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Define The Term Leadership History Essay

The term 'leadership' is multifaceted and does not have one concrete definition. The simplest definition of leadership is to have the ability to inspire and lead people to achieve a common goal. It is a combination of personality and skills with the purpose to let others want to follow his/her direction. " Leaders carry out this process by applying their leadership attributes, such as beliefs, values, ethics, character, knowledge, and skills". Even though being in the organization as a manager or a director etc. provides the ability of achieving main chores and projects, however it does not mean that you can be a leader.

The leadership ability is not restricted to men alone, rather due to the availability of almost equal number of opportunities in the field of education, there has been a steady increase in the number of educated women in the recent years, and as a result women are adding up to the workforce of our society. The number of employed women are increasing and they are also challenging men by having more education and better jobs with higher salaries. Besides, women have also started leading many big organizations which, earlier, was considered men's unchallenged right. They are taking more responsibilities in the offices, defying their long established role of being a child-raiser only. With this global change, the status of an Arab woman has also improved a little bit in recent years, but still there is a long way to go. Earlier the role of an Arab woman was strictly limited to her household and she was never supported to have any part in the overall development of her country as she was never allowed to work in the field, let alone in the arena of politics. There has been many reasons behind this, including male dominance, conservativism, and religious and social environment. public life. The role of governments have also been rickety in this regard as one day they stand with modernizers and they next day they are seen with religious-conservatives. However, things are changing with a fast pace and many positive steps have been taken to improve the situation now. One such step is the opening up of Arab Women's Leadership Moreover, the UAE women have been encouraged to be leaders as His Highness Shaik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Rule of Dubai, hailed the move as a significant reinforcement of women's role at various levels. He voiced his support to the appointments, noting it was perfectly consistent with the vision of the UAE leadership. Just as the UAE in general, and Dubai in particular are moving steadily on the path of prosperity and development, women in the country are also keeping pace with this progress. In recent years, UAE women have been an increasingly vital part of the society. The high status of women in the UAE is due to wise and visionary leadership. It starts from the families which give the women all kinds of support to acquire high education which holds no more stigma with working women. There are no more off limit field for women. Although the women perspective has turned more open and understanding in the working force, there are some women who have been left behind because of stereotyping and gender issues, and in some cases it's due to lack of confidant, self-esteem or ambition. In other cases, married women can face problems to strike a balance between her family and her career.

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The story of Emirati women in the UAE is one of success and one of the stories that the nation can be exactly proud of, even though Emirates is still a young country. Emirati women constitute half of the UAE population and they are today contributing in the government and in the private sector. The major role of the women in our society has improved over the years as a part of the norm in the UAE while the UAE has achieved a great improvement in many sectors. The UAE leadership dedicated themselves to give the power to women and benefit from their skills to further the growth of the economy. In the UAE the women's rights are not only safeguarded in the UAE's constitution, but they are also at par with the United Nations Convention which ensures the exclusion all forms of discrimination against Women. The real productive and critical role to ensure the rights of Emirati women was played by different organizations. In 1975 the General Women's Union was established under the Presidency of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak. This organization organizes the women's movement and supports the development of women in all sectors. This organization worked effectively in improving the women's role in many sectors such as economic, social, education, media, political, and labor fields. As a result of that the number of Educated women has increased which has the huge impact on the workhouses. In spite of the cultural and traditional barriers, there are around 22.5 per cent of Emirati women working at the Federal National Council. 10 per cent of them are in the diplomatic line, 30 percent are working in leadership roles, 66 percent of whom are in the government. Also, Emirati women worked as leaders in non-traditional careers such as General Civil Aviation Authority. The first in the field is the civil aviation pilot Aysha Al Hamli. Moreover, in 2008 Kholoud Ahmed Juoan Al-Dhaheri is the first female working as a judge.

According to khamis (2007), Emirati women in the UAE have been always playing the role of leaders, but earlier Emirati women's role in the past was only concentrated in their households and when their husbands were away for a long period of time. Nowadays we can see Emirati women leaders in both their work and at their home. However, there are some families which follow their traditions and they refuse to allow the women to be involved in the work field. I think that khamis's argument is totally right. That is because the Emirati women are playing the leaders' role in their households before any other place. Also, nowadays they continue their role and reach the work field, but we can see nowadays that there is a lack of Emirati women in the work filed because of their family traditions which did not allow them to contribute in the work filed.

The event 'Women and Leadership: Global Trends and Local Innovations' is scheduled to be organized under the auspicious sponsorship of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and led by by H.H Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum President of Dubai Women Establishment, wife of H.H sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Minister .

Speaking in this regard Her Highness Sheikha Manal said that this annual forum would focus and bring to light the contribution of Arab women regionally to both economic growth and cultural development and would draw our attention to the endeavors of our leadership which always encourages women to hold leadership positions.She further added that through the forum, they aimed to strengthen the role of women as community leaders and to inspire future generations of women to actively participate in nation building. Furthermore she also talked about the goal of the establishment. According to her the objective of the establishment is to provide women in the Arab world with the advanced skill set and best practices for assuming leadership roles, which should be on par with top-tier achievers worldwide. She believes that she understands that women play significant roles within communities by taking initiative and paving pathways to change through their activism, leadership, and social networks.

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Community-based organizations can also play their positive role by offering women new leadership possibilities especially in the areas where woman have always performed well. This sub-theme supports presentations that address the informal and formal roles women play in community organizations and networks with emphasis on the types of women's leadership, opportunities, and expectations. These community based organizations can also work with corporations, universities, nongovernmental organizations, and other bodies in order to meet community needs through joint and flexible partnerships. It would be indeed productive as partnerships offer new ideas, resources, and networks for creative problem solving, as well as the potential for conflict, as different groups accept diverse leadership models and constituencies. This sub-theme is of utmost importance as it deals with community partnerships as vehicles for stating and guiding change, with special attention paid to the forms of social capital and leadership that arise from joint ventures. Community leadership can also possibly tackles larger societal issues, seeing. Women's place in society often raises pivotal questions about the direction of community transformation, especially concerning gender roles, education, family structure, the workforce, and traditional values. This subtheme tries to find out how communities change, the relationship between community and societal change, and the challenges leadership faces in directing, controlling, and responding to transition. However, many problems communities confront such as poverty, housing, domestic violence, education, and social services have both local and global faces. The adage "think global, act local" has special currency within community leadership as it places the context for leadership within the global but the onus for action clearly within local communities and their cultural values, resources, and leadership. This subtheme examines how communities problem-solve, the requirements and needs for leadership, the role of women within the definition and solution of problems, and the relationship between local and global contexts.

In the modern world, things are changing with a fast pace and there is a great likelihood that the members of the same community might not live in the same geographic space, share similar values, or even know one another. The anonymity of leadership in new communities such as those found on the Internet can engender women's participation especially in societies where women have limited access to power and authority. By this discussion we come to know that evidently, It is clear communities themselves experience change and questions about what forms leadership in new community formations also crops up. This subtheme helps presenters think creatively about new forms of community as well as what leadership might look like within these communities. Although women are increasingly present in the public sphere, they continue to drive community leadership from informal positions. Women's presence in community leadership is distinctive because they are perceived to constitute specific values of the community through their roles as mothers, daughters, and wives. This sub-theme looks at women's networks and roles in public and/or private spaces, as well as how these roles brings changes in the development, and viability of local and global communities.

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