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Hindustan Times for hindu and indian news


Hindustan Timesis a daily newspaper appearing in print and on-line for easy access to modern Hindu and Indian news. Providing thorough reporting from around the world, the paper includes business news, politics, editorials, and a section on lifestyles and popular culture, aptly named “infotainment.” In addition to standard news reporting, theHindustan Timeshas a selection of regular columns, covering topics ranging from the recent ailments of India's Prime Minister to the lack of conservatism in recent novels. TheHindustan Timeson-line provides a free and comprehensive look into Indian culture.
Hindustan Timesis one of the India's leading newspaper which has been published since 1924 with roots in the independence movement. The name comes from the Persianword 'Hindostān', which amongstMuslimsis synonymous for northern and central India. Hindustan Times is the flagship publication ofHT Media Ltd. In 2008, the newspaper reported that with a (circulation of over 1.14 million) it was certified by theAudit Bureau of Circulationsranking them as the third largest circulatory daily English Newspaper inIndia. Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2008, revealed that HT has a readership of (6.6 million) placing them as the second most-widely read English Newspaper inIndiaafterTimes of India. It has a wide reach in northern India (barring Southern India), with simultaneous editions fromNew Delhi,Mumbai,Lucknow,Patna,Ranchi,Kolkata,BhopalandChandigarh. The print location ofJaipurwas discontinued from June 2006. HT has also launched a youth daily HT Next in 2004. The Mumbai edition was launched on 14 July 2005.

Other sister publications ofHindustan TimesareMint(English business daily),Hindustan(Hindi Daily),Nandan(monthly children's magazine) andKadambani (monthly literary magazine). The media group also owns a radio channelFeverand organizes an annual Luxury Conference which has featured speakers like designerDiane von Fürstenberg, shoemakerChristian Louboutin,GucciCEO Robert Polet andCartierMD Patrick Normand. Hindustan Times is owned by the KK Birla branch of the Birla family.


INDIA SHINES is the magazine of Hindustan times in India. Its the best report of the business topography of the newly liberalized India. As the wave of change sweeps business, economy and society like never before, INDIA SHINES has ensured that its readers have all the necessary upgrades to challenge tomorrow. It takes its readers deeper to give a complete understanding of the world of business.

It has set one benchmark after another in business reporting. It was the first to do serious reporting on management theories. And then again, its the first to bring a whole new era of business journalism more up-close and more incisive. Today, INDIA SHINES commands the highest circulation and readership among all business magazines in India. Because INDIA SHINES is so designed that it has all the information and knowledge of country including infotainment, entertainment, sports, fashion, general knowledge, science, business, horoscope, sensex, politics, and many more... It is a monthly magazine which is published every month


INDIA SHINES is published in many languages in order to reach in every areas of the country as well as around the world, such as…

i. India Shines HINDI

ii. India Shines ENGLISH

iii. India Shines BUSINESS


v. India Shines MONEY AND TIME

India Shines is a magazine which has reported, commented, shared and enlightened readers with confidence. The Hindustan Times, that derived its name, today is a largest media with presence in magazines, television, radio, newspapers, Internet, books and music.

It wouldn't be a wrong thing to say that India Shines is defining the role of media houses in modern day India. The group now boasts of 5 magazines, many newspapers. The group now has a reach of 35 million individuals. The magazine, is reaching a weekly circulation of 0.5 million people and is still counting. To reach that sort of circulation in the cut throat competitive world of magazines is a glorious achievement. The India Shines magazine started with a meager circulation of 5000 copies. Apart from the English edition, the magazine is published in five regional Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Bengali. India Shines magazine has evolved its own style of writing, which is popular among the young and the old alike.


Before doing or starting any business only one mission is exist and that is what ever product we launch that is to fulfill or satisfy the customer need or produce according to consumer wants, as well as it fully ethically or social responsible , so Hindustan Times consider all these point while publishing its new things in market .

While entering in a new market of magazines the company HT has some objectives and these are following:

· The first objective is to increase their profit marzine.

· Second objective is to increase their goodwill.

· Higher penetration in the new market resulting into high market share.

· The customers become aware about the magazine by giving some extra services as compare to other magazines.

· Their magazine satisfies the consumer needs.



In the market, many type of competitors exist those who think new strategy which affect our magazines in the market, every company try to be best in market and launched his best product by which get maximum profit in their business.

So in the market, there are lot of competitors in magazines segment or sector, like India today, femina, business today, etc. so like this, in the market, the competitor of India Shines business today so while taking decision we carefully study about the competitors strategy in market INDIA SHINES has many competitors which are as follows…..

a) Business world

b) Famine

c) Health & Nutrition

d) Savvy

e) Business Today


S: it stands for strength

W: it stands for weaknesses

O: it stands for opportunities

T: it stands for threats.

When we talk about the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Hindustan times…These are as follows.


i. We believe in ourselves i.e. self recognition.

ii. We give away power to icons, heroes, politicians, priests, wives, husbands, bosses, parents, lovers and friends.

iii. Seek the worth in externals.

iv. Believe in quality not in quantity.

v. Huge market share in India.

vi. Maximum coverage over market

vii. Major player in Northern region

viii. Huge wide area network


There are some weaknesses of Hindustan times also…These are as follows.

i. Not demanding throughout the country

ii. So as no diversification


The opportunities of Hindustan times are as given below.

i. To cover the rest areas of country i.e. east, west and south.

ii. Opportunity for diversification

iii. Better utilization of Internet resources

iv. Role of networking and IT.


