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Accounting And Finance Degree Program Education Essay

I do believe that every peoples character is composed of certain personal strengths and weaknesses. This helps us define who we are and what qualities that we possess on each personality. Our strengths are the things that we are known for the best. On the other hand, weakness shows us who we are. Those are the things that we believe we can improve on. Both our strengths and weaknesses express the outcome of what we do in on our working environment, daily life, family life and learning process. Therefore, it is our duty to utilize them and improve them to ensure that the end result is a positive one.

I must say that I am also very determined person, which means, once I decided I will put in all my efforts to get it to my goal. When I was young, my father wanted to see me working in the accounting and finance sector. On those younger days, I skipped those classes and failed the exam for many times. Therefore, all efforts of my Dad was wasted. I thought I did not have any abilities to be a good accounts personnel. However, I have tried my best to get back onto the track after my father passed away to pay back the gratitude to fulfil my father's wish. This can be proved by the achievement of getting certified accounting technician status from ACCA UK and ICPAS in Singapore. Moreover, currently I am studying the undergraduate program in Accounting and Finance Degree program.

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I believe that I am an exceptionally dedicated person. Being loyal or dedication is also one of my personal strengths. I have always displayed my dedication at work. I have always been a dedicated employee by being on time, having well planned at the workplace, helping co-workers despite of their position, and being the most flexible when someone needs me and I could prove it through the recommendation letter from my former employer, Appendix ( ). I also take my job very seriously. When performing the specific task, it is not only my aim to complete it but also to complete it to perfection. Moreover, I am the one who always willing to learn new things and in my life and I could never get enough of education. This can prove my certificate of achievements in the appendix ( ).

To succeed in life, my qualities becomes my inner forces in deciding whether I gain the necessary skills and abilities. These qualities that I have connected to the personality that I have. In order to achieve a goal, a driving force gives me strength to excel to achieve this certain goal. A goal could be set when there is a need for the specific condition is recognized. This means that when I have a dream to succeed, I would have put all my efforts to achieving it.

Apart from this, I believe the weaknesses probably are equal in everyone. The difference only comes in when the person who wishes to succeed tried to be aware of his weaknesses and prepare a plan to prevail over them. I can always spot my biggest strength which is reliability. My friends from High School always been telling me that I am there for their uphold or relief of their problems despite of the situation. I take pride on myself for my ability to be a tolerant, flexible person who always have an extra pair of ears to listen, and a shoulder to cry on. However, at some point, this strength can be troublesome because I think I am always someone's support only when they search for help. It seems like I may be too noisy and invading other individuals' secrecy. Furthermore, I have the capability to understand things very well and tend to be optimistic.

Alternatively, it is hard for me to express my weaknesses. The difficulty that I faced while I am trying to do so is reaching an objective perspective. If someone were to ask me how do I think of myself, my answer will be different based on the time and my mood of the day. Therefore, I realized that it is necessary for me get some more objective viewpoints from the third parties like my friends or my family to find out how they thought about me. My family thought my major strengths were reliable and they said my main weakness was that lacking of self-confidence. They also said that my incapability to find my own personal belongings without their help could also be considered a weakness but didn't want to explain it more to get me distress while my other weakness is having greater sensitivity. When I asked my closest friends and colleagues, I tend to get the same answer that I was trustworthy, a hard working employee that could be relied on at all times, however, they also expressed that I have lacked of self-confidence in my own aptitudes. This feedback gave me a clearer picture of how people thought about me.

The results of the Learning Styles Questionnaire in our study book show that I am a Reflector. Reflectors tend to adopt a low profile and take time to assimilate their thoughts and sometimes loose great opportunity because of that.

