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Creating a software program


There is one important legal advice which I would give to someone which is creating a software program, or jus t finish creating tier software. What I'm aiming to achieve in this report is allowing the creator to know what kind of laws are there in protecting their software so that they don't have others software creators creating and manipulating or even stealing their work.

By the end of the report the creator of the software should know all they need to know about making sure that their software is protected so that it belongs to them a lone (by law) and it would be up to themselves to choose the best one for them.

To do this I would need to research using books, internet, and my own opinions so that i would pick the best legal advice for the software creator for their software.

Plan of work (including diagram)

Choice of Question

What legal advice would you offer to someone that is creating a new Piece of software?

This is where I'm going to make my conclusion on the best legal advice to use on his software.

Literature Review


As a new software creator you would want to know of all the different way you can have your project protected by law. There are a few ways in which you can protect you work from being duplicated and changed by anyone who is not you or any other person who helped you create the software, and with a lot of researching in books, on the internet , and my knowledge of I leant over the years I came up with the top three best legal advice to give to you who are creating a new software and those legal advice are;


What is copyright?

Copyright (1998) is basically a law designed to protect your express of idea. It applies to any work which you or a group of you have created yourself this includes work such as, story, songs, sketches, photography and even in your case computer programs (software). In the law for computer software if you or your group who wrote a piece of software own the rights to it, that means others can not duplicate it or amend it unless you've gave them some kind of permit to do so.

Why do I think you should copyright your software?

In my opinion I think it is one of the best thing to do for your software is to copyright it. This is because no one can copy, distribute, display, or make any adaptations to work without your go ahead to do so , to me this is a huge benefit because if someone was to breach the copy right law you would be eligible to be able to sue the infringers who makes any changes to your software.


What is Patents?

Patents is a government issued law which is given to a inventor or a group of inventors, design to protect a inventors useful process and features from being sold or used by others any consent from them. In your case if you invented your own piece of computer software you are eligible to applying for this law with or without a lawyer.

Why could patent could be useful?

I think that having the patent law protecting you software invention is because it comes with lots of benefits like; no other person can use the inventions for their own. If others breach the law of your patent contract, this could lead to you possible getting compensation. Another advantage of the patent law is that if you got a invention protected by the patent law and you know that you have the upper hand on others who need you invention for their business you can sell.

Most of the much known successful organization out there today may have inventions which allow them to make products which nobody else can, and most of them maybe started off as a small time inventor who created and protected their work using the patents law which then lead to their success.

Trade Secrets

What is Trade secret?

A Trade Secret is different from the law of copyright and the patent law, this is because the trade secret law requires the information which falls under the law to be kept secret from everyone except the creator or any other person who knows the secret

With Trade secret you can make money of I without telling them the secret because it is not generally known to the public . A trade secret can be a;

People use trade secrets so that others may not be allowed to know top secret information and the secret must be kept secret from the world unless the owner of the secret states otherwise. A prime example of t how this secret has been used would be the secret recipe in KFC chicken or the secret formulae in coca cola.

Why do I think you should use the trade secret law on your software?

I think that having the trade secret would also be a good idea to have for your software. This is mainly because if you have the software code as a secret it would practically be yours and you would have to hide it away from the public for example coco cola hidden their formula in a vault in America (Atlanta). A disadvantage is that the trade secret law is that the secret information only stay valid until someone else discovers the information on their own.

Conclusion and Recommendations

With all the research and information I've done on the three best legal advices for protecting computer software I am going to create a table using the a structure I saw in a book called security in computing (author W.H Wares... Page 566) which narrows and compares the three legal advices which I've chosen to see which one of these laws is the best law for you as a software creator on your computer software.

Now that I have finished my researching and discussion I am now going to narrow my choice of the best legal advice for you as a computer software creator. As you can see, above, I made a table which I used to compare the information I sorted it out in to rows and columns so I could compare them much better. Looking at the information I decided that the best legal advice I recommend to give to you will be the Copyright (1998).

I have chosen this advice is because with careful consideration and compartment I have notice that Copyright law is the most important legal protection available to software creators you would have more protection and security for your software and it will protected for 95 years, as for the other two laws , patents only gets covered for 19 years and the trade secrets is only covered till someone else finds the information for them self (legally speaking).