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International students on the major factors which influence in choosing QUT

1.1 Background

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a highly successful Australian university with an applied emphasis in courses and research. Based in Brisbane with a global outlook, it has 40,000 students, including 6000 overseas students (QUT Statistics), and an annual budget of more than AU$500 million. Courses are in high demand and its graduate employment rate is well above the national average for Australian universities. That's the reason why QUT has been one of the targeted admission academic institutes for many national citizens, also well-known among international students.

1.2 Objective

The main purpose of this report is to investigate the international students on the major factors which influence in choosing QUT as their study destination. . The report would throw light on the various factors which encourages students to take up the course in QUT, their reasoning behind choosing Brisbane. Lastly, this report will give insight on how the QUT can consider the most important factors that needs to be portrayed while inviting international students.

1.3 Method

Primary data and secondary data collection procedure was adopted for the collection of data. Questionnaire survey was used as a primary data collection tool. Questionnaire with 10 questions were prepared in order to survey 20 international students. Purposive sampling was done for immediate and cent percent response. Survey was done in the university premises with the preferred students during week nine. This questionnaire successfully covered many aspects on why students choose the QUT as a destination for their future educational institution. The collected data were edited, classified and tabulated to produce a concrete result. Out of 10 questions, most important 5 questions were selected and analyzed on the basis of tables and the conclusions were made on the basis of them. Secondary data were collected from papers of Proquest database, some journals from QUT website and published data of QUT and the newsletter of QUT.

1.4 Scope

The scope of the report is immense as it would help QUT in attracting many more international students from more countries after knowing what factors and how it influences the selection pattern of educational institutes. Research work was conducted in a small sampling unit with close questions. Few open questions were asked which limited the scope of the study but the study is very helpful to know how to conduct a real research work. In spite of this, ten questions were designed carefully so that the report is expected to get the actual factors of choosing international students the QUT as their educational destination. Those questions that would not help to get along the topic were omitted and also due to words and time limitation for the report as well.

1.5 Acknowledgements

I am very thankful to my unit supervisor Mr. Lesley chiu for his invaluable guidance provided throughout the completion of the report.

2. Discussion and Conclusion:

Out of 10 questions, 5 major influencing factors were discussed. These questions are individually discussed and conclusions are drawn. Below are the tables showing the result obtained through the study made in the university premises.

2.1 Are the educational facilities in Australia better than the ones in your home country?

2.1.1 Discussion:

The table shows that out of the 20 students surveyed, 16 of them think that the educational facilities in Australia are better than in their home country. But 4 of them don't believe that educational facilities are better than their home country. This indicates that most of the international students choose the Australia as their primary educational institution.

2.1.2 Conclusion:

It seems that international students are impressed with the high standard of teaching facilities. It gives a clear indication of good library facilities, experienced and qualified professors, better research opportunities along with best teaching practices. Buildings and laboratory facilities are comparatively of high standard. Stable political condition also favors Australia over native country of the respondents.

2.2 What choose Brisbane over other cities in Australia?

Table 2. Brisbane over other cities in Australia

Multicultural City


Tropical Weather


Beautiful Beaches


Outdoor Activities




2.2.1 Discussion:

Table 2 illustrates the choice of Brisbane over other cities of Australia. Out of 20 respondents, 11 students said Brisbane as a multicultural city whereas 5 reveal beautiful beaches attracted them. Tropical weather and outdoor activities have attracted few students.

2.2.2 Conclusion:

Brisbane is a multicultural city. People from different parts of the world migrated to the place and started living permanently. Modern and professional facilities with cross cultural professionals ensure the place as a best learning environment. Beautiful beaches and tropical weather make a place a lucrative site to spent time to make you fresh.

2.3 What choose QUT over other cities in Brisbane?

Table 3. QUT over other cities in Brisbane

History dating back to 1894


The cost of studying


The good reputation


The quality of teaching




2.3.1 Discussion:

There is a mixed response in this part as shown by the table 3. All the options were almost equally valued why they choose QUT. Majority of international students choose QUT because it has a good reputation among other universities. The quality of teaching and its history dating back to 1894 also attracted them to choose their study destination as QUT. Some students also think cost of studying was the major reason.

2.3.2 Conclusion:

Based on the response of students, it is conclude that international students like QUT because of their good reputation as it provides a career- oriented education which helps graduates to find job in their chosen career, in an environment which uses the latest technology to make learning stimulating and enjoyable. It also has close ties with government, industry and professional associations, thus ensuring the courses relevant to the real world.

2.4 What choose academic performance at QUT over other?

Table 4. Elements affecting on academic performance at QUT

The number of students


The qualification of professors


The facilities at University


The quality of programs




2.4.1 Discussion:

Respondents took a lot of time to answer this question. All of them agreed on the points affecting the academic performance of QUT but they marked qualified and experienced professors as the most influencing factor. Respondent are very much satisfied with the facilities provided by the university. Also, students and quality of programs has affected the performance. Students are mostly engaged in learning process with few irresponsible students. The quality of the programs was also mentioned but very little in number.

2.4.2 Conclusion:

QUT seems to believe in experienced and qualified professors in order to influence the academic performance. As previously mentioned university has sufficient and easily accessible resources to help students in learning process. There is the necessity to use resources of the university and constant interaction with professor to improve them. If irresponsible students can be avoided, performance could be improved

2.5 Is QUT a university for the real world?

Table 5. QUT A University for the real world

Strongly agree




No opinion






2.5.1 Discussion:

Of the 20 international students surveyed, 8 students strongly agree that 'QUT A University for the real world', 7 of them agree only, 1 got no opinion and 4 of them disagree with this statement.

2.5.2 Conclusion:

Based on the response of students, QUT has established itself as a real world university. Combining all the responses and results obtained, QUT has maintained quality of teaching and services. Hence, students travel all the way to QUT from different part of the world to pursue their studies.


According to these findings, here are some recommendations:

3.1 Need of improvement of quality of program is essential. The program offered by the university has to be upgraded in order to attract more overseas students.

3.2 Collaboration with more private and government organizations for interns and job placements are needed. Recently graduate students obtaining jobs and interns can motivate them which can attract attention of more overseas students

3.3 Collaboration with more international universities and research institutes. Students exchange program and inviting experts from different fields for seminars and lecture can deliver positive attention towards students

3.4 Study methods have to be more comprehensive. There should be more participatory approach of research with open questions which can bring out the in-depth cause of the selection of QUT.

3.5 Cuts on fee can attract even more students.


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