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The Limits Of Society Through Marriage English Literature Essay

Despite the lifestyle of any individual; one is usually controlled by the demands of the culture and society that are surrounded by him or her. People have specific expectations and commitments one needs to fulfill towards their status, wealth and families. In the novel, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen depicts how the hardships of society affect the lives of many. The primary social motives mainly depicted in Pride and Prejudice were the customs concerning marriage and women during this time period. Marriage was the particular way for woman to gain their financial ease. Besides financial views, there are great qualities of social motives relating to the matter of marriage, such as having responsibilities, or beneficial giving. Jane Austen proclaims in the opening line of Pride and Prejudice that "it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife" (Austen 1). Austen address that a rich man needs to have a wife in his life and also, vice versa.

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Mrs. Bennet, whose ambition is to only see her daughters marry a successful man, was continually aware of the need for her daughters to find an acceptable husband to provide for them. Mr. Bennet had no male heir to give his estate to; therefore he has no choice but to give his estate to Mr. Collins. The Bennet women will be left without financial incomes and without a home. They will not be able to manage their lives because woman could not go out and work. Thus, marriage must come sooner. In the beginning of Pride and Prejudice, Charles Bingley was introduced as "a sociable gentleman who should be - lively, open, unreserved, with a pleasant countenance and an agreeable manner" (Sherry 612). He soon finds potential with a Bennet daughter. On the other hand; Darcy, a wealthy man, has an enough amount of pride to notice the Bennet sisters. Charles Bingley and Jane Bennet along with Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Bennet "are clearly established as lovers" (Sherry 614), disregarding that they are in two different social groups. Also, of course the Bennet family has accepted the relation between their loves.

Elizabeth refuses marriage with Darcy until she is given the letter from Darcy, "like Elizabeth, we have trusted implicitly to qualities like liveliness, openness, and apparent good nature, without really questioning their ultimate value" (Sherry 616). Thus, Darcy's letter made a big impact on his marriage with Elizabeth. He recognizes that there are signs of hope and pride even towards the Bennet family and their mistakes rather than their faults and imperfections. Also with Bingley and Jane's love for each other overcoming at the end, Bingley fears the limits of society, causing him to hesitate in his love towards Jane.

When Darcy proposed to Elizabeth:

"He had simply assumed that his reputation would speak for itself without further effort on his part that his character, his wealth, his position, would be more than sufficient to confound any lies that Wickham might dare to spread . . . , people are not to be moved in this way"(Sherry 622).

Every scene taken in Pride and Prejudice is based on the limits of society. Jane Austen vividly describes her opinions towards these limits and restrictions. Austen expressed love on its own.

We will always be influenced by our society and others around us despite the circumstances of any individual.

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