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KSA Skills Attitudes

KSA Checklist

In a classroom setting, "KSA" refers to Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes, the three learning domains in Bloom's Taxonomy. In the workforce, "KSA" refers to the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities needed to perform job functions, where "knowledge" is an organized body of relevant information, a "skill" is a measurable proficiency in the manipulation of data or things, and an "ability" is the capacity to perform a task in a manner important for the job (inferred but not measured, such as organization, teamwork, etc.)


How to Write a KSA Checklist

Important Notes



The three domains of a KSA checklist are useful in identifying and evaluating multiple, important facets of learning and competence. As part of a pre-/post-assessment or throughout a course, KSA checklists can serve as checkpoints in the systematic progression of learning.


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