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The best diet pills in the philippines

Diet pills are very popular nowadays; helping many Filipino women, who may want to fit in a beautiful dress spotted in the mall, achieve their desired weight and figure. Keeping fit is important because it contributes to developing personal confidence. For many women, having the body that they want is a very important achievement. Diet pills in the Philippines may be very helpful for those who want to lose weight but they must also know what pill is the right one for them and how to use it safely.

Xenical (ORLISTAT)

Xenical is for obese people who find it hard to lose their excess body weight. It is a prescription drug for treating obesity. Its main ingredient is Orlistat which is proven by doctors to help in the elimination of excess body fats. It works in the intestines, preventing the fat from being absorbed by the body and eliminating it through bowel movements instead. With this process, excessive body fats can no longer be stored inside making the body slim and fit. If combined with the proper diet and continuous exercise, users will definitely start to experience weight loss in a fairly short period. Xenical is medically proven safe and effective if users will stick to their prescribed diet. It is also available in countries outside of the Philippines such as the United States.

Zhen de Shou

This fat loss pill is from China. Zhen de Shou is an appetite suppressant which helps the user decrease food cravings. It will also increase the metabolism so users will experience a slight warming effect, reduced sleep hours and increased intake of fluids. It is highly effective and highly controversial. There are usually no side effects such as headaches, diarrhea and skin irritation until the user quits using this diet aid. Zhen de Shou manufacturers guarantee users that exercise is no longer needed because the product is so effective for weight loss. It is in fact faster that other brands in producing weight loss.

The reason is that Chinese herbal concoctions usually contain Mao Huang (a type of ephedra) which is known to cause serious long term injuries to the body. It is also a strong laxative and consequently a large amount of the immediate weight loss may be attributed to this. These herbs are known to have lethal effects and caution is advised.


Proactol is a non prescription diet aid. It is totally natural and organic so users will not experience any side effects. Fats from foods are not absorbed by the body because of the fibre complex made from Opuntia-indica cactus that ties fats. It also decreases food cravings making it an active appetite depressant. It binds up to 28% of the food body intake.

Proactol may help you reduce your food cravings and lower your calorie absorption; it is however not an overnight weight loss process. People report that it is necessary to take this diet aid for 4 months or longer and it may not help you at all if you are already eating foods low in fat. It is not recommended for anyone who has diabetes or any gastric problems. It is also not recommended for anyone who has a BMI less than 27.


Slimina helps decreasing the amount of fat absorbed by the body. It increases the metabolism of users by dampening intestines and relaxing bowel movements which helps getting rid of waste products from the body. Fat and toxins that are not essential to the body are also removed making the intestinal track clean. Perilla, which is one of its ingredients, contains Vitamins B, C, E selenium and ultra oxygen mutase (SOD) which also helps the skin look younger. All other ingredients include Cassie seeds and Rhizoma Alismatis.

Diet pills in the Philippines may seem essential to women who want to get rid of their fat in a fast, easy and effective way. It is however, very important to be cautious of fads. Anything that promises rapid weight loss is likely to be very bad for your health. Products that help you change your lifestyle habits are the best, but you will need to take them for a while longer. It is important not to give up and very important to seek the advice of your doctor.