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Juvenile Diabetes In The Us Health And Social Care Essay

Childhood diabetes has to be taken care at a very early stage. Parents usually do not go for a checkup assuming their children are too young to visit a doctor. It is highly recommended that parents must take their children for regular yearly checkups. If juvenile diabetics are not detected at an early age it can lead to serious complications. Detecting Diabetics at an early age help parents to control their children diet, keep a watch on their activities, living a healthy life and if needed taking their insulin shots regularly. This would help the children in their young age to cultivate a habit of healthy living. Children who have diabetes or have relatives with diabetes know how devastating this disease can be. People who live with diabetes have to watch what they eat and they also have to take their medication daily. The distressing fact is that the disease has no permanent cure. The American Diabetes Association (2005) reveals that one in three Americans born after 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime. This is at a very alarming rate and needs precautionary measures.

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Exercising for diabetic patient is important, as it helps to control the amount of sugar in the blood and helps burn excess fat to attain the best possible weight. Regular exercise always helps the body to respond to insulin. It helps to effectively manage blood glucose levels. Exercise lowers blood sugar and reduces the amount of medication one need to treat diabetes, or even eliminate the need for medication. (Jeffery, R. W. & French, 2010). Exercise helps to stimulate your body and improves circulation. It increases circulation from your head to toe, this helps in blood circulation in the arms and legs where diabetic patients’ are most affected. Exercise helps to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides. High cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure can lead to a heart attack and stroke. Stress increases glucose level in the body. It is recommended that if a person has problems in breathing or is having a tingling or numbness in his legs, one should not exercise and take rest. (Researched by Mayo Clinic)

A healthy diet is a balanced diet that helps to stimulate the body that maintains good health. Diabetics can be controlled if ones Body Mass Index is in control, if not this lead to obesity and complications. (Patlak, M. 2002). Outdoor activities, helps diabetics to be active, reduce weight that helps them in controlling the disease. Being active helps to lower blood sugar levels and keeps them in a desirable range. Exercise is recommended as it burns calories. During outdoor activities, the body burns glucose to produce energy. Hence blood glucose levels are lowered and keep the body glucose level in control for a healthy life.

Eating junk food leads to a buildup of body fat, which leads to obesity and finally high blood pressure. One must have a balanced meal to control diabetics. Nutritionist believe one should have less in fat and more in carbohydrates, although there are many challenges to this proposal on the percentage of intake of foods. Children should be educated and should know the tolerable range for their blood glucose levels on a regular basis measuring their glucose level with a meter in a timely manner. A log should be maintained so that they could keep the results and analyze their blood glucose variation. This is important so that the health care providers or doctors could measure the progress based on this log and recommend medications as deemed fit. It has been recommended that children should eat more of fruits and vegetables and less of fatty foods so that the blood glucose level is kept under control. It is also recommended that they should eat in small portions. The biggest issue with juvenile diabetics is that the body cannot make insulin on their own and hence they have to inject insulin in them to take care of the insulin deficiency in their body.

When the child is under his parent’s care it is easier to control the child’s food habits and activities however it is difficult to monitor when the child is not under the parents supervision and this can cause a big risk. This leads to uncontrolled diabetics. Hence parents should educate their children on these devastating risks. The risks usually lead to problems in kidney failures, loss of sight, heart diseases and limb amputation. Children with diabetes can decrease these risks by controlling their blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. (Researched by Mayo Clinic).

Self discipline is a key factor to control diabetes. This involves regular exercise, monitoring daily ones glucose level, having medications at prescribed doses, having a balanced diet. The children should be taught to eat healthy and parents should support their children and correct them although it is difficult to do that day in and day out as most children have craving for fatty foods or sweet foods which is not good for their health. The children should be educated and encouraged to make their own decisions and the right decisions, so that they know the consequences on any wrong food habits that could jeopardize their health. They should make good friend who would support them in their goals and not entice them to lead an unhealthy life. (Rother K. I. 2007).

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Evidently, as discussed in this paper, it is not easy to lead a healthy lifestyle. People become irresponsible and like to eat whatever they crave. They like to watch TV or spend most of their time in front of their computers, and tend to avoid exercise. While genetics is a factor that people cannot do much about, the other lifestyle related factors are within our control. It is very tempting to eat junk food, play computer games and stay indoors in an environment especially in the United States with the privileges that we enjoy. However, the paper presented is easy to follow guidelines, which starts with education and information about the causes, effects and how to live a healthy life. In a nutshell, people who understand the root causes of diabetes are more likely to succeed in preventing the disease and also live an effective life. Hence going back to a more traditional lifestyle like cooking at home, getting involved in community activities and a regular health check up will avoid major health risks.

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