing on one product.

Dell has proven its success over the course of time and history. Further along in this paper it will discuss the Business strategy and how the company values each component. These topics give a complete overview of the company as a whole.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy is more about how the business competes successfully in the market. As it is stated in mission statement "is to be the most successful computer company in the world by delivering the best customer experience in markets they serve. The main aim of Dell Company is to satisfy the customers, they involve entire company from manufacturing to engineering to sales to support staff to provide what customers meet needs and desires. By providing to customers high quality, new technology and best competitive price and satisfying their wants and needs. They most important principal of Dell business strategy are: (1) a direct relationship with the customers as refereed "direct business model" by eliminating wholesale and retail dealers. (b) Customer can purchase custom built products, it would be more effective to provide what customers wants and would give the Dell Company as a whole to keep up with the market and move along more quickly with technology. It would enable the company to offer to customers high tech quality products and it would give an opportunity for the customer for the customers to save money on the newest technology. (c) Non -proprietary standards based technologies deliver the best value to customers; it would be a vital decision to provide to customers with high value products and service. By focusing on the standards it would give the customers an extensive benefit of Dell products.

Long Term IT Strategy

Dell faces lots of new and old competitors in the market and it might be risky for the company in the short term. It has crystallized its extended time strategy for business customers in a vision it calls the Scalable Enterprise, which has numerous of similarities with the dynamic computing strategic of its competitors and so forth. The theory of the Scalable Enterprise is centred on Dell products, services and alliances which are rooted in industry standards and cloaked in the famous Dell direct model. Dell has been promoting and marking this vision for a long time but it has become crucial point for how Dell rationalized its product and services roadmaps. Scalable Enterprise gives Dell a technique for talking with customers about its overall value proposition and it can help customers migrate long term dynamic computing vision. Dell has refocused on its professional services portfolio, placing overall customer satisfaction lifecycle series and the Scalable Enterprise at the core. Dell forces on the company's overall philosophy that customers want more standard, less custom and more lifecycle IT solutions. It has been trying to highlight its business-centric expertise in existing and new professional services offerings. Dell has strides in escalating and underpinning its services business and has made a huge improvement in streamlining organization of its services portfolio. The company services are positioned based on four major components of its product lifecycle that include plan, implement, and train and maintain.

Short Range IT Plans

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The Dell Mini5 is a portable device that offers the features of a smart phone while also including laptop features. The full Web-browsing experience is something like holding the device in your hand and has similar features of a laptop.

Depending on the availability of the content, Dell Company offers low cost data package. This plan is exactly similar to what Apple negotiated. Dell has come up with a range of cloud-based services aimed to give users better access to data.

IS Security Policy

Dell is concerned about the privacy and security, in order to control the personal data on the internet they ask for couple of security question without answering the question it's really hard to accesses into the account.

Implementation of Security Policy

Security is one of the major issues for the business it is one of the crucial for the Dell Company since more of the customer related issues are done through network. Security breach can reduced customer confidence and a substantial loss of business. Strategic Technology Protection Program (STTP) helps to ensure that the system can be made with secure in the future. By implementing the STTP programme can ensure that the environments get secure and stay secure. To secure large ecommerce network like Dell is a complex process. Firewall is not enough to secure but need to follow numerous configuration procedures for the securing servers before connecting them on the active connection to the internet. There are only two servers that are connected to the Internet directly, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Domain Name System (DNS) but need to control other servers through internal networks interface. Group Policy object (GPOs) is one of the security it automatically applies security to the serves that belong in the domain since it is already familiar with managing GPOs and recognize the implications of changing security setting with the GPO.

Acquisition and Implementation of Packaged Software

Implementing packaged software spreads a unique amount of risks. Even though standard packaged software features may be incompatible with the organization's information needs and business processes. It can be solved by adapting the business processes to the packaged software or vice versa. All these aspects has its drawbacks including additional information systems cost, time consuming, and the improvement of the package software updates can be updated periodically with sufficient benefits.

