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Endangered Animals

The number of animal species that are on the endangered species list will rise in the next few years if we do not do anything about it. Animals around the world are being brutally killed or harmed and it is causing many different species diminish. Humans are one of the many reasons that marine turtles, tigers and Magellanic penguins are becoming extinct.

The Magellanic penguin species is having a hard time striving and surviving. Commercial fishing is having a major negative impact on their food source (“Magellanic Penguin”, The penguins are having to swim farther for food and are getting caught up in strong currents (“Threatened”, They are struggling to get back to shore with the food or are starving before they get their food. Humans are not helping the animals by polluting the water. Penguins are getting sick from the oily water released by tankers and the wastes that humans are contributing to the water (“Magellanic Penguin”, If humans do not do anything to help these poor creatures and the conditions that they live in then the species will become extinct.

Marine turtles are an important addition to our ecosystems. Marine turtles have out lived dinosaurs for about 65 million years; however they will die out in the next ten years if we do not stop harming them (“Turtles Hurtles Towards Extinction”, Turtles come on the land to lay their eggs. They move slower on land and have myopic vision which impairs their vision; therefore they become more prone to poachers on land than in the water (“Why Sea Turtles are Endangered”, Poachers sell their parts because they are a useful medication and food source (“Half of the World's Turtles Face Extinction”, Humans hurt the turtle in more than one way than one. The majority of the turtles do not live through their first year of life because researchers may go to their nesting beaches and touch or move their eggs (“Marine Turtles”, Others get caught in the nets of fisherman and are left to die. If this horrendous activity keeps occurring, then there will be more species on the endangered list. Three of the subspecies of the marine turtle are already on the list (“Protecting the Future of Nature”, Let's keep the other four types of marine turtles off the list.

Tigers are at the top of the food chains in the forest and without them we would have an over population of animals. The tiger's numbers are going down due to the continuous illegal hunting of their meat, skin and body parts (“Endangered Tiger Facts”, Poaching is illegal but still occurs because on the black market tiger parts can be worth 200,000 dollars (“Save the Tigers”, Their population has declined significantly during the 1970's. states that in 1900 the tiger population was 100,000 and in 1970 it dropped to about 4,000. Without a doubt more tigers will become extinct if something is not done to stop these poachers from killing these beautiful creatures. Since the human population is increasing, more forests are being cut down for timber; therefore the tigers have nowhere to live (“Why are the Tigers Almost Extinct”, It will be a disaster for the tigers and humans if the species is extinct. “There are about 3,200 tigers left in the world.” says (“Protecting the Force of Nature”). If we do not immediately do something to stop these horrific poachers from getting these animals then the species is doomed as we know it.

There are many websites and organizations that are engaging in the effort to help these animals. The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation set up collections to raise money for the tigers (“Save the Tiger Fund”, The World Wildlife Fund is working to protect nesting beaches, raise awareness of the turtles, start of turtle friendly fishing practices and halting illegal trade of turtle meat and eggs (“Protecting the Future of Nature”, The Wildlife conservation Society is contributing to the effort as well. They are helping protect the breeding sites of penguins and are pushing for more advanced research on these penguins so we can help them properly (“Magellanic Penguin”, Many of the newer programs are more interactive and even let you interact with them more. Any program that is true to their word and helps the animals is worth the time and money that you can give.

I do not understand how people can be so cruel towards animals. The extinction list is growing and if we do not do something soon, then there will be in trouble. There are so many species that are on the list already that we know so little about. We do not need to make this list grow. So ask yourself, “What can I do to help?”