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"Early Spring", a short poem by Shonto Begay

“Early Spring”, a short poem by Shonto Begay, sends out the message that nowadays, people simply take advantage of the fact that nature is there. However, they need: to stop, take the time to notice, and appreciate their environment; along with the cycle of life. Nature is a beautiful thing and an individual who is aware of his or her surroundings has a better chance of being able to take it in and appreciate it. Shonto Begay expresses this idea with his poem by using vibrant images and rich language

Begay writes fervently in his poem about the renewal of the Earth as spring comes closer and closer. In the poem, he verbalizes, “In the early spring, the snowfall is light upon the mesa. It does not stick to the ground very long” (line 1-3). He assumes that as winter ends, the snow melts hastily in order to make room for the arriving plants and wildlife of spring

Furthermore, remains of a winter that have just passed are left in the shape of soft snow that is dissolving upon the warming Earth. He quotes, “I walk through this patchwork of snow and Earth” (line 4). Begay portrays the land and remnants of winter as a blanket of some sorts. The “patchwork of snow and earth” must have taken a lot of time and effort to create, therefore it's worthwhile and worth appreciating

There is a major alteration from the season of winter to spring. Begay stated, “Even as I stand here shivering in the afternoon chill, just below me, young seedlings start their upward journey” (line 14-16).He seems to be saying that every single plant is beginning to grow once again. While the rodents and other animals are still in their burrows in hibernation for the winter, the moment is drawing ever so near for them to awake and appear to the outside world once again

Begay had an idea that, just like the animals vanish in hibernation for the winter, the creatures we know end to exist until spring comes full force on the Earth. To him, spring comes so rapidly that one can envision from his writings that plants shoot up out of the ground and all of the wild animals emerge just like magic. It appears as though he believes that many people do not take the time to look around and admire nature's true beauty. He wants everyone to stop and experience how beautiful nature is and to see it through his eyes.