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The movie-juno

The Movie - Juno

Juno is a smart teen confronting an unexpected pregnancy by her colleague in class Bleeker. Through the aid of her best pal Leah, Juno gets her unborn baby a wonderful set of parents which were a wealthy suburban pair, Mark and Vanessa, yearning to adopt. Fortunately, Juno has the full hold up of her parents as she experiences some tough choices, flirts with maturity furthermore eventually discovers where she fits well (Roger 34).

It's not just that Juno has impetuous, unsafe sex with her companion Paulie Bleeker, or because she decides, in opposition to the opinion of parents as well as friends, to give birth to the baby and later give it up for adoption. Juno was prepared to shield furthermore to live with the choices she had made. Relatively, Juno's childishness resides in her recognizable adolescent supposition that she knows the earth better than her seniors do, furthermore that she can flair the unintentional consequences of her choices. The adults, in the beginning, appear like familiar comic strips of adolescent-centered movies whereby they were sad, square and clueless. However Juno's father, J. K. Simmons along with her step-mother, Allison Janney becomes complicated, intellectual people, too, furthermore not just for the reason that they are acted two of the greatest character actors. Ms. Cody's script as well as Mr. Reitman's modest, alert direction permits the personalities of the actors to come out slowly, and to alter in credible and changeable ways.

This is particularly true of Mark and Vanessa, the baby's prospective adoptive father and mother. Vanessa is bad-tempered and materialistic, whereas Mark tends the flickering flame of his young happiness, watching sect horror movies in addition to trading rock blend CDs in the company of Juno. Juno as well shares through Knocked Up an essential theme, a memo that is not anti-abortion however pro-adulthood. It goes after its heroine moreover by the conclusion she has received that title on a winding path headed for responsibility as well as better self-understanding (Roger 35).

The film accurately portrays today's adolescents this is because teenage unplanned pregnancies are on the increase. This is also just like Juno adolescents nowadays think that they know the world better than their elders and as a consequence they no longer pay attention to any thing they are told. The film can be summarized to represent urban teenagers for this reason. Juno's home life contributed to her behavior because her parents were poignant, square as well as clueless whereby they never really enough attention to their daughter. Juno's relationship with Mark was great because his loving and caring personality unlike the parents. They watched movies and listened to music together. This is why Juno moves towards him. Juno was upset when mark told her that he was going to leave Vanessa this is because she saw their marriage break and she wasn't sure who was going to adopt her baby as mark was not ready to be a father (Roger 34).

Bleeker is a young adult who is not ready to be a father though he loves Vanessa. Her parent's reaction the information that she was pregnant was typical just because they knew that they were not ideal parents to Juno.

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