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What Is The Hrm Commerce Essay

The process of signing and developing employees so that they turn out to be more valuable, useful and beneficial to the organization. Human Resource Management includes conducting job analysis, setting up personnel needs, hiring the right people for the job, training and orienting, supervise salaries and wages, giving incentives and benefits, resolving disputes, evaluating performance and communicating with employees at all levels. Core qualities of human resource management are vast knowledge of the industry, effective negotiation skills and leadership. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the job within an organization or company that focuses on selection of, recruitment of, supervision of and providing direction and assistance for the people who work in it.

HRM is a tactical and broad approach to managing and dealing people and the workplace environment and culture. Effective HRM allows employees to contribute effectively and creatively to the whole company and the achievement of the company's objectives and goals.

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''The effective use of human resources is the key to creating and sustaining a successful organization'' - as said by Peter Ferdinand Drucker, Australian-born American management consultant, educator and author.

Human Resource Management is a continuous awareness and alertness to human relations and their significance in day-to-day operations. It is a management function which includes selecting, recruiting, training, appraising, compensating and developing the workplace. HRM is connecting HRM to the company's vision, mission, objectives and goals in order to enhance and improve performance, and build up organizational cultures that foster discovery, innovation and flexibility. Fields of HRM include employee selection, recruitment and retention, exit interviews, assignment selection, motivation, performance reviews, labour law compliance, training, mediation, professional development and change management. The company's human resource department is accountable for constructing, implementing and supervising policies controlling employee behaviour and the company's behaviour towards its employees.

Importance of HRM

The HRM techniques and concepts are important because it avoids the following from happening:-

To experience high labour turnover.

To recruit and employ wrong person for the job.

To find your employees not doing their best.

To waste time in useless interviews.

To have your company quoted under work-related safety laws for unhealthy and unsafe practices.

To have your company dragged to court for discriminatory actions.

To enable lack of learning and training to weaken and damage your company's effectiveness.

To have some of your employees feel that their wages/incomes are unfair, low and biased as compared to others in the company.

To commit or perform any unfair and unjust labour practices or any similar kind of activity.

The practice or method of HRM must be pictured through the prism of whole tactical goals for the company instead of a single standalone tint that takes a micro or a unit based approach. The initiative here is to take up a complete perception towards human resource management that makes sure that there are no fragmented strategies and policies and the HRM policy involves itself totally with those of the company's goals and objectives. Therefore, the practice of HRM must be integrated with the overall strategies to ensure efficient and effective use of people and give better and improved profits to the organizations in terms of return of investment (ROI) for every dollar or rupee spent on them. Unless the HRM exercise is designed and planned in this way, the firms halt to lose from people not utilized fully. And this does not goes well for the achievement and success of the company.

Challenges faced by HRM

Inviting and retaining knowledgeable employees who are the intellectual assets of the firm.

Obtaining dedication and assurance from the employees in concern with the changing employer-employee agreement or contract.

Ensuring the availability, enhancement and proper utilization of human capital to improve and enhance its value.

Also making sure the maximum utilization of provisional and contingent employees.

Assisting work-life balance.

Knowledgeable employees emerge more vulnerable and prone to distraction that can lower or undermine or weaken their work force effort and thus reduce their productivity and output. Employers frequently believe or feel that they must monitor and inspect what employees are doing as employees are selected and trained to work, not to surf the internet checking stock prices or doing shopping for friends and family.

Knowledge work perspective- Controlling and administering knowledgeable workers is a knowledge-work perspective. Such employees may have typical requirements in terms of motivation, job challenges, freedom, etc. This must be addressed and discussed by HR policies. The understanding of what knowledge is will have consequences for the way HR professionals will attempt to control it.

Human and Social capital perspective - This comprises development of human and social resources in the organization. Both these things support and reinforce the success of knowledge management proposals and ideas and gather together long-term capabilities.

Career Planning

The process of building career objectives, determine educational and developmental programs to build the skills required for short and long term objectives of your career. The work we choose for life is our career. So now days it is very important for us to pick that career which we feel interesting and help us do more creative things. Also it should have good scope for growth. While choosing a career, your decision should not be immediate and pressurized one as a wrong will lead to a career without purpose and meaning and frustrating life. So to avoid yourself from taking a wrong choice, one should carefully think and do little research about occupations and careers. It includes exploring your interests, planning your career goals in a strategic manner and make success in future work by creating, learning and following different plans of action to help one achieve their career goals and fulfil its objectives. It is very important for us to define and redefine ourselves several times to make a perfect decision. Career Planning is an exercise done to find out one's capability, strengths, weaknesses as part of seeking a rightful career choice. Career planning is the foundation of a successful professional as in today's world, many people exist who decide to follow others and avoid planning as they think that things may not go as planned. Focusing on career is important and when one doesn't then they achieve their career goals late. To avoid this, planning is important as it provides us with a track to follow and guide us in our careers. Selecting the right career is your initial step to personal satisfaction. Different careers have different advantages and disadvantages. So it is important for one to know the advantages and disadvantages of their chosen field and check their personal interests and passions. The advantages outnumber the disadvantages if one follows the process of career planning. For a stable home and personal life, a successful career is must.

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Functions of career planning:

It helps in defining the career paths for different kinds of employees.

It helps in creating positions of self-development for employees.

To increase the confidence of the employees and eliminate frustration from their minds.

