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Examining The Importance Of Health And Safety Construction Essay

Tanknology Company is promised to ensure the health and safety of its design, end-user, and the environment. This strategy needs strict policies, procedures, and following the Health and safety Executive regulations. In order to provide a good business relationship the health a safety issues regarding a product/service have to be considered. To ensure that a g good health & safety measures are taken the following will have to be addressed: securite products for customers, safe work for the employees, and reduce the environment impact.

First, the work place is one of the factors which control the health and safety. The workplace should be clean and safe to avoid the risk such as fires. Fire can start from oil, gas, wood, paper, match, smoke, and electricity. An example for a potential risk is that the stand of the tidal tank is wood thus this material has a high potential of catching fire compared to the other materials that will be used within the design. Another example is that the tidal test tank will be dealing with water, the floor could get wet an the users is at risk of slipping.

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The equipment will be powered by the electrical mains this will highlight. The electrical shock is one of the electrical hazards. The connection should wire perfectly. Bad connections make shocks. Also wearing Jewelers is very dangerous which could cause the electrical shock from the steel. Remember, don’t touch the person when he got an electrical shock. The first step is switch off the power. Then, use wood to keep him/her away from the electrical source. Finally, ask for a medical help.

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