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1. Introduction

1.1 Background

G-shock which has good shockproof and waterproof characteristics is a well-known brand belongs to Casio. According to Casio website(2009)'SHOCK' means to combat and impact the shock, and 'G' is means the gravity and tends to convey a kind of spirit which is "never give up" and "toughness". In 1981,a Casio research personnel who is named Mr. Nikaido has broke his watch which was a gift by his father for he pass the college entrance examination. Therefore, he began to developed shockproof watch. In 1983, the first G-shock comes to the present. However it did not sell good at first, after this low tide, it turns 25 years to create a own pop culture and has also spawned a variety of styles of different series. G-shock has been created from a simple belief: The creation of a never smashed watch. (Casio website, 2009)Today, G-SHOCK continues to his pursuit of further innovation and creates all kinds of impossible.

G-shock (G-700BD-1AV) in the print, which is the official offer of around RMB1200. (Casio, 2009)


According to (Hall, Jones, Raff, 2009:75) marketing mix is a basic concept in marketing, referring to companies according to customer needs and business marketing goals to determine the best combination of controllable marketing factors. The main purpose of marketing is to meet the consumer wants, and consumers need a lot, it is necessary to meet consumer wants. The marketing mix makes from 4Ps--Price, Product, Promotion and Place. It is said by Hall (2009:75) Price is to control the marketing changes and it is changeable always. Product is what the carrier to meet people's needs and it can control all the marketing system because product is the function of marketing. Promotion is the company-to-product sales promotion activity in the community which has formed a pattern. From a developed point of view, it is not only a simple seller to the buyer to provide information and advocacy to persuade behavior, but also including enterprise to the public and consumers to understand company principles. Place is an important part in marketing, choosing a good place need to consider many factors, such as natural factors, business environment factors and infrastructure conditions, etc.(Hall,Jones,Raff,2009:75) According to Hall(2009:75)market segmentation based on consumer demand for the enterprise is different from the whole market which divided into different consumer groups process. According to Hall (2009:66) Market segmentation can be geographic, demographic, psychological and behavioral to analysis.


The academic goal is from this products promotion what information can get. Firstly, learn different forms of promotional advertising. Secondly, the characteristics of consumers in accordance with market segmentation. Finally, the affect of market mix in business. Another purpose is use the knowledge in business book; explain the advantage of the products by ad.

2. Findings

The latest ad is composed of two posters, mainly to sell G-shock (G-700BD-1AV). In the ad, we can see this watch has two colors, silver and black. Initial D is the background of this ad, this is a film about motorcycle racing, and the film has many superstars to appeared, such as Jay Zhou, Edison Chen, and Jordon Chen and so on. The influence of these stars can make this watch has a part of young people's to concerns, and these stars have lead the direction of the fashion. Jay Zhou and Edison Chen is the popular king of Asia, they are young means idols. The watch is very attractive to men because it symbolizes man's primitive charm and men are keen on cars. Therefore, automobile racing is the sport only for man, as well as this watch's marketing.

3. Discussion

3.1 marketing mix

Marketing mix in the ad will be fully revealed. It divides into four main parts which is product, price place and promotion.

3.1.1 Product

In the ad, Casio products are very eye-catching, product positioning in young people, so that advertising directly to potential customers to give a clear message. Moreover, watches from the top designers and there were two kinds of color options, so that consumers can purchase what they like. The product has two color, according to (Color wheel pro,2009) silver symbolizes the insight, inspiration, Star power, intuition, gives the impression that sacred solemn, handsome, luxurious. Black is the symbol of power, elegance, formality, evil and mystery, gives the impression that profound, noble, intelligent, and stylish. The first sunrise in the morning this is the symbol of hope and vitality, such as vitality of young people. Another one is at night among the cold, with mysterious feeling, such as Stable adult.

3.1.2 Price

This is the end product sales, when the target customers and market position after the work out them can accept the value. This ad, though not specifically in the price, but because of the brand of materials and design, has been providing consumers with a psychological price. Therefore, company can decide the customers.

3.1.3 Place

Choosing the place of the market research and positioning, site selection must be close to target customers. Consumer can see from the ad products can be purchased from the Casio store. Casio marketing is targeted at most consumers who is medium level of consumption, so that the store need build in traditional business circles.

3.1.4 Promotion

Publicity is the most important responsibility in this ad; the media is every brand's closest partner. If people don't have media publicity, customers which are company's target will not know the brand and products. This ad from propaganda posters and films, people can see that easily in the cinema or in street. (1626 edit_DQ:50 4Ps)

3.2 market segmentation

Market segmentation in the ad is the concrete manifestation of the age, gender and hobbies. The mid-market product is strategy, target market selection strategy for young people.


This ad has many business knowledge can discover, for example, marketing mix and market segmentation. In conclusions, promotion is the most important part in this ad's purpose. The ad gives people information of G-shock spirit, and try to show the price and product to consumer. In other hand, market segmentation has very obviously target. The main consumers is aim at young man, youth is the big fans of pop stars which are a part of the market segmentation.


In summary, this ad is always gives consumers a strong desire to purchase. No matter the choice of color or the target consumer of product. It is appear a lot of knowledge of market segmentation. In this ad, Casio has improved the popularity, because the star effect and the outlook of the watch make more people to concern, and then they become potential customers; therefore, the Casio company need pay more attention in marketing research.

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