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Quantum Touch healing technique

Quantum Touch healing technique

In this Alternative healing technique, the practitioner vibrates his hand to a very high level of frequency combine with some breathing and meditation technique and keeps his hands on the patient. The patient body tries to match the vibration of the practitioner hand and this triggers the biological immune system of ill person to heal body itself. Basically quantum touch technique reduces the pain, assist structural alignment, decrease inflammation and balance the overall body system by promoting better healing. The process helps in inducing deep meditation or sleep as well.

Quantum touch heals the person from the quantum level. It works with the Life Force Energy of the human body which is famously known as "chi" in Chinese and "prana" in Sanskrit. The technique focuses on the flow of energy that sustains all living being in the world. It tries to maintain the positive flow of energy by removing the negative one.

The technique is quite fascinating but very poorly understood. The human body has extraordinary ability and intelligence to heal itself. All it requires is right emotional, energetic, spiritual and nutritional environment to heal at its own. Albeit all the healing is self healing, still we can assist others in healing. In this alternative healing technique healer have to focus and amplify the LFE (Life force energy) by combining various body awareness exercises and breathing.

In quantum touch healing technique a high frequency of life force energy is created and when it is placed around a area of stress, pain, inflammation or any disease, the body can absorb the high frequency and resonates with it, hence it amplify the body ability to heal itself.

Some of the Ailments that are effectively treated with this technique are Muscular skeletal disorders, scoliosis, Pinched or trapped nerves, Trauma, joint pain, hip pain etc.

Quantum touch healing technique offers very fast and deep pain relief. This works perfectly in the case of small babies and animals. The healing technique does not directly claims to heal or treat a specific condition; the effectiveness of the quantum touch varies individual to individual and it depends more upon on the person ability to heal.

The technique is one of the simplest, effective and straight forward. One can learn quantum touch very easily and with very low cost. Complicated systems and expensive instruments are not require in this technique. All require is touch with emotion.

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