These are the threats to Hindustan times…

i. Competitors are the big threat to Hindustan times.

ii. Times of India

iii. Threat of intrusion

iv. Threat from malicious attacks



According to Hindustan times, they are targeting mainly the middle and high class of income group people in the country through INDIA SHINES. And INDIA SHINES is not only targeting only one segment of people but also every class of people i.e. children, young and old age of people. The magazine is so designed that it suits to the liking of everybody. so for this, while making the targeting strategy of INDIA SHINES, HT considered the following aspects of market…


Measurable i.e.
Substantial i.e.
Accessible i.e. our magazine, INDIA SHINES must be accessible to every person in the country.
Differentiable i.e. INDIA SHINES must be differentiated from other magazines available in the market.
Actionable i.e.

MARKETING MIX OF INDIA SHINES Marketing mix includes 4 p's i.e.

§ Product

§ Price

§ Place

§ Promotion


INDIA SHINES is a brand of HINDUSTAN TIMES, which is made for reaching every person in the country. As we know that Hindustan times has two newspapers in English & Hindi. But these are not popular throughout the country. So the main purpose of HT, having issued the INDIA SHINES is to reach every person of the country.

So, the INDIA SHINES is so designed that it has all the information and knowledge of country including infotainment, entertainment, sports, fashion, general knowledge, science, business, horoscope, sensex, politics, and many more…

It is a monthly magazine which is published every month.


The price of the INDIA SHINES was set by the HINDUSTAN TIMES by analyzing the market trend and price of competitors. Mainly, HINDUSTAN TIMES is using the following stretragies…

I. THE MARKET PENETRATION PRICING STRATEGY:- This strategy was used by HT for INDIA SHINES to enter into the market and penetrate into the market mainly for increasing the market share in the beginning.

II. VALUE FOR MONEY PRICING STRATEGY:- According to this strategy of HT for the magazine, INDIA SHINES, HT is providing value for money through INDIA SHINES.

PRICES OF INDIA SHINES:- The current price of the magazine, INDIA SHINES In different languages and types are as follows…

i. India Shines HINDI= (45)

ii. India Shines ENGLISH=(45)

iii. India Shines BUSINESS=(50)

iv. India Shines READERS'S INTEREST=(45)

v. India Shines MONEY AND TIME=(50)


Place plays a very important role while making marketing strategy and as everybody knows that effective distribution is the key to success.

A distribution channel is used to move the product from manufecturer to ultimate customers. So every manufecturer try to fulfill the following gaps…

· Time gap

· Space gap

· Quantity gap

· Variety gap etc.

HINDUSTAN TIMES chooses different channels for different group of customer to deliver the magazine, ‘INDIA SHINES' and these channels are following:

1. Zero channel distribution channel: it means- Manufacture to customer, i.e. DIRECTLY


Customer directly goes to manufacturer's outlet and purchases the magazines.

2. One level distribution channel: it means one mediator is exist between the manufacture and customer it means customer can buy the magazines by any authorized retailer.


3. Second level distribution channel: it means two intermediators exist between the manufacture and customer i.e. Wholesaler and retailer, so if any customer wants to purchase the magazine then they can directly go to them.


4. Three level distribution channel: it means three intermediators are exist between manufacturer and customer i.e. distributor, wholesaler, and retailer.


When we talk about the distribution channel of HINDUSTAN TIMES' magazine, ‘INDIA SHINE', then it generally uses all above three types of levels of distribution channel.


Promotion is nothing but a tool to promote any brand or product in the market. It is mainly used after analyzing the current trends of the market, taste & preferences of the customers etc. There are various promotional tools which can be adopted by any company. These are as follows…

ü Samples

ü Coupons

ü Cash Refund Offer

ü Price Pack

ü Frequency (use in train, airplanes)

ü Free Trail Of Product

ü Product Warranties

ü Cross Promotion, etc.

HINDUSTAN TIMES uses many promotional tools among the above tools for promoting INDIA SHINEs i.e.

SAMPLES: - HT is giving the magazines of INDIA SHINES for promoting it as samples…

PRICE PACK: - By this, some discount is given to the customer on having 2 or more magazines among any of INDIA SHINES…

FREQUENCY: - In this type of promotion, HT is promoting its magazine, INDIA SHINES by showing its banners, by holding its hoardings on bus stands, railway stations and airports etc.

BOOK CLUB: - HINDUSTAN TIMES has also opened a book club for promoting its main magazine INDIA SHINES.

In this, any desired customer can registered himself in the book club and by this he becomes the member of this club. The benefits of this club are that he or she can have the magazines with heavy discounts and attractive offers. In the book club, there is a large collection of magazines of HINDUSTAN TIMES. This book club is the ideal way to save the money over magazines. Even a customer can also get some magazines free of cost…
This book club provide subscription for the particular time period that you have chosen. In this membership, an individual gets the books at his home.


Here, HINDUSTAN TIMES has published a magazine named as “INDIA SHINES” which was published in two languages i.e. HINDI and ENGLISH and regarding business, money and time. HT made it to reach every customer throughout the country. For this HT have some mission and objectives. Generally, INDIA SHINES is so designed that it has all the information and knowledge including infotainment, entertainment, sports, fashion, general knowledge, science, business, horoscope, sensex, politics, and many more. Here, it tells about the HT's marketing strategy and marketing mix for the magazine INDIA SHINES i.e. product, price, place and promotion.

It tells about the strength, weakness, opportunity, threats of HINDUSTAN TIMES.







v Book: - PHILIP KOTLER ( marketing management )


v SELF DONE . . .