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A Pre Tender Health And Safety Review Construction Essay

The design team comprises an architect, a structural engineer, a quantity surveyor and a building services engineer or other consultant appointed by client. They have the right to instruct the contractor to provide the sufficient, adequate measure for health and safety. When the poor performance on health and safety presented, the design team can stop the construction work until problems rectified and resolved.


The contractor has a role to play under the health and safety management plan, to ensure their worker, sub construction carrying out construction in health and safety environment in accordance with latest legislative requirement and health and safety management plan.

Site Characteristic:

General information about the site characteristic had been mentioned in section 2. The contractor should be awareness that our site is newly reclamation land, assume that the high water table have presented. Due to the school and many residential, Vitoria Harbor located nearby our construction site, therefore the contractor should provide the high standard of mitigation measures and preventive action to minimize and avoid the impact to adjoining building and environment.

General information:

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The construction site will be divided into 4 zones for easily management. (Refer to the zone plan).

There is some information and future design for each zone as following.

Zone A

The site is facing to the waterfront and Vitoria Harbor.

No tree was found within site area

Visually, no overhead and ground utilities was found site area

Nature of work:

Construction of 11nos low rise building with window wall system

Max 12m with In-situ concrete

Outdoor landscape area

Zone B

The site is facing to the waterfront and Vitoria Harbor

No tree was found within site area

Visually, no overhead and ground utilities was found site area

Nature of Work

Max 18m height shopping mall with RC structure (in-suit concrete)

Zone C

The site is facing to the waterfront, Vitoria Harbor and Hung Hom Ferry Pier

The tree was found within site area

The bus station was nearby the site.

Visually, no overhead and ground utilities was found in site area

Nature of Work

Construction of 65m height Multipurpose building RC structure (in-suit concrete)and curtain wall

One level of basement work

Bottom-Up method

Protection or relocation of Existing tree

Zone D

The school and many residential building are nearby.

No tree was found within site area

Visually, no overhead and ground utilities was found site area

Nature of Work

Construction 90m height Hotel Building with RC structure (in-suit concrete)

Two level of basement

Bottom-Up method

Outdoor landscape area

Past Record:

The past record can show the contractor's performance of the health and safety. Therefore, the contractor should submit the past health and safety performance and record listed as below:

At least three job references with relevant experience on similar site scale, time scale, and type of work;

Records showing no injury or death occurred during construction period in past three years;

Training record showing their workers had been trained such as safety induction procedures, national qualifications, certificates of competency;

The Organization chart showing key person of Contractor' representative with their experience;

Other information

Key Person of Contractor' representative:

Even the past records are found satisfaction that may not mean the contractor can manage the construction in safe very well. Therefore, the contractor is required to submit the organization chart with their experience and follow the below requirements:

Project Team

Minimum one project manager with 15 years experience for overall project

Minimum two project coordinator with 5 years experience for each zone


Be responsible for overall control and supervision of the project;

Be responsible for provision of necessary resources and supports to ensure the implementation of the health and safety management plan;

Ensure the recommendations stated in the health and safety reports prepared by the safety officer are implemented;

Ensure the conformance of all statutory and contractual requirements in relation to environmental protection and control.

Be responsible for liaison with the Safety Team for recommendations stated in the health and safety reports;

Minimum one Site Agent with 8 years experience for each two zone

Minimum one foreman with 10 years experience for each zone

Minimum two assistant foramen with 5 years experience for each zone


Provide all necessary facilities and to assist the Safety Team in discharging his duties;

Monitor and control the works including those of sub-contractors to ensure compliance with both contractual and statutory requirements;

Report to the Project Manager of the safety issues;

Supervise and arrange the maintenance of the protection facilities.