I do not usually express leadership skill, therefore, my manager commented me that i need an improvement in my decision making skill. In both performance appraisal as appended in Appendix pg _ and _, I am only able to get a rating 3 out of 5. And there is no much improvement shown over the two years. Being the stand alone person for handling full set of accounts for one subsidiary of the company, I do not manage any staff. Of course there are people who support me but there is no one under me. Within my department, my role required me to manage expectation than lead direction. I have lacked of capability to demonstrate my leadership skill. As my manager could oversee this matter, she wanted me to grab the opportunities by sending me for conferences or discussion by representing the department, however, most of the time, I just like to follow the flow of accepting other people's ideas by accommodating them rather than taking a leading role whenever I have to make a decision. As a Reflector, I tend to have a slightly distant, tolerant, unruffled air which leads me to be totally have little confidence on my own.

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Q2. How do you learn best? Which resources are most beneficial to your learning and why? - Party: PMS

There are various kinds of resources utilized throughout the whole PMS module. Some of the resources are, group discussion, videos, listening to other people and learning log. Above all the resources that this module used, I found that group discussions are the most beneficial to my learning style. While engaging in a group discussion, it becomes an open session where Group members are allowed to speak freely, to ask questions and share ideas. From a group discussion, we learn to help and support each other thoughts. Most of my group members are all working adults and we were able to speak about the topics of daily work life. Our different working experiences and interests enable us to share what we had come across. It makes me to see clearer picture of how the same subject can result in different situations and point of views. Moreover, I gradually realize that there are always new situations which I would never come across or thought of to the same problem. This allows me to broaden my knowledge when my group members shared how they apply the different methods to the same problem.

On the other hand, group discussion had helped me to improve my communication skills in various ways. It improves the way of my body language and personal appearance when representing the group. I learn to know that I have to maintain an open gesture to show others that I am paying attention. Another fruitful thing that I learn is to have an open mindset which means it is not good to judge others beforehand and willing to accept other people point of views. I come to realize that it is good to be an active and dynamic listener. This will helps me to build up my listening skills and not repeating the point over and over again. I will carry out small engagements thoughtfully in my mind while other people speaking, by clarifying or summarizing what the speaker had said. This will prove my interest to fully understand the speaker's speech. As a result, I will gain appreciation from the speaker when my turn to speak up.

During all these discussions, I am able to pick up and know where my strength and weakness lies. Therefore, it is easier for me to be able to clarify my doubts in areas where I do not understand. By doing so, I am able to practice leadership skill when I voice out my opinions or thoughts. Those discussions help me to speak with confidence and being able to show them examples to justify my ideas. It will put me to be more analytical and fact-oriented, and encourage group members to contribute. If there was an individual who would not be able to participate, I would propose some ideas or facts to stimulate his thinking. It also improves my people's handling skills which I wasn't good at it, to ensure all of us work well in a team. When there are things seems like which I cannot agree between the group, I will take time to consider and analyze before disagreeing and I would have to handle with respect to their decisions. I would ask my group member to list down what they actually want so that the other party can be easily understood. Being a Reflector type, I will collect data from others, and prefer to understand it thoroughly before coming to any conclusion. With better understanding between group member, a team can work together towards the same objective.

Video or the visual aids are another resource which benefits my learning style most. The role play from video, allow me to understand and pictured it in my head to recognize the subject or matter faster. It enables me to show how the topic should be applied to a real situation. I believe audio and visual effect simulates my thinking process and can leave a long impression. It is more interesting to watch videos, due to the picture and sound effect, which cannot be attained elsewhere. This can prove from the quiz that I have taken from the internet (Appendix). In order to determine what information is more important, visual aid or video can help by using the correct color and animation. People will certainly pay more attention when there is a video presentation together in the various presentations. Video is the most powerful tool that will enhance learning and understanding my learning process.

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Q2ii. How do you learn best? Which resources are most beneficial to your learning and why? - Partii: External Oppourtunities

Another learning tool that supports my learning style is e-learning which had been known as one the most essential tool nowadays. It is the learning process from computers and network-enable tools. One of the e-learning applications which I benefits most from is search engines from the web. Using the search engines like Yahoo or Google, I can obtain much information such as reading books or browsing videos. It makes me easier to choose from text, image, audio or video type whichever I wish to learn. My favorite video channel is YouTube, which everyone can find many tremendous information with all the video clips. This can be called self-paced learning or instructor learning which can be easily done at the convenience of anytime, anywhere. This will prove to be beneficial to me apart from my school and work since it can bring much information with one click.