To create such an environment where employees can make use of their talent and creativity and contribute most to the organisation.

To build career path on which employee can promote himself/herself.

Enabling employees to discover, advance and use their full potential for the organisation.

Tips while planning a career:

Career interest is very important. If you want to outdo and do things beyond your creativity so do what you like to do. Because if you feel it interesting, then only you will have the passion for it. Your interest should be your first choice, money and status will follow.

Seeking career help is must. Taking advice from your parents and teachers will help. Most of the institutions have career planning offices. Seeking their advice will be good as they have career guidance counselors who can find out our interests, strengths, weaknesses, mental skills, capability, etc.

You have to be realistic about what kind of return you expect. If you are puzzled between two career options, one should go for the highest paymaster.

Setting career planning goals is important for career planning. One should have a long term vision. Goals should be interesting so that you stay motivated and focused.

Explore different options that are available. This increases your skills, level of creativity and helps you discover more.

Pen down the resources that one will require while career planning. This will give you a idea of your finances and make you prepared n advance.

Calculate your strengths and natural weakness and choose a career that matches your personality.

Be patient, honest and sincere. Always be optimistic and a positive thinking. This will help you throughout your life. And be ready to face failure as it teaches you not to make the same mistakes again.

Career planning includes achieving your career goals. And master the skill sets and keep a review of the market trends.

Career Management

Career management is a planned resource for the employee-employer relationship jointly. Professional growth has important effect on individual motivation. The major component of performance is motivation. Employee performance is the keystone to the financial achievement of the organization. One's best interest helps to maintain a life-long pattern of constant development. Seeking strategic career advice from career managers contributes to one's entire life. Strategic, facilitative and actionable roles must be balanced. The strategic role needs a global focus and skill to draw visions from the person's past and present to effectively build a preferred future. The facilitative role comprises of daily operational tasks such as inspiring client to do work, follow up on assignments, giving them a chance to use the best of their talent, exploring career and helping in career satisfaction. The actionable role focuses on short-term events which must be carried out to help clients attain both strategic and tactical objectives.

Career management is all about:-

Determining the type of work you find most interesting and encouraging, renegotiating your work so that you can do it.

Determining fields of work (consisted jobs you didn't know existed) where you can make a change.

Striking a stability between what you want and what the world has to offer.

Establishing goals - the goals may be economical, educational goals, individual goals and setting out the steps of your journey.

Attaining the right life-work balance (family, relationships,personal).

Making sure that the work environment gives the things that motivate you the most - position, credit, freedom, knowledge..

Planning for withdrawal, leaving work or changes of standard of living.

Career management is defined as lifelong, self-monitored action of career planning that involves allotment and environment claimed goals and formulating strategies for accomplishing them.

The term career management is shorten for some people. In reality, career management is a very specific and important process that, which when carried out correctly, helps to guarantee long-term career success. In order to get the maximum out of your career, you need to put some determination into caring for it. If not taken care of and to its own, your career may come to an end wildly off course. If you don't have an organized career management plan, you will quickly find yourself doing what others want you to do, you doing things under pressure and not able to show your creativity and talent in your work. And you are not able to achieve your future career goals with your present day actions. And when you come to know it, you will be managed by your career.

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Career management is:-

It is a lifelong process.

It is an active process.

It is a structured process.

It is about Creating, Tracking and Correcting

Establish Goals

Track Goals

Course Correct

Career Development

Career development is the lifelong activity of managing development and advancement in learning and work. The quality of this activity significantly decides the nature and value of individuals' lives - the type of people they develop into, the sense of determination they have, the assets at their disposal. It also decides the social and financial contribution they make to the societies and communities of they are part.

Career development is a structured planning method used to counterpart the requirements of a business including the career goals of employees. Preparing a career development plan will benefit employees and help them to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively. In addition, these plans can be helpful for employees who might to increase their rank by moving up in an organization or company or search for other jobs in the coming years.

The objectives of career development is to:

Improve each employee's present job performance.

Allow individuals to take benefit of forthcoming job opportunities.

Accomplish company's goals for self-motivated and effective workforce.

Career development is the lifetime process of managing the work experience of your or your employee's between or within organizations. Most universities have a career development department that provides informational assistance and placement guidance to graduates who wish to start their careers in the business sector.

Why is career development becoming more important?

The traditional idea of career was development up a well-organized hierarchy within an organization or business. The belief was that people select a career, which then outspread in an organized way. For some time now, though this traditional idea has been breaking. The speed of modification, determined by technology and globalization, shows that organizations are continuously exposed to change. They are less eager to make long-term promises to individuals. Gradually security lies in employability, not in employment. Individuals who wish to retain their employability have to be willing to consistently learn new skills and increase their ability, talent and competency level.

So careers are now gradually seen not as being selected but as being built, through the number of choices about learning and work that people make during the course of their lives. Career development in this sense need not be restricted to the few and must be available and open to all.

Objectives of Career Development Systems

Fostering Enhanced Communication in Organization

Assistance in Career Decisions

Better Usage of Employee Talent and Skill

Establishing Realistic Goals

Creating a Team of Talented Employees

Improving the Career Satisfaction


Career development can be very helpful in creating an encouraging culture and environment in the organization and help employees develop and use their skills to achieve their goals and desires related to their career. Jointly organization and employees can achieve their goals simultaneously.

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