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Athletes Drugs Sports

Athletes Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Throughout recent years, the use of performance-enhancing drugs among athletes has increased dramatically. Competitive athletes have more pressure on them to perform at higher levels now than ever before. Athletes take these drugs for various reasons. Performance-enhancing drugs can increase muscle size, endurance, and speed. Some may appear to achieve these physical gains from such drugs, but at what cost? Because some athletes have resorted to using these drugs, they have experienced the terrible side effects caused by them. The use of drugs in sports has led to problems with dishonesty amongst players, violence off the field, and many health issues with the athlete. Because so many athletes are beginning to use these drugs, the use of drug testing on professional and collegiate athletes has become a routine. Many years ago if you asked an athlete about the drugs being used today, chances are

that he or she would not know anything about them. Stress from the media and

competition has led athletes to start using these drugs to help them succeed in what they do. The number of athletes using drugs has steadily increased over the years. Due to the dishonesty and increasing use of drugs, random drug testing has been put into effect in order to stop the widespread use of drugs.

When the line of intensity on and off the field is blurred, the results can be devastating. Testosterone is the main ingredient in many steroids that are in use today. This hormone can lead to violence when used at unhealthy levels. Often times an athlete can let his or her emotions take control off the field. Whenever this occurs the rage from these drugs can often endanger those around the athlete. Families have been torn apart simply because athletes let their emotions from taking these drugs take over their personal lives

Even though some athletes can make substantial gains in speed, endurance, and stamina, the side effects from taking these performance-enhancing drugs can be devastating. Some side effects occur many years down the road, as others have an immediate impact on the user. Side effects such as severe acne, baldness, increased body hair, infertility, drug dependence, aggressive

behaviors, and increased appetite are problems that a user might experience

immediately ("Mayo Clinic"). Other health complications such as liver abnormalities, tumors, bad cholesterol, and psychiatric disorders might plague a drug user years later in their life ("Mayo Clinic"). The truth is, the long-term effects of performance-enhancing drugs haven't been rigorously studied yet ("Mayo Clinic"). Many other negative long-term side effects are expected to "rise to the surface" as scientists further study the side effects of the drugs. These findings should point out that even though a person may reap the benefits of performance-enhancing drugs, the risks involved are not worth the possible gains that may be achieved.

Hopefully adequate measures will be taken by officials to help stop the use of performance-enhancing drugs among athletes. The use of these drugs has brought chaos into sports, families, and the athletes' life. Because athletes are using drugs, fans have begun to believe that certain sports are dishonest and impure. Television stations relating to sports are constantly talking about athletes who have tested positive for drugs and athletes who have admitted to

taking performance-enhancing drugs. The cloudy haze of confusion between sports and drugs will not be lifted until measures are taken to eliminate drugs from sports.

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