Development of software - in-house and outsourced

Packaged software is particularly attractive to small business organizations which generally lack the expertise or resources to develop application software in-house. Furthermore organization do outsource their work to other companies in different parts of the world in order to reduce the cost of production, labour and it is less time consuming .

Physical Access Controls

Dell Company uses biometric software in which the author can only access the data. In this software the features and characteristics of an individual are identified by their biological and behavioural characterise. The various logical and physical access controls are fingerprint, facial, iris -retina detection, speaker (voice), hand geometry, keystroke, and handwriting recognition. The human characteristics are used to identify an individual or to verify a particular individual.

In compression with the traditional security methods, the new technology advancement involves security convenience and much cheaper. In today's world biometrics is widely used as passwords to access various data's. In government sectors e-passports for crossing the border and various other law enforcement applications have changed to a great extended in various commercial sectors such as manufacturing, finance and health care. The backbone for enterprise involving biometrical applications is identifying where the data should be stored and the respective matching operation that should take place. The various stages of process in an enterprise are: a central server, the local workstation, the biometric device, or a token or smart card. Server-based, client-based, and smart card-based architectures are the different methods that are commonly used in biometrical products. Each biometric is unique and particular individual sign up the biometric on the machine. Face-to-face technical support and verification, unlike password can be given over a phone or an access card that can be handed out by a receptionist. Schemes that use a one-time password can by pass this issue but supervised signing is necessary for security policy. For the performance of the system proper training for the administrator is essential to perform sign ups.

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A biometrics sensor is essential for the biometric authentication at the client workstation. The sensor device is in built in the PC for face voice signature or typing biometric. For the other types of biometric new device must be fixed which is USB compatible. Biometric software can be made automatically for inter networked surrounding. Various types of devices, architectures, and integrated solutions are available in today's technological world for the purpose of biometric. It requires user authentication which can be used in technology as a part of the end to end security back bone including the business requirements and available infrastructures when choosing the components. Biometric scan is much cheaper to implement in organization for the safety of security of the organization

Operating System Controls

An operating system (OS) is software that acts as a connection between the hardware and other software's. The OS manages and coordinates the processes and allocation and sharing of hardware such as RAM and disk space, and acts as a host for computing applications running on the OS. An operating system does the hardware process with the timely software.

Dell Company used to use Linux as an alternative for Microsoft, and it is part of application to do the specific thing and it would enables the customers to do the particular task.

Application Systems Controls

Dell Company uses remote control access to help the customer when they face any problems with the system they help from the back interface. This process is accessible from anywhere so the customers can sit back and relax when the computer is being fixed by dell technician and it's been tested and validated for the dell systems.

Database controls

Database security is a key element of the total IS audit. Some paucity in OS and database security can nullify all of the security and controls that have been designed carefully in the applications. Therefore, it is essential to carry out reviews of the OS and database for all crucial applications and the servers that hold susceptible information.

Network Management

Companies like Dell depends on network management the availability and performance are critical to survive and it helps business growth. It is one of the main components how they communicate with customers, when the network fails customers and employs cannot communicate. It allows business to operate more efficiently, cut costs and prevent revenue loss, also allows reduce the total cost of the network infrastructure.

Internet Banking

Dell Company used to sell product by mail or telephone since they have introduced new technology it made the business process work unproblematic and helped to make more profit. The strategy of selling computers directly to the customers over the internet was a disruptive innovation and dell has successive in coming up with this strategy. By using internet banking is much better for the Dell customer to order and purchase the products online.


Dell Company is one of the leading firms in the market and they have a strong brand image, robust financial performance, and focus on research, and development can feel secure enough to go with competitive world. They targeted specific segment of people to enrich the profit and meet the global standards. Service of the Dell Company is outstanding and has been adding new services in order to satisfy the customers. One of the Dell Business strategies is that, they are keeping up with the fast company by working with high tech and moving along with the fast market. Dell have captured large segment of the B2B internet related market and that would enable more companies to build internet capabilities. They have implemented new software that would enable customers to scan their own system and identify the problem.

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