The other learning tool is from my working experience with the current company. Since I am working as a Finance and Accounts Executive for one of the subsidiary companies based in Sydney, I need to fly over quite often to meet with the external auditors and the governmental offices. This kind of experiences gives me more opportunity to become independent and dealing with the various situations alone increase in building my self confidence. Over time, there are some point, that I have to make a choice, helping me to have better decision making scales based on the situations.

Q3i. Taking the answer to question 1b (personal weakness), how will you work on one of your weaknesses? Part i - Goal Setting

(i) I like to improve my decision making skills but do not know how to manage it. My manager also felt that the decision making skill is one of the most wanted skill for me to become a supervisor. I found that under the PMS module, there are many skills that connected each other such as Leadership, for example, includes a number of other skills such as planning & organizing, making decisions and verbal communication.

Having effective decision making skill will help to enhance the quality of work that I produce. I have noted that my decision making skill seems to be poor when there is opportunity of choosing between two or more alternative activities.  Nevertheless, I have also known the decisions that we make in our daily life are not always a correct choice.  This is because there should have been a better alternative that had not been chosen, or the accurate information might not have been gathered at the time.  Because of this, I do think that it is essential to note down all decisions that I made and the reasons why these decisions were made, so that developments on the future decision will be better.  This also provides me with a justification for any decision that I have taken when something goes wrong.  I might not be capable of correcting previous decisions error, but it will help me improve my decision making process in the upcoming future.

Q3ii. Taking the answer to question 1b (personal weakness) how will you work on one of your weaknesses? Part ii-Action Planning.

Napoleon said" He who doesn't want to be a general isn't a good soldier." For the working adult, who do not want to success in the future career prospect? I think I am one of these to grasp a better opportunity and want a success in the future. In order to improve one of my leadership skills to become a successful leader, I need a clear goal first, just like SMART goals. The SMART goals include:


A precise or specific goal possesses a better chance of being succeeded than a common goal, in which my case, I would like to achieve my specific skill of decision making. By understanding this specific goal, I need to know who involved and what I want to accomplish. In this case, within five months until the next appraisal, June 2013, I would like to improve my over all decision making skill from rating of 3 to 5 with the help of evalution carried out by my department manager.


It started with confirmed decisions and specific details for assessing development towards the accomplishment of the goal that I set. When I want to measure my progress, I will ask myself the question whenever I have to make a decision

Have I listed all possible solutions/options?

Have I put a time frame and realize who is responsible for the decision?

Have I collected all the Information?

Have I weighed up the risks involved?

Have I decided on values, or in other words what is important?

Have I weighed up the benefit and impacts of the decision that I am going to make?

Have I made the decision?

After that, I will check with my Manager for any comments on the opinion of my own ideas to get to this decision. I hope it will improve every time when I am making decision as there is a person to evaluate me and guide me. I will try to take the responsibility and will try to overcome as many decisions as I could make. As a result, this will pick up my decision making skill rating from 3 to 5. Giving myself a targeted time, and getting the help of the experienced superior will bring me to reach the achievement of my goal.


When I could identify the goal that is most important in my future career prospect, I try to figure out a way to make it come true. I try to develop my skills, abilities and attitudes to get it during the five months time.


My goal of improving the decision making skill represents an objective toward which I could work and willing to work. This helps me to keep myself get a better rating in this skill. I may have faced difficulty at some stage however, I would be able to reach my target within five months as I love what I am trying to achieve and my goals are realistic.


I think my goal will be accomplished since it is grounded within a time frame for five months during this year. If without time schedule, I think there is no sense of urgency or eagerness to achieve this goal. A good timely goal will help me to set my mind to become to be more decisive which brings the action plan towards achieving my goal.

In summary, I have acknowledged the importance of learning from PMS module and these learnings are very important and strong influence for my daily and work life. In addition, I get to know how to develop my skills and how to carry out my action planning to reach towards our goals to become a successful leader. And I think because of the preparation of this assignment, my personal development will is significantly improved.

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