Safety Team

Minimum one Safety Officer with 5 years experience when the total numbers of worker is 100 or more

Minimum one Safety Supervisor with 2 years experience when the total numbers of worker is 20 or more


Prepare, implement and update the health and safety management plan;

Advise on measures to be taken in the interest of protection, and implement such measures;

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Advise the project team on the implementation of an health and safety management system;

Arrange routine joint site inspection with Project team Reporting findings with recommendations for corrective actions;

Monitor and control the works

Check and ensure that any damaging or potentially damaging situation is promptly rectified. Ensure health and safety mitigation measures are properly implemented;

Attend Site Safety and Environmental Management Committee Meetings

Compile the monthly environmental report for submission to the Design Team/Engineer before the SSEMC meetings;

Review construction method statement to ensure appropriate mitigation measures are implemented prior to commencement of work;

Liaise with the project team, Client, the Design Team's Representative and the public on all health and safety concerns;

Arrange necessary training and keep a record of all trained personnel in the site offices;

Safety Awareness

The contractor should be awareness the following potential of hazard and take the adequate preventive action and mitigation measures:

Noise, air pollution and water pollution

Waste Disposal

Traffic impact

Protection work - Hoarding, covered walkway and catch fan, scaffolding

Special ground condition

Basement work



Variation to adjoining building

Structure condition of adjoining building


Temporary support

False work and form work

Work at Height

Operation and arrangement of mobile equipment and Plant:

Special work such as hot work, working at confined space

Underground Utilities

Hazard Material


The contractor is required to attend the safety meeting weekly with project team, Design Team and client and the health and safety report should be presented in the meeting. If any hazard was found, the remedial action and proposal should be submitted for client and Design Team's review.


The contractor is required to review their health and safety management plan monthly. Make sure the plan is up- dated, suitable for the project and complied with latest legislative requirement.



The contractor is required to arrange adequate safety training to the worker after the health and safety management plan had been review in order to update their safety knowledge, ensure the worker know how to work in safe, the nature of work, health and safety management plan, working procedures and emergency procedure for the project.

The safety team should take the training record for further development.


The contractor should have to report with details on any deaths, serious injuries and dangerous occurrences to Design Team immediately. Certain occupational ill-health issues and diseases also have to be reported.

The contractor should review the root of the accident caused such as poor training, improper action or other. The preventive measures for each cause should be provided and set the target date for completion.


Upon completion of the construction work. The health and safety information, records or relevant document should be submitted to client and Design Team for further operation and maintenance. Such information includes:

Safety Report

Final Health and Safety Management plan

Training Record

Injure or ill-health record

As-Built Drawing

E&M operation manuals

Special Materials or construction feature has potential affecting the health and safety of subsequent demolition work.

The above document is helping for maintenance and operation in health and safety in the further.


The contractor should maintains two-way communication channels with Client, Design Team, consultant, suppliers, sub-contractors and general public in order to better implement the health and safety initiatives.

Solicit feedback or suggestion from Client on health and safety performance and take prompt and appropriate actions in response to Client's feedback;

State the health and safety performance requirements for subcontractors in the sub-contractor tender documents;

Monitor and assess the health and safety performance of all sub-contractors regularly;

Report to Design Team that if any hazard is found on site.


All the work must be carried out complied with latest requirement.

Reward and Penalty Policy

We suggest establishing the reward and penalty policy in order to encourage the contractor to work in health and safety:

Reward Policy:

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The amount of reward will be set to HKD $ 100,000 per month. The reward will be paid to contractor monthly if satisfaction performance on health and safety was found.

It should be

No injure or ill-health occurred

No complaint for health and safety issues from public

Follow health and safety procedures;

If any hazard is found and takes adequate action promptly

Penalty Policy:

The contractor will be punished if any failure on health and safety are found. The penalty list is shown as below:


Penalty Amount (per time)


HKD 1,500

No adequate personal protection equipment

HKD 1,500

wrong or unsafety working procedure

HKD 2,000

The plant and equipment haven't been turn off after use

HKD 2,000

Bad performance on noise, air pollution, water pollution, waste disposal

HKD 3,000

Insufficient protection work

HKD 2,000

Ignore the instruction by Safety Team, Project team for health and safety

HKD 5,000



The Reward and Penalty Policy will be revised by the client and Design Team when necessary

Health and Safety Management Plan:

Prior to construction work, the contractor should submit the Health and Safety Management Plan for Design Team's approval. Otherwise, no work is allowed to carry out on site. The health and safety management plan should cover the following:

Method Statement

Protection work

Site Management Plan

Health and Safety Risk Assessment

Site layout

Noise Management

Air Pollution Management,

Water Pollution Management

Vehicle Management

Waste Management

Traffic Impact Assessment

Use of Mobile Equipment and Plant:

Worker List

Emergency procedure

Site Safety Supervision Plan

Reporting system

Inspection recording form with timing and frequency chart

Construction health and safety checklist

Security system

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