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Workplace Fairness


      Workplace fairness is a public education and advocacy organizational founded in 1994 as the National Employee Rights Institute.

      Workplace fairness states its mission as follows:

      “ Our goals are that workers and their advocates are educated about workplace rights and options for resolving workplace problems and that the policy makers, members of the business community and the public at large view the fair treatment of workers as both business practice and sound public policy.”

Workplace Fairness is a nonprofit organization, that helps in providing a information, education and assistance to employees and workers and promotes public policies that advance employee rights.


Workplace Fairness works towards the following goals and objectives:

Issues At Workplace

Thus, Workplace Fairness support policies that helps to stem the of jobs, such as tax incentives to keep jobs , restrictions in government law that limit outsourcing, and union contracts that maintain minimum staffing levels.

Workplace Fairness demands immediate action from organization to prevent the above gap between corporate executive and average workers. It is essential to immediately raise the minimum salary to a level which will lift employees standard of living of employees.

The absence of adequate health care, whether provided by employers or the government, places a heavy financial load on the backs of employees. Because of this, adequate health care for workers and their families, whether provided by employers, the government, or a combined employer-government approach, is a vitally important goal of Workplace Fairness.

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