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Financial Markets Responsibilities Taken Care Of Hm Treasury Finance Essay

This days the bank of England have create a new financial policy committee after they got all the control of the prudential regulation by that the old financial services authority has been dismantling by the government . the bank of England will create two new regulation which will make the new system one of the best system they have, and it could be the top. The first regulation is prudential regulation authority and it will be charged with regulating bank and other financial institution and it will work under bank of England regulation. The second will be a new Consumer Protection and Markets Authority. And it will be a agency for economic crime so everyone will be responsible in the parliament so every time you will ask for the person in charge you will have answer and not like before, moreover it will start the new regulation in 2012 as the government mention. The banking commission are looking for the competition between the banks and the financial institutions in the new system, and in the new system it will be possibile that the bigger banks will be breaking up and fail.

The uk system trying the best to ensure the financial markets that it is efficient working good and organization, so what they do is compromise between the self regulation and statutory regulation. The uk markets has been reinforces by the financial services authority, for example when a company want to list in the stock exchange. They have to follows the requirements of the previous self regulatory and in addition to the United Kingdom Listing Authority, what is mean the body of the financial services authority. All of the tow systems working together and have powers of institution revelation needs, all the company have to be agreement of provisions and enforcement values.

All over the work the regulation of financial markets has been change in UK and in Europe and also in USA and other places. the EU has been changed a lot in the priorities of government when they have problems in changing or in the regulation of financial system, and it is one of the biggest issues that face the regulation of markets and they getting help from other jurisdictions

Quinn's 1992 they saying in the article and make it sure that the agreement of banking rules in the EU and the organization of countries own the regulatory standards and centralisation of EU included financial market they are needed to be fast reaction for any problems in the future for example market failure(Quinn, 1992)..Values differ greatly across countries. Ireland’s Central Bank is the primary regulator of financial markets. In the UK, the newly established financial services authority has taken over the pedals from the Bank of England and in Denmark they have independent regulatory authority also, there is a lot of differences and not only in the institutions, there are a huge variations in the powers of these contradictory institutions and not only in the institutions. the system is viewed as, in Ireland, they are far too scrappy to be effective Any powers of investigation and enforcement are unclear and appear unsuccessful. in German they have financial regulator also, and it was recently been questioned in how they use their regulation. the the Neuter Market for the growth stocks, it is just inform that they put new rules which going to improve the flow company information to investors and make it better. moreover, by this new rules they hope that willl make the investors feel confidence again on the market. insider dealing investigations and insolvencies. The article argues that the rules are long overdue.

"They still do not afford investors the transparency found in the UK, with its more established equity culture", (Financial Times, 2001). Stewart’s suggestion of ‘an umbrella grouping, under an appropriate directive, at EU level which will collate information and provide expertise on legislative detail in different countries" (Stewart, 1995), so they need measure to make the differences in the EU a little closer and similar together, while Europe struggles with coordination difficulties. the real question if the statutory government regulation in useful to markets and they still constantly debated or not.


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